What happened to Federico Martín Aramburú? How did he die? Cause of death

What happened to Federico Martín Aramburú

What happened to Federico Martín Aramburú: Federico Aramburu (42) was killed overnight from Friday to Saturday. The former Argentinian international (22 selections), passed by Biarritz, Perpignan, and Dax in particular, was in Paris for personal reasons. The center or winger, double champion of France with the BO in 2005 and 2006, was to return to Argentina on Monday.

Federico Aramburu Cause of Death

The two had spent the evening in the Saint-Germain neighborhood. They were eating a burger at Le Mabillon bar, not far from the famous “thirst street,” when they got into a fight with their two table neighbors. On Boulevard Saint-Germain, blows were exchanged.

Several Shots

According to Philippe Jouvet, a lawyer and friend of the two former players, Federico Martin Aramburu and Shaun Hegarty then left for a hotel “to ask for ice cream.”

The other two protagonists would then have approached them, riding in a green Jeep driven by a third person, and opened fire several times. At the intersection of the Rue de Seine and the Boulevard Saint-Germain, the Argentine was hit by several bullets. Shaun Hegarty (38), he’s fine.

Currently on the run

The three people are still on the loose. The incident was witnessed by several people.

Federico Martin Aramburu and Shaun Hegarty had planned to attend the final Six Nations Tournament match between France and England, which will take place this Saturday at 9 p.m. at the Stade de France.

Federico Aramburu Death Cause

What happened to Federico Martín Aramburú: The tragedy occurred in the evening in the Mabillon district, in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. According to the first elements of the investigation, an altercation broke out between four individuals including Federico Martin Aramburu, accompanied by a friend, before the protagonists were separated. Two men eventually drove back in front of the bar in question and fired a gun several times at the Argentinian, resulting in his death. The criminal brigade was seized of the investigation and a magistrate from the Paris prosecutor’s office went to the scene this morning. The two alleged perpetrators are on the run.

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