Lady Susie Moss, wife and caregiver to Sir Stirling Moss, passes away


Lady Susie Moss, wife and caregiver to Sir Stirling Moss, passes away

LADY SUSIE MOSS IS DEAD: The passing of Lady Susie Moss, the late Sir Stirling Moss’s wife, brings us great sadness. Keep reading this article to know what happened to her, did she go through any medical issues, and Susie Moss cause of death.

Lady Susie Moss died three years after her husband’s death

We regret to inform you of the passing of Lady Susie Moss, Sir Stirling Moss’s wife. She was Stirling’s wife, best friend, manager, and agent; he was also an integral part of her life.

Our deepest condolences go out to the larger Moss family as well as their son Elliot. She was the driving force behind Sir Stirling, constantly by his side at social events and public appearances, but she hasn’t been there much since he passed away in April 2020, except for Goodwood’s special homage to Moss in 2022, when the Duke of Richmond drove her around the track.

In 1980, Susie and Stirling got married and had their son Elliot. After his terrible 1962 crash, Susie was instrumental in sustaining Moss’ career. They collaborated on a real estate venture around London and made public appearances at auto shows.

Susie stood by his side to fill in any blanks while he was giving a speech as Stirling started to experience memory loss as a result of the injuries he incurred in the accident. Before his death in 2020, she also provided for Stirling as he fell ill.

The late Sir Stirling Moss and Susie Moss were frequently spotted together in the racing world. Since his passing in 2020, she has not participated as much, though.

Susie’s cause of death hasn’t yet been made public. There have been no reports of her being ill or facing any health problems. But, as soon as we have official information from the appropriate sources about the precise cause of her death, we will update this page. ‘Our deepest condolences go out to Susie Moss’s children, family, and friends

Who was Lady Susie Moss?

Susie Moss, an English woman and homemaker from Hong Kong, China, was born in 1953. In nature, she is Chinese by birth yet has British citizenship. When she was just 7 years old, she moved to England.

The woman is well-known throughout the nation for being married to Stirling Moss, a legendary British racing driver, and F1 competitor. Sir Stirling was a well-known Formula One (F1) driver who won the Grand Prix racing championship.

Susie’s Early Life

Susie was born in 1953 to Chinese parents in Hong Kong. She is dual-national (Chinese and British). A businessman is her father, whose identity is unknown.

“Roots Group firm” was the name of the auto parts business where her mother worked. Previously, Stirling purchased motor parts from the same business. Susie is familiar with Sir Stirling because of this.

Together with her siblings, she finished high school at a private local institution. She eventually relocated with her family to England in the United Kingdom. She then earned her degree from a university in England.

(12/Apr 2020) Sir Stirling passed away after a long illness

Veteran British racing driver Sterling Moss passed away on Sunday after a protracted illness. Susie Moss, his wife, provided this information. Despite never taking home the Formula One World Championship trophy, Moss was second four times and third three times during his career.

Throughout his 14-year career, he competed in 529 different motor races and claimed 212 victories. They took home 16 Formula One victories. In 1955, while driving for Mercedes in the British Grand Prix, he took first place in a Formula One race. He won this award for the first time in British racing history.

The 90-year-old racing legend died quietly at home, with his wife, Lady Susie Moss, by his side. The best driver in the world who never captured the Formula 1 World Championship was considered to be Sir Stirling.

Susie Moss’s poignant Tribute

A highly skilled and patriotic titan, one of the biggest names in his or any sport, Sir Stirling has died aged 90 after “one lap too many”, his wife announced.

The legend died peacefully at home in the early hours of Easter morning, Lady Susie Moss said, following a long illness. “He died as he lived, looking wonderful,” said Lady Susie, who nursed him at their home in Mayfair, Central London, throughout his illness. “He took one lap too many. He simply tired in the end and he just closed his beautiful eyes and that was that.”

Susie Moss & Stirling’s Life Journey

From a very young age, the 67-year-old woman had a crush on Stirling. In 1958, she had her first encounter with Stirling. She had just turned 5 at the time. She and her family made the journey to England in 1960.

There are not many details available here but the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Moss was very exciting. Mrs. Moss recalls back then when Sir Stirling used to come over to Hong Kong. Her mother was working in the Rootes Group company which helped Sir Moss to arrange the required spare parts.

Stirling Moss quite frequently went to Hong Kong at that time and he was the kind of person who hated to stay in a hotel. Thus, he stayed at her home and used to drop her off for school it was very exciting for her and she used to have leverage over others and also traded the autographs for some cash holdings. She said it was foolish yet enjoyable. Susie was perhaps 9 or 10 years old in 1960, the year the family eventually relocated to England.

She used to attend the races at the time when Sir Moss used to run. She asserts that she had no desire to observe such competitions. Although it was fairly dull, she visited because Sir Stirling demanded she does so. They became great friends as a result of that.

The spouse of Stirling Moss did not miss a single race for her husband. In 1980, Stirling Moss and Susie Moss got married. She is the well-known F1 racer’s third wife, so the media claims. Stirling had wed two women named “Elaine Barberino” and “Katie Moss” (1957–1959), before getting attached to Susie (1964-1968).

Two of her children are hers. Chef “Elliot Moss” is her eldest son. The name of Susie’s daughter is Allison Bradley. Her husband passed away from a long-term sickness on April 12, 2020, at the age of 90.

Tributes posted on Social Media

As the news is breaking, people are taking to social media to pay their tributes.

F1 journalist, Matt Bishop, posted to Twitter:

“I’m saddened by the news of the passing of Susie Moss, wife of Stirling Moss for the last 40 years of his life. They were a beautiful, kind, generous & inseparable couple. This pic, taken by David Crump, captures those qualities very well I think.”

PaddlUp, a supercar dealer, posted to Twitter:

“Very sad to hear of the passing of Lady Susie Moss. RIP, may you be together smiling again?”

The Intercooler has written:

“It is with immense sadness that we learned of the passing of Lady Susie Moss. Stirling’s wife, best friend, manager, and agent, was her life and vice-versa. She also lit up every room she entered. Our sincere condolences to their son Elliot and the wider Moss family.”

Owner of Lister Cars, Lawrence Whittaker also posted a tribute:

“So sad to hear that Lady Susie Moss, wife of the late Stirling Moss, has died today. She was one of the nicest, kindest, ladies I’ve ever met. RIP Susie. Gone far too soon”

Quick Facts about Susie Moss

Susie Moss never gave the media any information about her professional background or accomplishments. She became a homemaker after getting married to Stirling. Lady is roughly 23 years younger than Sir Moss.

Also, she occasionally supports her husband’s career. However, she accompanied him to all the gatherings and events. Out of all three wives, Sir Moss loved her the most because the chemistry and understanding between them were much more than just love.

The vocation of her husband at the time was that of a professional F1 racing car driver. He competed in and took home numerous Grand Prix Titles.

Susie Moss has a combined net worth of over $22 million (as of 2020). Because Stirling Moss was good friends with her mother, Susie used to sell Stirling’s autographs to children as a way to make money.

Susie Moss is 5 feet 6 inches tall. Moss weighs about 68 kg in total. The wife of Stirling Moss resides in London with her children in an opulent home.

Susie doesn’t use social media. At her wedding, Moss donned a stunning white gown. Susie stated in an interview that she prefers to watch Formula One races over actually driving them.


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