Ku Pao-ming (Bao-ming Gu) at 71: Cause of death, Life story and Wiki

Ku Pao-ming (Bao-ming Gu) at 71: Cause of death, Life story and Wiki


Ku Pao-ming Cause of death: Veteran actor Ku Pao-ming (middle) passed away due to heart and lung failure at the age of 71.

(Central News Agency website on the 19th) Veteran actor Ku Pao-ming passed away due to heart and lung failure at the age of 71. Liang Zhimin, the artistic director of Guotuo Theater, confirmed this in a Facebook post.

He recalled in a post that the first time the two collaborated on a stage play was ART in 2003. In the play, Ku Pao-ming had a monologue of more than 10 minutes in which one person played multiple roles. Before each performance, he could watch him on the stage word for word. Repeated practice, from the 1st to the 76th game, never slack.

In 2020, even though only half of the audience due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Liang Zhimin still unforgettable to feel the unabated applause of the audience, and gave Liang Zhimin the opportunity to record Ku Pao-ming’s performance on stage, “This should be given to me by God, And friends who love Brother Bao, the most precious gift. (Ku Pao-ming Cause of death)

Ku Pao-ming, born in 1950, is a famous stage and TV actor in Taiwan. He became popular in short plays on China Television’s “Variety 100”. He has many plays and stage plays, and his acting skills are highly recognized. He won the Golden Bell Award for Best Actor, and in the 1990s he won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 29th Golden Horse Awards with “Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land”.

Ku Pao-ming has acted in many TV series, from “Jiangnan Tour” with Chen Lili in his early years, to “Princess Little Sister”, “Princess Huaiyu”, “Four Young Masters in Beijing”, and also played the role of the grandfather of the live-action version of Cherry Maruko. His film works include “Terrorist” directed by Yang Dechang, “Black Skin and White Teeth”, which was a very good box office in the 1980s, and in recent years “Vote for Name” and “Forgetful Village”, he has been a very active and important supporting role. (Ku Pao-ming Cause of death)

His performance in stage plays is even brighter. He has starred in Guotuo Theater, screen performance class, and performance workshops for countless hits, including ART, which has only three actors from beginning to end, and “Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land”, “Love in Peach Blossom Land”, which was a hit and adapted into a movie. Pearl’s New Match”, “Half-mile Great Wall”, etc., until March 2020, he will also perform “Pick-up Love” on stage.

Yanping Zhu praised the great actor

Yanping Zhu praised the great actor

Chen Yuxun has collaborated with Ku Pao-ming in films such as “Forgetful Village” and “Gone Valentine’s Day”. Ku Pao-ming played the role of “Gecko Uncle” in “Gone Valentine’s Day”, and his fantastic and friendly image impressed the audience deeply.

Chen Yuxun said today that Ku Pao-ming is the best and best comedian and a national treasure. He also mentioned that comedians are the hardest to play and the most admirable. Thanks to Gu Baoming for bringing everyone laughs, he is a national treasure.

In an interview with the Central News Agency, Yanping Zhu said that Ku Pao-ming is an amazing actor. The two worked together in “Big Head Soldier” and “Exotic”. Ku Pao-ming played the crazy squad leader in “Big Head Soldier”, and he played against Zhang Xiaoyan, Tao Dawei, and Hu Gua. It’s all on Ku Pao-ming, and his performance is also appreciated.

Yanping Zhu praised Ku Pao-ming, who spanned TV, film, and stage play, for his ability to perform well in different fields and insisted on being professional, “I have been friends with Brother Baoming for many years, and I am very emotional and mourned for his passing.”

In addition, writer and host Cai Kangyong collaborated with Ku Pao-ming when he directed “The Love of Food”, but unfortunately all pictures of Ku Pao-ming were deleted in the end. Cai Kangyong said today that he felt sad after receiving the news. Maybe everyone often misses the life status of senior actors, but it is a gratifying thing to still feel the outstanding performances brought by them. (Ku Pao-ming Cause of death)

Ku Pao-ming Life Story

Ku Pao-ming was born in 1950. In his early years, he left a deep impression on the audience with his short plays in the “Variety 100” performance unit of China Television. He has performed many works in movies, TV and stage plays. A classic role played by Ku Pao-ming.

