Watch Video: Dillon Danis slaps KSI & Anthony Taylor brawl with him, Chaos Explained


Watch Video: Dillon Danis slaps KSI & Anthony Taylor brawl with him, Chaos Explained

Dillon Danis delivered a hit to KSI’s jaw during their intense duel. Watch the video of Dillon Danis being slapped. Describing Dillon Danis gets punched by boxer Anthony Taylor after an altercation with KSI.


Dillon Danis slaps KSI: Explained

On Friday, Dillon Danis stoked further controversy in the world of combat sports. Danis found himself in several additional combative circumstances a few days after getting into a heated and nearly physical altercation with MMA star Nate Diaz outside of Madison Square Garden in New York City this past Saturday during UFC 281.

Danis met up with YouTube sensation and part-time fighter KSI while attending the “DAZN X Series 0003 Misfits Boxing” event on Saturday in Austin, Texas. KSI challenged Danis to touch him as they were surrounded by reporters after they had argued.

Danis promptly complied, slapping the hat off KSI’s head to start a fight that security was able to defuse without incident.

The Dillon Danis video demonstrates how KSI and the Bellator prodigy provoked one another into a fight. El Jeffe challenged KSI to knock out Danis based on his claim that he can. Dillon Danis charged the opening shot as KSI failed to offer a hit.

Check out the video above.


Danis was dragged into another precarious scenario when he was led outside. The tension erupted when Anthony Taylor, a veteran of boxing and mixed martial arts who had previously trained with Jake Paul, appeared with a group of people outside the hotel.

Danis, a decorated jiu-jitsu fighter and two-time Bellator veteran, was being pursued by Taylor when he delivered a right hand that caused Danis to momentarily stumble backward. Before space was created, he got into a fight with a different combatant.

Danis eventually moved further away from the incident as he was escorted out of the area as things heated up.

See the footage of the altercation outdoors, which is below:



Danis, 29, is a former training partner of two-time UFC champ Conor McGregor. He took a break and injured his knee, though, so he hasn’t competed since June 2019.

Scott Coker, the president of Bellator, was questioned on Thursday about Danis’ potential fights with his organization, but he responded that nothing has changed.

Coker told MMA Junkie, “I honestly don’t have an update on Dillon. “Please phone me if fighters plan to compete for free. As a professional athlete, you belong in the ring competing for cash. But it’s been challenging to get him into the cage.


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Dillon Danis video: Nate Diaz and the Bellator fighter got into a fight at UFC 281.

Following Israel Adesanya vs. Alex Pereira in UFC 281, Dillon Danis and Nate Diaz were seen arguing in New York. Audie Attar, manager of Conor McGregor, also attended and attempted to break up the brawl between Danis and Diaz. Attar was unsuccessful, though, as Nate Diaz smacked Dillon Danis following a heated argument.

Later, Dillon Danis confronted Nate Diaz on social media but got no real response. It appears that he is currently focusing on KSI.
After defeating Logan Paul in his boxing debut, KSI may now go up against the Bellator competitor.

Will KSI fight Floyd Mayweather or Dillon Danis next?

KSI just defeated Luis Pineda and Swarmz twice in one night of boxing. In a recent YouTube video, KSI declared his desire to take on Floyd Mayweather after witnessing his brother Deji lose to Mayweather in Dubai. Dillon Danis has now been added to KSI’s fighting bucket list as well.

People’s reactions over the altercation

Anthony tweeted,

I thought they were the same height. Someone is lying.

Sander tweeted,

That wasn’t even a punch, wtf was that?

Haithem tweeted,

Bro dillion never slapped JJ lmao. If you look at It slowly yes he was going for a full slap but then gave up mid-way lmao slapped his hat and only throw a cold brew on wade and some got on ksi lmao

Long ball tweeted,

When Dennis wasn’t fighting back? There was no beef than he just came up acting big punched someone who didn’t acknowledge him then hid got a slap then hid again


Sana tweeted,

didn’t want the smoke bro ran away, Ksi would slap you

Irfan tweeted,

Here we go. A bit of childish drama and now hype for a fight. These clowns get paid for fooling everyone. Goodbye to real boxing


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