What happened to Declan Laverty? All about the stabbing of the BWS Worker

What happened to Declan Laverty? All about the stabbing of the BWS Worker

Declan Laverty was fatally stabbed while working at The Darwin Tavern’s attached BWS bottle shop on Sunday night. Let’s see more details about Declan Laverty and the incident in detail.

What happened to Declan Laverty?

The father of a young man, fatally stabbed while working at a bottle shop, has revealed the final message sent by his son. On Sunday evening, while working at The Airport Tavern’s adjacent BWS in Jingili, Declan Laverty was attacked with a knife. When emergency personnel arrived, they discovered the 20-year-old had passed away at the scene.

A 19-year-old male was arrested on Monday and is anticipated to face charges after the allegedly responsible man escaped in a car. Police say the teen was attacked with a knife just before 9 PM. It’s believed the alleged attacker was refused service. The father said he rushed to the shop in an Uber, as his son had taken his car, to find emergency services there.

What happened to Declan Laverty? All about the stabbing of the BWS Worker

About Declan Laverty

He told host Katie Woolf Mr. Laverty was “a wonderful, opinionated, strong lad” who had only moved to the Northern Territory from Cairns, Queensland, two years ago.

“Declan loved his football, and he was really into music at the moment,” Declan’s father said. “He was trying to get some songs released and working 30-odd hours at the pub at the airport.

“He’s had a screwdriver pulled on him only a few weeks ago. One of the other staff members has been physically attacked and he couldn’t come back to work. “They get attacked quite often at that particular one as far as I am aware.

“He was looking for another job. He just couldn’t handle it anymore. “It’s getting very, very bad out there for everyone. Whether it’s my son or someone else, something needs to be done.”

Final Tragic Moment of Laverty

A security guard had tried to save his son, but he had already died, he told host Katie Woolf on Darwin radio station Mix FM. Mr. Laverty’s father, who declined to be named, called radio station Mix 104.9 on Monday morning, where he shared his son’s tragic final text.

He said he was struggling to deal with what had happened. “It’s just little things. When I come home his dinner is in the fridge from last night,” he said. He said his son, who had only lived with him in Darwin for two years since he moved from Cairns, had been looking for another job because of the issues at the store.

His final text message was “I love you Dad, I’ve been stabbed”.

What happened to Declan Laverty? All about the stabbing of the BWS Worker
Declan’s father called a Darwin radio station on Monday, describing how workers at the BWS are often subject to violence.

What did the Darwin Group say?

Endeavour Group, which owns The Airport Tavern, released a statement confirming Mr. Laverty’s death. “Following a serious incident last night at BWS drive-through bottle shop at The Airport Tavern in Darwin, a team member has tragically passed away,” Endeavour Group chief executive Steve Donohue wrote.

“Despite best efforts to revive the team member, he died at the scene. Our thoughts are with the team member’s families, friends, and loved ones. “We thank the emergency service workers who attended the scene. We will offer counseling and support to all our team members in Darwin across BWS and ALH Hotels and the team member’s family. “The incident is now being investigated by NT Police.”

Social Media Comments

Brenda Niles Commented

As incredibly sad as this news is, it doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone except a deaf Labor government. When will they wake up?

Gerry Nether court Commented

Omg, keep thinking of this young man so so sad I remember seeing him at the workplace served by him a few times condolences to his family my heart goes out to you.

Linda Angelina Posted

More innocent people getting hurt & killed. Government must be happy & how can these horrifying situations keep on happening? No sympathy & empathy Heartbreaking & he was taking much too soon. Condolences to the family & deeply sorry for your loss.

Mitchell G Burt Posted

I left the NT 3 years ago and am so glad I did…I got bashed at hibiscus Tavern on Melbourne cup day, when I got out of the hospital I realized these low men proceeded to rob my house and threaten everyone in it ..the “serious crime force” told me “they don’t match anything” and advised me to leave the territory.

Loann Caulfield Posted

All the legislation and programming in the world are not going to stop what happened to that young person last night. Practical feet on the ground and good old protection in workplaces. are needed. not enough resources? Then find it instead of playing around with unworkable practices. May he rest in peace.

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1 thought on “What happened to Declan Laverty? All about the stabbing of the BWS Worker”

  1. Declan was an amazing young man. I knew him for many years as a younger kid,growing up in Chinchilla. His mum was 1 of our very best paramedics before they relocated back to Cairns.
    This carnage needs to stop. These companies need to start putting human life before the almighty $$. Where is the security?? Having been subject to an armed hold up myself working in a service station, they refused to put in a night windows because “shop sales are where we make money”. We had a locked door policy. 8pm they were locked and although we could see them on the screen before we let them in,we couldn’t see if they had weapons or mates hiding around the corner until it was too late. The stories I could tell you. As for the counselling,I hope it is more than the 3 phone consults I received.
    Don’t let Declans death be in vain. Do something to protect the workers before it happens again.


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