For example, in the performance workshop in the 1990s, “Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land”, Ku Pao-ming played an important role of “Boss Yuan” in both the stage play and the movie version. He won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 29th Golden Horse Awards for this. Ku Pao-ming’s other splendid works also include “Terrorist” and “Black Skin and White Teeth” directed by Yang Dechang. In recent years, Ku Pao-ming can also be seen in such as “Famous Name”, “Forgetful Village” and “The Missing Valentine’s Day”.

In terms of TV series, Ku Pao-ming won the Golden Bell Award for Best Actor in the 1980s with “He’s My Brother”, and in 2006, he won the Golden Bell Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Mini-series with “Cannonball and Kitchen Knife”. Others such as “Jiangnan Tour”, “Princess Little Sister”, “Huaiyu Princess”, and “Four Young Masters in Beijing” can be said to be household names. For today’s children, Ku Pao-ming is the most amiable and lovely grandpa in the live-action version of “Cherry Maruko”.

Ku Pao-ming’s performances have never ceased, and the stage play is the field where he has worked hard since he was young until his death. He has performed numerous popular plays for Lanling Theatre Workshop, Performance Workshop, Screen Performance Class, and Gotuo Theatre. In addition to the well-known “Secret Love in the Peach Blossom Garden”, there are also “New Matching of Lotus Pearls” and “Half Mile Great Wall” until In March 2020, he also appeared on stage to perform “Transfer Love”. (Ku Pao-ming Cause of death)

Stan Lai mourns Ku Pao-ming’s death

Stan Lai mourns Ku Pao-ming's death

Stan Lai said that he was very sad to hear that his good friend and partner Ku Pao-ming passed away, “Ku Pao-ming is one of the few, rare and most talented actors in a generation, especially in comedy, I think there should not be many actors in the world who can do it. Compare with him.”

Stan Lai said that Ku Pao-ming’s comedy is not simply funny, but full of various levels. Those who have seen it will understand that it can be said to be full of various levels of life wisdom. And Ku Pao-ming not only his achievements in film and television but also in stage plays, “Who can watch Ku Pao-ming’s performance on the stage, I think it should be a very satisfying thing in life.”

In 1986, Ku Pao-ming starred in the stage play “Secret Love in Peach Blossom Spring” written and directed by Stan Lai, playing the role of “Boss Yuan”. Ku Pao-ming also won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 29th Golden Horse Awards for his superb acting skills in the film version of “Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land”.

Stan Lai recalled that when he was working with Ku Pao-ming and starring Li Liqun, Li Liqun, who had been trained with Ku Pao-ming in the China Television training class, told him, “How can this person be so talented!” Stan Lai said, “I am fortunate to work with Baoming. However, I know what an actor’s top performance is, I feel very, very honored, and I hope Bao Ming can go well.” (Ku Pao-ming Cause of death)

Liang Zhimin about Ku Pao-ming

Liang Zhimin mentioned that he knew Ku Pao-ming when he was in college. He was relaxed and funny in front of the scene, but he was actually very strict in private, “Whether it is the script, the performance, or the requirements for himself, he is very, very strict, and it can even be said to be “meticulous”. Actors who have worked with him must agree with what I say.”

Liang Zhimin said that Ku Pao-ming focused on the motives of his lines and actions, so no matter how ridiculous the lines came to his mouth, they became extremely real, and people couldn’t help laughing.

Liang Zhimin said that Ku Pao-ming’s departure was the loss of a wonderful and outstanding actor who devoted himself to the stage, as well as his warm and humorous elders and friends in life. “Thanks to him for bringing us so many wonderful and vivid characters and life stories.”


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