How did Mateusz Murański aka Mateusz Muranski die? MMA fighter cause of death

Mateusz Murański
Mateusz Murański

The freak-fight community is mourning the loss of Mateusz Murański, a beloved and talented MMA fighter who passed away at the age of 29. Let’s see, how did Mateusz Murański die and his cause of death in detail.

How did Mateusz Murański die?

Mateusz Murański, a famous Polish freak fighter, also known from the series “Lombard. Life at stake” was passed away. He was 29.

His death came as a shock to many within the Polish community who had come to admire and respect him both inside and outside of the ring.

He was known for competing in not only High League and Fame MMA, but also for appearing on television programs such as “Lombard Rtone Tone”, Mateusz quickly made a name for himself despite his young age.

Who was Mateusz Muranski?

Mateusz Muraski was born on 1994. He rose to fame largely as a result of his dispute with Arkadiusz Tacala, a former friend. 

They fought at Fame MMA 10 in May 2021 as a result of their dispute. Muraski survived the entire fight despite taking a lot of blows, but he ultimately lost on points.

However, his attitude gave him the freedom to engage in conflict once more. 

Muraski defeated “Epic Cheat Meal,” “Warszawski Dresik,” and “Mielonidas” at the galas of various federations in 2021, earning a string of three victories in a row. 

In a single evening, he defeated the final two. It was definitely worse last year. Murański started with a defeat to Don Kasjo at Prime Show MMA 1.

Although Muranski recovered after an unexpected victory with Alan Kwieciński, he suffered a very painful defeat after this fight.

Mateusz Muranski
Mateusz Muranski


In August, there was a rematch between Murański and Taniecla. The rematch, which was originally supposed to take place in November 2021, but Murański did not approach it due to injury.

When the duel finally happened, the competitor from Wałcz lost for the first time before submitting by choke from behind the back.

After the loss to Tańcala, two more came: against Vaso Bakocević and Paweł “Scarface” Bomba. Especially the second one was not a reason to be proud, because Murański was disqualified for multiple knockdowns of his rival, although the duel was held under K-1 rules.

Mateusz Murański was also inseparably associated with his father – Jacek. He became famous for his very controversial, rude statements during press conferences and freak galas.

Murański senior even fought three fights for the Fame MMA federation, but he failed to win any.

Acting career:

Mateusz Murański also tried his hand at acting. The 29-year-old began his career in the series “Lombard. Life under pawn” and later even played in Jerzy Skolimowski’s Oscar-nominated film “IO”.

He acted in TV series “Lombard. Życie pod zastaw” and the film “IO” by Skolimowski.

Recently, young Murański was talked about mainly in the context of alleged drug use. The 29-year-old was even supposed to be in rehab.

Mateusz Murański cause of death:

Mateusz Murański died suddenly at the age of 29. Although the exact cause of death has yet to be revealed. His death was confirmed by the prosecutor’s office in Gdańsk.

“The death was reported by a family member. Officers arrived at the scene and found the body. The examination with the participation of an expert, death was confirmed without the participation of third parties”, said Grażyna Wawryniuk, spokeswoman for the district prosecutor’s office in Gdańsk in “Super Express”.

Mateusz will be remembered fondly by all those he impacted on the world of freak fights. Tributes flooded online after his demise news broke out.


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