How did Frank Williams die? Dad’s Army star Cause of Death Explained

Frank Williams Cause of Death

Frank Williams was a well-known English actor. At the age of 90, he passed away. Let’s see how did he die, what happened, and what was Frank Williams Cause of Death.


How did Frank Williams die?

Williams started his acting career in repertory theatre, most notably at Jimmy Perry’s (Dad’s Army creator) Watford Palace Theatre.

Williams was also introduced to many of his future co-stars, such as Michael Knowles, Colin Bean, Donald Hewlett, and Mavis Pug.

Williams and Tessie O’Shea co-starred in the brief sitcom As Good Cooks Go (1970). Croft mania’s statement on Twitter confirmed William’s death.


Frank Williams Cause of Death

Williams played vicar Timothy Farthing in the popular comedy from the 1970s. He was often unintentionally involved in the platoon’s misfortunes in many episodes.

Williams was born in London and went to Hendon School and Ardingly College in West Sussex (then Hendon County School).

According to a statement made public, Frank Williams, our cherished friend, coworker, and actor, passed away this morning. We are grateful for the many years of joy, laughter, and happiness he offered so many people during his nearly 91 years of life.

Frank, thank you so much. Frank Williams Cause of Death was yet not officially announced.


Frank Williams’s Early Life

Actor Frank Williams was from England. He was most recognized for his roles as cleric, including those of clergymen like Timothy Farthing, the cleric in the BBC comedy Dad’s Army.

Williams was born on July 2nd, 1931 in London. He received his education at Hendon School and Ardingly College in West Sussex.


Frank Williams Career

Williams began his acting career in repertory theatre and collaborated with Jimmy Perry’s Watford Palace Theatre, which was later the inspiration for Dad’s Army. Many of Williams’ future co-stars, such as Michael Knowles, Colin Bean, Donald Hewlett, and Mavis Pugh, were also introduced to him.

Williams wanted to get into the television industry, which was just starting off at the time. Throughout the 1950s, he appeared on television multiple times. In series one of The Army Game, he made a number of brief cameos, and in 1957, he was asked to return as Captain Pocket, the commanding officer, a regular role.

Williams and Bill Pertwee created the Dad’s Army Appreciation Society in 1993. He served as the organization’s vice president up until Bill Pertwee’s passing in 2013, at which point he was elected president. He currently regularly attends society functions.

For the 2016 revival of Dad’s Army, Williams returned to the role of the vicar. He recalled his experience on the new movie’s set: “Four days of work were required, which I absolutely liked. Dad’s Army fans had a mixed reception to the movie despite its moderate popularity since it was difficult to accept that other actors filled the iconic roles played by actors like Arthur and John.”


Frank Williams’s Personal Life

Williams resided in Edgware in Greater London for a long time. He served in the Church of England’s General Synod’s House of Laity up until the year 2000.

Williams served as the patron of Veneratio, an organization dedicated to preventing elderly people from being socially isolated.

Williams claimed that in 2020, during the COVID-19 epidemic, “I’ve been self-isolating and watching TV with my dear friend Ronald Grainge, who I first met on the Dad’s Army stage production back in 1975. We appreciate good dramas and occasionally watch an old movie.”

He continued by listing the shows that he finds most enjoyable: “Would I Lie to You? and other vintage comedies are both a lot of fun. Additionally, there are chat shows where comedians interact.”

He responded to a query about his wisest financial move in a 2017 Telegraph interview by saying: “purchasing a home. At first, I rented out the downstairs rooms, which made me a little money, but there were issues, such as renters who weren’t paying their rent.

Ronnie Grainge, a cast member of the Dad’s Army theatrical production, therefore moved in some ten years ago.”


Fans reactions to Frank Williams’s Death

Morris Bright said,

Sadly just one left of these delightful bringers of joy, as we say goodbye to Dad’s Army star actor Frank Williams who has died aged 90. Here with Ian Lavender, Bill Pertwee & Clive Dunn at a plaque unveiling to co star John le Mesurier in 1993. Happy memories of a wonderful day.

Fergus Butler said,

Ah very sad to hear of the death of Frank Williams, who played the Reverend Timothy Farthing in Dads Army and was an actual member of General Synod. A glorious vision of ministry- well done, good and faithful servant.

Jeffrey Holland said,

So sorry to hear Frank Williams has left us. A dear friend. I’ll never forget the happy days spent working together on stage and screen in #DadsArmy or the wonderful times shared with him and Ronnie at reunions and events. Treasured memories. #FrankWilliams @CP_TheWorks

Carry On Mark said,

Sad to hear Frank Williams has died. Most people would of course know him as the Vicar from Dad’s Army. That just leaves Pike now. Frank Williams also appeared in four classic Norman Wisdom films and made appearance’s in You Rang M’Lord. RIP.

Jack Lane said,

We’ve lost the adorable Frank Williams; Always so gracious & supportive of our work whenever we met. One of my happiest memories was watching his reaction during David’s wonderful dialogue as the Vicar, seeing him belly laugh & later honour us with approval meant a lot.



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