Julie Garwood death: Legendary American writer dies aged 78


Julie Garwood death: Legendary American writer dies aged 78

Julie Garwood, a renowned author, passed away last week, and the literary community is in mourning. Julie’s writings delighted millions of readers and influenced numerous writers.

Julie was a writer who lived in Kansas City and was a real light for many people there. Our prayers are for comfort and peace for her loved ones.

Garwood died on June 8, 2023, at her home in Kansas. Read ahead to know more about Julie Garwood death and her professional life.

Julie Garwood death

Julie Garwood, a legendary writer passed away in her home Thursday, June 8, 2023, according to his family. His family disclosed this sad news in the following Obituary.

Julia Elizabeth Garwood, née Murphy passed away in her home Thursday, June 8, 2023. She was surrounded by her three children, all survived by her. Elizabeth Ashley, Bryan Michael, and Gerald were all very close to their mother, whom all would agree was the

The matriarch of the family. None however could compete with the true lights of her life, nor would her children even try. 

Julia, otherwise known in the Publishing industry as Julie Garwood is also survived by Gerald’s wife Kendra and the Lights themselves: their three daughters, Macy Elyse Garwood, Kennedy Paige Garwood, and Marlow Raye Garwood.  

Julia is survived by her sisters Kathleen McGuire and Mary “Cookie” Benson. All of the girls attended St. Teresa’s Academy and Julia was no exception. Read full obituary here

Julie Garwood


Julie Garwood: Biography

Julie Garwood, an American author who wrote over twenty-seven romance books in both the historical and suspense subgenres, was born on December 26, 1944, and passed away on June 8, 2023.

Her works have sold over 35 million copies worldwide, and she has at least 24 New York Times bestsellers. She also penned A Girl Named Summer, a young adult book. The television movie Rose Hill was based on Garwood’s book For the Roses.

Julie’s Most Popular Books

  • The Bride
  • The Secret
  • Ransom
  • The Wedding
  • Mercy

Series By Julie Garwood

  • Buchanan-Renard
  • Highlands’ Lairds

Personal Life

Julie Garwood, the sixth of a big Irish family’s seven children, was raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Sharon, Kathleen, Marilyn, Mary Colette “Cookie”, and Joanne were her five sisters, while Tom was her only brother.

Because she missed so much school after undergoing a tonsillectomy at age six, she did not pick up reading as quickly as other kids her age. Before her mother realized Garwood couldn’t read, she was eleven.

Sister Elizabeth, a maths teacher, spent the entire summer of that particular year teaching Garwood how to read and how to enjoy the books she was reading. Garwood named her daughter Elizabeth after this teacher since she had such a profound effect on her life.

Garwood, who was pursuing a degree in nursing but grew interested in history after taking a Russian history course, decided to double major in nursing and history.

Because of the caliber of her articles, a lecturer persuaded Garwood to start writing. A Girl Named Summer, a children’s book, and Gentle Warrior, her debut historical novel, are what came of it.

Elizabeth, Bryan, and Gerry were her three children from a young marriage. The family lived in the Kansas City of Leawood.

Writing Career

Ms. Garwood credits her huge Irish-American family upbringing for much of her success. “The Irish are excellent storytellers who take great pleasure in learning all the specifics and intricacies of every circumstance.

Add to that the fact that I was the sixth child out of seven. In my early years, I discovered that self-expression needed to be aggressive, innovative, and rapid, according to Ms. Garwood.

When the youngest of her three children started school, she started her writing career. Two young-adult novels were published before she decided to focus on historical fiction.

In 1985, Pocket Books released GENTLE WARRIOR, her debut book. She has since ventured into new genres, such as modern romantic suspense.

Today, she consistently makes the bestseller lists of every significant national magazine, and her novels are available in dozens of foreign languages.

The television movie ROSE HILL, which won a Hallmark Hall of Fame award, was based on her bestselling book FOR THE ROSES.

Tributes posted by famous authors and loved ones

Angie James Owner and Founder at Book Boss wrote,

Julie Garwood wrote some of my favorite read and re-read books. I could never pick a favorite of just one, my favorites from her were a list of many. She provided me with 100s of hours of enjoyment and escape and I’m sad for a world that won’t know any more books from her.

Cassandra Samuels author said,

So sad to hear of the passing of Julie Garwood I adored her books. These are among those on my keeper shelf. What a wonderful gift she shared with readers.

I’d Rather Read Library stated,

Heartbroken to hear of the passing of one of the all-time greats of romance, Julie Garwood. I was honored to get to meet her and talk with her about her work in the genres of romance and suspense. She was gracious, warm, and very kind, and she will be missed by readers everywhere. 

Susan Elizabeth Phillips Author wrote,

Late this afternoon, I learned that we lost one of our industry’s leading ladies, the great Julie Garwood. Julie and I started our careers at about the same time. I remember falling in love with her historical romances. She was not only a wonderful writer, but she was a kind and generous human being. She will be greatly missed.

April Holthaus-Author wrote,

It’s been such a busy weekend that I just learned that one of my favorite authors Julie Garwood has passed away. 


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