Kandace Schipper Missing: What we know about the Chicago woman missing in Japan?

Kandace Schipper. (Source: Facebook)

Following Kandace Schipper’s disappearance in Japan, her family is looking for information. Kandace Schipper, 29, and her travelling companion Luis Torres, 27, had not been heard from by their families in the intervening time. Keep reading to know more about it in detail.

Kandace Schipper Missing:

Family members of a Chicago woman who went missing while on vacation in Japan claim they are going through “one of the worst fears possible.”

On May 8, Kandace Schipper, 29, arrived in Tokyo. Ten days later, she “abruptly” stopped interacting with her family and friends.

They have also been unable to contact her male travel partner, 27-year-old Luis Torres. Since June 4, no one has heard from her.

Missing persons poster for Kandace Schipper. (Source: Facebook)

Her sister Nicole Willea said on Facebook that the family has alerted the US consulate and reported the person missing in Chicago.

Ms Willea wrote on Facebook,

““Our family is experiencing one of the worst fears possible.”

She was communicating every day from Tokyo to family and friends but has not been reachable in 9 days.” 

Adam Willea, Schipper’s brother-in-law told Chicago’s WGN9,

“Every single day she had been communicating with family and friends,”

“I mean text, phone calls, pictures, updates, Instagram posts. And then it all abruptly ended on June 4th.”

Kandace Schipper used to contact her loved ones daily from Tokyo, but she hasn’t been in touch for the past nine days. The US embassy has been informed and a missing person report has been filed.

What we know so far?

According to her Linkedin page, Kandace Schipper is a stylist and makeup artist who was born and raised in Chicago.

Schipper was last heard from in Shibuya, Japan after a credit card transaction alerted family members. She is believed to have been staying at the APA hotel, and her last transaction was at JS Burger in Shinjuku.

Kandace Schipper arrived at the Tokyo airport on May 8 with a smile on her face. The 29-year-old and the 27-year-old Luis Torres with whom she was travelling have not been heard from since.

Willea claimed that to find Schipper, his family had filed a missing person report with the Chicago Police Department, called the U.S. Embassy, and contacted foreign authorities. However, he claimed that the family had encountered difficulties with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

Willea said,

“I guess it’s [an] issue because technically her flight home isn’t scheduled yet,”

“So, until she misses her flight home, they won’t even start a report.”

Chelse Rambo, the sister of Kandace Schipper, is asking for assistance in finding her.

Kandace Schipper’s cousin, Shelby Paul, has also posted a request for assistance on Twitter.

Shelby wrote,

“My beautiful cousin Kandace Schipper is missing,”

“please help our family share/post this information as we all pray for her safe return.”

Contact +1 616-439-0160 or send an email to [email protected] if you have seen this young woman or have any information that could be useful.



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