How did Jerry O Dea die? What happened? Cause of Death Explained

How did Jerry O Dea die? What happened? Cause of Death Explained

Councillor Jerry O’Dea of Limerick, who passed unexpectedly overnight at the age of 55, has received tributes today. Let’s see how did he die, what happened, and what was Jerry O Dea Cause of Death.


Jerry O Dea Cause of Death

After ending work early on Saturday morning, Cllr O’Dea, a well-known businessman who operated a pub on Mulgrave Street in the city, is thought to have had a “medical episode.”

According to Irish reports, the Limerick City East Fianna Fáil council member was scheduled to be chosen mayor of Limerick during the local government’s annual meeting on Thursday.

Additionally, Cllr. O’Dea served as chairman of the neighborhood VFI and was a local representative of the Vintners Federation of Ireland (VFI).

Funeral arrangements have not yet been arranged.


Jerryès Career

He was chosen for Limerick City and County Council for the first time in 2014 and again in 2019.

During his political career, he chaired the Limerick Milk Market, served on numerous committees, and was mayor of the Limerick Metropolitan District from 2015 to 2016.

Micheál Martin, the Taoiseach and head of Fianna Fáil, oversaw the tributes to Cllr. O’Dea.

He complimented the Limerick man’s unwavering dedication to his community and home city.


What is a statement from Limerick City and County Council?

On social media, Treaty United FC paid respect to Cllr. O’Dea stated: “Jerry was a fantastic sponsor for us, promoted League of Ireland, and ran a bar next to the stadium at Market’s Field.

Additionally, he was a dear friend of the @LFCBlueArmy.

The Irish flag will be flown at half-mast at commercial buildings on Merchant’s Quay and Dooradoyle as a sign of respect, according to a statement from Limerick City and County Council.

Next week, the council will also have a special meeting.


Jerry O Dea Personal Life

Cllr O’Dea’s mother Margaret passed away before him, and he is survived by his father John Joe, his siblings Andrew, Siobhan, and Eileen, as well as his extended family and many friends. He also leaves behind his daughters Catherine and JD and their mother Sinead.


Tributes to Jerryès Death

Jerry was a devoted supporter of numerous municipal sports teams, civic organizations, and charitable organizations, according to Mr. Martin.

“Jerry worked tirelessly for those he represented and was always active on the ground in an understated and highly effective way.”

“I send my sincere sympathies to Jerry’s family and friends on my own behalf and on behalf of the Fianna Fáil party. Peace be upon him.”

After learning of Cllr O’Dea’s passing, Limerick City and County’s current mayor, Cllr Daniel Butler, expressed his “shock and sadness.”

It is quite challenging to process such awful news, he remarked.

Since being elected, Jerry has made it a priority to work with local communities to support their growth because he believes that a stronger and better Limerick can be created from the ground up.

“Local organizations and sports were important in this. They will all miss his insightful counsel and leadership.

“Our sympathies are with Jerry’s family, friends, and his party colleagues at this awful time,” Cllr. Butler continued.



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