Watch Bryce Harper fracture left thumb, How is he now? Injury updates

Watch Bryce Harper fractures left thumb, How is he now? Injury updates

Watch Bryce Harper fracture thumb: Bryce Harper, an outfielder for the Philadelphia Phillies, suffered a broken left thumb after being struck by a 97 mph fastball thrown by Blake Snell on Saturday night against the San Diego Padres.

The National League MVP in the current season will be sidelined indefinitely, according to the Phillies. In the next few days, he will be subject to more testing.

As the pitch from Snell traveled inside and high before striking him on the outside of the left hand, Harper double-checked his swing. The hand was held by Harper while he was on his knees for many minutes while being attended to by Phillies head trainer Paul Buchheit. Harper instantly crumpled to the ground and was in great pain.


Bryce Harper’s response to the fracture

Harper, who had a thumb splint on, remarked, “I’ve never had a hand injury like this.” “Never in my life have I broken anything. Since this is new to me, I’ll simply take things day by day, see where we’re at, and then visit the specialist in Philadelphia. And I will do so if I need to consult with another expert somewhere.”

“In a way, I wish it had struck me in the face. I don’t fracture bones in my face, Harper laughed. “I can withstand 98 to the face, but not 97 to the thumb. Yes, I was trying to get my hand up there and shield myself a little bit from being hit again.

“It’s simply unfortunate. I’m really disappointed.”

When Genesis Cabrera of St. Louis struck Harper in the face with a fastball last season, he only missed a few games.

Watch Bryce Harper fracture his left thumb,


How is Bryce Harper now?

It is too soon to say if surgery will be required, according to Phillies general manager Dave Dombrowski, who accompanied the club on the road trip. He stated that he wasn’t certain of the kind of fracture Harper suffered or the location of the injury on his left thumb.

When he gets back to Philadelphia, Harper added, he’ll visit a doctor.

Dombrowski stated, “We will put him on the injured list [Sunday].” “He got smacked in the face, and at first I was worried. He is a tough person, but when he quickly walked off the field, I was concerned.”


Bryce Harper shouted against Snell

Harper shouted loudly at Snell as he approached the Philadelphia bench and made a hand motion toward the Padres’ starter. Harper soon got a response from Snell. After a few seconds of Harper yelling at Snell, several of the Petco Park spectators began to boo him.

After appearing to calm down, Harper told Snell, “I know, I know,” recognizing that the pitcher hadn’t intended to strike him with the pitch.

One on Twitter said, “And yet he gets booed and people call him self-centered. The longer his career continues he looks like such a class act”

It wasn’t heated at all, according to Harper. “It was just a bad situation at the wrong time. Since Blake and I have competed against one another since we were 10 and 11, I am certain that there was no malice intended. A component of the game is the inner pitch. He is not just a brilliant player, but also a fantastic person. I wished him the best and advised him to keep throwing that inside fastball because it really sets up the slider.”

Snell informed Harper through text that the two are on good terms.

Naturally, I felt terrible for hitting him, Snell said. “He is aware that I don’t act in that way. We discussed it and dealt with it. He plays with great passion, so I can see why he could be irritated. Unfortunately, I hit him and I’m just as upset as he is. I simply hope he gets well fast so he can return to the game.”

Snell continued by saying that he and Harper will meet up after Saturday’s game or on Sunday.


When will Bryce Harper return?

Johan Camargo took the place of Harper as the Phillies’ designated hitter in their 4-2 victory.

Dombrowski stated, “He is a man that truly isn’t replaceable on an individual basis, but we’ll have to be in a situation that other people will have to step up. We’ll attempt to arrange for someone to arrive on Sunday.

Despite a slight rupture in the Ulnar Collateral Ligament of his right elbow that has kept him from playing the outfield since April 16, Harper is hitting.318 with 15 home runs, 48 RBIs, and a.984 OPS this season in 64 games. With a platelet-rich plasma injection and rest, he has attempted to avoid Tommy John surgery, which would finish his season.

At this moment, “I don’t know how long he is going to be out,” Dombrowski added. “I have faith that he will return eventually. There are still a lot of strong hitters in our lineup. Without [Ronald] Acuna, the Braves won the World Series the previous season.”


Fan’s response on Bryce Harper

One on Twitter said, Imagine being the greatest hitter in the sport and your season could potentially be over. Harper makes sure to accept Snell’s apology before even reaching the dugout, World-class Bryce Harper.

Another one said, There’s really no argument for the last 160+ games. He’s been the best hitter in baseball.

Phillies Muse on Twitter said, If Bryce Harper were to strike out 55 times in his next 55 ABs, he would still have MLB’s highest OPS since 2021.



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