Amber alert: Anthony & Aaliyah Bowman are missing in Cortland, Suspect Anthony Bowman Jr is wanted, know everything about it


 Amber alert: Anthony & Aaliyah Bowman are missing in Cortland, Suspect Anthony Bowman Jr is wanted, know everything about it

Anthony & Aaliyah Bowman of Cortland have been missing since June 11, 2023 (

The Cortland County Sheriff’s Office has issued an AMBER Alert following an incident near North Main Street in Cortland, New York. Did the alert rouse you?

The Sheriff’s Office is looking into a child kidnapping that happened in Cortland at around 11:00 PM on June 11, 2023. Here’s what we know about Anthony & Aaliyah Bowman and the suspect Anthony Bowman. 

Who was Anthony & Aaliyah Bowman?

Authorities are actively looking into the case and requesting the public’s help in finding the two missing children.

Anthony M. Bowman III, a Black male child, is about three years and eleven months old. He has short brown hair and blue eyes. His height is roughly 3 feet 6 inches, and his weight is about 45 pounds.

When last spotted, Anthony was sporting an orange t-shirt, khaki shorts, and Paw Patrol sandals. A CHILD, Black girl Aaliyah E. Bowman is 2 years and 4 months old, and has curly brown hair, and brown eyes.

She weighs about 25 pounds and is nearly 2 feet tall. Aaliyah’s last outfit included a multicolored skirt, a purple onesie with a dark purple heart, and flip-flops.

What do we know about the Suspect Anthony Bowman?

The SUSPECT Anthony M. Bowman Jr. is a Black male who is 30 years old and has short brown hair, and brown eyes. He stands about 6 feet, 0 inches tall, and weighs about 140 pounds.

The suspect’s final known clothing choice was Unknown. Tattoos include the Virgo symbol on the lower left arm and the Cross and Ribbon on the upper right arm.

The vehicle has been identified as a Red Chevrolet Equinox SUV with the New York number plate number KYV2137 and driver’s door damage.

Anthony & Aaliyah Bowman are missing in Cortland

The most recent evidence indicates that Bowman was last spotted driving along North Main Street. It was unclear where he was going.

Authorities are convinced that the kidnapped children are in urgent danger of being seriously injured or perhaps killed.

To secure the safe rescue of the two small children, they are requesting the public to remain alert and help in any manner they can.

Call the Cortland County Sheriff’s Office at (866)N Y S-AMBER or dial 911 if you have any information about this kidnapping to report a report or sighting.

People’s Reactions to the Amber Alert

Amber Granger

Thomas Crawn there are different rules when it’s a parent, which appears may be the case. It used to be that police couldn’t do anything in a parental situation, it had to go to a family court judge before the police could do anything at all to help recover the children. That’ll cause quite a delay if that’s still the case.

Robert Weaver

I don’t know the situation but since he seems like he is the father im going to pray for his safety also. I don’t know what demons caused him to do this but in his mind, this seemed like the last resort.

Brad Steinruck

Seems to me this is the Dad. He was probably ordered because he couldn’t see his kids. He probably got pissed off and said if I can’t see them I will take them. Hopefully, everything turns out OK.

Lizzie Birmingham

Tiffani Hausch they made it sound like they were snatched off the street by a stranger is all they should watch how they are wording things- they were “abducted” they just were never returned to the custodial parent


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