What happened to Susana Morales? Missing 16 year-old found dead in Gwinnett county, suspect and cause of death

Susana Morales, age 16, has been identified as the body parts discovered on Highway 316 on Monday by the Gwinnett County Medical Examiners’ Office. Late in July, according to police, the teen’s relatives reported her missing. Let’s see What happened to Susana Morales in detail.


What happened to Susana Morales?

Family relatives of Morales reported to the police that they had not seen her since the evening of July 26. Detectives claim Morales contacted her mother that evening at 9:40 p.m. to let her know she was heading to Windscape Village Lane, where she lived.

Between 10:07 and 10:21 p.m., officials confirmed that Morales was walking in that direction according to an app on her phone, but detectives said they have grounds to suspect she had gotten into a car. Her phone showed she was near Oak Loch Trace and Steve Reynolds Boulevard between 10:21 and 10:26 p.m. Her phone kept pinging that spot until it shut off or died. Morales failed to return home.

Missing 16 year-old Susana Morales found dead in Gwinnett county. (Facebook)

Jennifer Richter of the Gwinnett County Police told FOX 5,

“It does look like she has been there for some period of time.” 


Susana Morales Cause of death

Officers were called to the region between Drowning Creek and Barrow County on February 6 after a report of what appeared to be human remains in the forest.

Gwinnett County Police announced Wednesday afternoon that the remains discovered on Monday near Drowning Creek are those of the missing 16-year-old Norcross girl. On July 26, 2022, Susana Morales went missing.

Around 6:30 p.m., a bystander, according to police, discovered her remains in some woods along Highway 316 close to Drowning Creek and the Barrow County line.

After conducting a DNA test on the remains, the Gwinnett Medical Examiners’ office determined that Morales’ DNA was present.

The cause of her death or any probable suspects have not been disclosed by the authorities.

Police said,

“We have not determined the manner or cause of death at this time,” 

“It’s still very early in the investigation.”


Help the Investigation!

Police ask anyone with information about the case to contact investigators at (770) 513-5300. Call Crime Stoppers Atlanta at (404) 577-8477 to leave an anonymous tip, or go to stopcrimeATL.com.


Allegations by the Family

Some of the Facebook posts report that the police first dealt with the issue as a runaway case. Her family said that time to the police that Susana has no history of running away and usually maintains contact with her family. Her Mother even begged everyone and the police to share the details of Susana Morales on the social media.

Some of the Facebook posts,

  • “Sad and disgusting when the color of her skin decided whether she’d get the coverage on media about her disappearance. Her mother pled for help but since Hispanic young women are characterized as typical runaways at that age, she never got the same attention as someone else would have. Sad truth of minorities.”


  • “I had a feeling answers were coming soon, I didn’t expect this outcome for you. You deserved more from Gwinnett county police department. They called you a runaway for months and said you weren’t believed to be in any danger, but you were in danger this whole time 💔😭. Your family never stopped fighting for you, they looked everywhere. I kept reposting and praying for you along with many others. Susana morales aged 16, disappeared July 26th of 2022, has now been found and may she Rest In Peace 💛👼🏽. I’m so sorry the system failed you 💔😢. #forever16″


  • “Remains found in Dacula were those of 16 year old Susana Morales, she was reported missing by her parents back in July 2022 to Gwinnett County Police Department who deemed her as a runaway and did no news coverage of her missing. Why? We all know why and that’s a question the Norcross department needs to answer to.”


Now that the 16 year-old-girl Susana Morales is dead , we hope that she get the justice she deserves.

The news of Susana Morales’s passing has understandably devastated her family and friends, and condolences have poured in from all over the neighborhood. Many people have expressed their sympathies and offered support to Susana Morales’s loved ones on social media during this difficult period.

We send our sympathies to Susana Morales’s family and friends during this difficult time.



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