Sutter Double Homicide Victims: Who are Vicky Keovilayphone and Derrick James?

Shutter Double Homicide Victims: Who are Vicky Keovilayphone and Derrick James?

The bodies of Double Homicide Victims,40-year-old Elk Grove resident Vicky Keovilayphone and 40-year-old Yuba County Resident Derrick James Engelman were found on Friday afternoon along a dirt road in Rio Oso dead from apparent gunshot wounds, according to the sheriff’s office.

Sutter Double Homicide Victims

Deputies and detectives responded to the area of Kempton Road near Brewer Road around 4:07 p.m. and located a Female adult body inside a blue Ford Explorer and a male adult body lying outside approximately 50 yards near the Ford Explorer.

Live Copter 3 spotted the two, one right by a vehicle and another about 30 yards away on the roadway. It is unknown what led up to the shooting, and no information on the shooter was released.

Victims were identified by the Farmer

The sheriff’s office told KCRA 3 that a nearby farmer discovered the Double Homicide bodies. It was about 4 p.m. Friday that deputies were called by a farmer to the area of Kempton Road near Brewer Road. 

Officials said Keovilayphone was located inside a blue Ford Explorer while Engelman was found 50 yards away. Both had died at the scene from gunshot wounds.

“This is a tragic event and we will work diligently to obtain answers for our community,” Sutter Sheriff Brandon Barnes said in the release.

Shutter Double Homicide Victims: Who are Vicky Keovilayphone and Derrick James?

About Derrick Engelman

Kathy Salazar, a childhood friend of Derrick posted a message on social media about him. It says,

Omg!!! Is this for real??? I just talked with him not that long ago… He told me he was doing good! My most sincere condolences to your family and especially to you his beautiful mama Cathy Engelman! Soooo sad! Sending hugs, love, and prayers to all of you! This is just crazy! Hard to believe this is true!

Also, She added,

Derrick Engelman was a childhood friend of mine, and I have memories that go way back to our years in preschool, we lived across the street from one another going up! This news is shocking and crazy at the same time! My most sincere condolences go out to his mother Cathy Engelman and his siblings! An absolute tragedy Sending hugs, love, and prayers to all of his family and friends! Rest in peace my friend, I’ll see you again someday! I pray that there is justice in finding out who did this!

Police Investigations are ongoing

“Due to this case Double Homicide Victims being under active investigation, no further information can be released at this time. Deputies said in a Sunday news release, No suspects have been identified in connection with the slaying.

Anyone with information relevant to the homicide has been asked to contact Sutter County Sheriff’s Detective Unit at 530-822-0210 or e-mail Detective Thiara at [email protected].

Elena Engelman about Derrick Engelman

Yesterday we got the news that will forever change our lives…this was the last pic we took together. This is when u got out and were supposed to have the best time of ur life not going back to your old ways…but I guess u couldn’t resist…u were supposed to be here for me to be one of my protectors as one of my big brothers when I needed it…I will forever carry all of our memories the good and the bad ones for the rest of my life…I just wish I got to speak to u one last time before u left us here….I’m so heartbroken and I don’t accept this and I don’t believe it…cause if I do that means I will never get to hear from or see u again or get ur dumb lil questions here and there….I’m gonna miss u big bro tell grandma we love and miss her when u see her….until we r reunited rest easy ……TO ALL… I and my family appreciate all the thoughts and prayers u guys r sending our way and we will keep people updated on what is what and when….I love and miss u so much already Derrick Engelman just watch over us.

Social Media Condolence

Bob Foote Posted

You know back in the day and I grew up around here. This was few and far between now and it’s an everyday occurrence.

Matt Bennette Posted

Back in the day, we didn’t have governors that favored criminals more than everyone else.

Laura Rodriguez Posted

With deepest sympathy as you remember Derrick. Cathy, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Thinking of you in these difficult times.

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4 thoughts on “Sutter Double Homicide Victims: Who are Vicky Keovilayphone and Derrick James?”

  1. I knew and loved Derrick and my mind won’t quit questioning what really happened or how they were really discovered because every single story is so far from each other & honestly it makes no sense at all… the female was outside of vehicle & male was 30 yards away verses female was found in the vehicle & male was 50 yards away, and then to find out that the original call that came across the scanner stated that both male & female were found shot in the back & were reportedly laying face down, in front of the vehicle…?!? So what is the real story & why would it be manipulated to construct an alternative murder scenario?!… there is something very shady going on for this not to be clarified & for no one else to even question or want to know why the reports all contradict one another?.. does no one read & pounder the real story & how or why it has been shifted so many times in such different directions?!… someone please bring it to light because regardless of someone’s past or present mistakes, it doesn’t give someone else the right or justification to play god & end someone else’s lives. People have family, friends, parents, siblings, children, and peers that all are affected & deserve to have answers & justice. Derrick was sentenced & served, 10 years (federally)& he paid a debt, that today, would have been simply a slap on the wrist & more than likely an imposed 1-3 years of a mere, informal probation. He had a future, and a life, he was meant to live, and now will never be given the opportunity to even try to. There is something that is being covered up, and we are being manipulated & the entire concept seems down right ridiculous & foul… stand up for what is right and don’t allow their lives or stories to simply end without answers or investigation into the truth in the matter & suspects being held accountable. Our small town law enforcement have the resources available & they have a responsibility to us, paid for by us, why are they not doing what duty they have sworn an oath to protect & serve?

  2. Sutter county does not care for drug victims. He was at the casino that night they checked cameras they know who did it all have they done arrests ? Nope.

    • How in the hell does that have anything to do with any drugs or any drug related okay and what does them being at the casino have anything to do with it either unless they sat there and have left the casino with their killer and if that being the case why isn’t he arrested or she arrested or whatever I do believe that the Sutter County is stereotyping these people from either people that they know that they know that they know or and if they have so much evidence against these people being the victims if they have so much evidence against their killer why haven’t there been any arrests made why isn’t the city doing their job so the fact that the fact the reply. Is stating that oh well we don’t care about drug victims how is that possible when you guys are there to protect and serve and yet you guys want to and say that you know who the murderers are
      i meanfrom the sounds of it are the police involed with it are you guys the one that killed them I mean cuz that’s what it’s starting to seem like here I’m talking to the people who made the three very different reports about the same scene which upon they all walked up on. people so how are you to say you know who the murderers are where are the arrests to Show that you are doing your damn job then


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