How did Paul Grant die? Star Wars actor cause of death & Illness Explained


 How did Paul Grant die? Star Wars actor cause of death & Illness Explained

Paul Grant, an actor best known for his roles in Harry Potter and Star Wars, passes away: Paul Grant, an actor who co-starred with Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford in the classic science fiction movie Return of the Jedi, has passed away after sudden collapse outside Kings Cross station. Keep reading this article to know what exactly happened to him and Paul Grant precise cause of death.

What happened to Paul Grant?

Paul Grant, a Star Wars actor, passed away after fainting unexpectedly at Kings Cross station. His family has now revealed that his life support system was turned off on Sunday.

Police discovered Paul Grant unconscious near Kings’ Cross station on Thursday afternoon. Paul Grant co-starred in the sci-fi classic Return of the Jedi with Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill.

The actor was taken to the hospital where doctors declared him brain dead. He is most known for his roles as an Ewok in popular movies and as a Goblin in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Daughter Sophie Jayne Grant, 28, from Peterborough, told the newspaper:

‘I’m devastated. My dad was a legend in so many ways. ‘He always brought a smile and laughter to everyone’s face.’ ‘My dad I love you so much sleep tight.’ Paul was a father, grandfather and actor who would do anything for anyone.

Paul Grant Cause of death

Father-of-three Paul Grant, who portrayed an Ewok in Return of the Jedi, dies unexpectedly following a protracted struggle with drugs and alcohol.

Paul Grant’s wife Maria Tribute

In a devastating tribute, Maria said of Paul that he was the love of her life and the one who made her life whole. “Paul was the love of my life. The funniest man I know. He made my life complete. Life is never going to be the same without him.”

The 4ft 4in dwarf, who portrayed an Ewok in Return of the Jedi, previously admitted to the Mirror that he substituted for actor Kenny Baker’s R2D2 in the film’s closing sequences. In the movie version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, he also played a goblin.

Paul also appeared in the movies Willow (1988) with Val Kilmer, Legend (1985) with Tom Cruise, Labyrinth (1986) with David Bowie, and Deuce Bigalow II.

According to a representative for the London Ambulance Service, “We were contacted at 2:08 PM on March 16 to reports of an incident at St. Pancras Station, Euston Road. The celebrity was brought to the hospital, but doctors later pronounced him brain dead.

‘Our deepest condolences go out to Paul Grant’s family and friends.

Paul had a history of drug and alcohol addiction.

Paul Grant about his physical and mental Health

After splitting from his wife, Paul from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, opened out about how his life spun out of control and he spent all of his money on alcohol, drugs, and prostitutes in 2014.

He stated: “I had a family, I was married, and now I’m divorced.” to The Sunday Mirror at the time. I’ve lost everything. My belongings, including my clothes, pictures, and items, are dispersed all over the area. I’m not sure what I want right now. I had money, but I wasted it all on prostitutes and drugs.

Paul admitted to a reporter that he had wasted his film money on drugs and drink after he was photographed in 2014 sniffing a white powder.

Paul, who is divorced and who has Sophie with his former wife Janet Crowson, previously described how his life had reached its lowest point after his marriage ended.

A family friend told news sources: “He was a lovely bloke. He’s always battled with drugs and alcohol addictionbut he was a talented actor. “He called himself the ‘King of the Dwarfs’. “It’s so sad.”

( Jul-2014) Paul admitted frankly about his addiction:

Snorting coke and consuming outdated, low-quality lager: The actor who played an Ewok in Star Wars, who is 4 feet 4 inches tall, admits: “I need help.”

Following the release of images showing him taking cocaine and chugging cans of cheap, out-of-date lager, Paul Grant, a resident of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, spoke out.

He claimed that after divorcing his wife, his life spun out of control. Grant told The Sunday Mirror he cheated on her several times, went ‘AWOL’ and blamed himself for the collapse of their marriage.

He admitted: ‘I need help. I’ve been on cocaine and it has just got worse. I’m drinking and smoking what I can get.’ star’s life has hit rock bottom and seen him spend time in jail after being convicted of common assault.

_Paul Grant

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