PV Sindhu won the Syed Modi International Title after defeating Malvika Bansod

PV Sindhu wins the Syed Modi International Title after defeating Malvika Bansod

PV Sindhu won Syed Modi International Title: P. V. Sindhu of India won the Syed Modi International badminton championships in Lucknow on Sunday, defeating Malvika Bansod.

Top seed Sindhu scarcely broke a sweat in a 21-13 21-16 triumph against a weakened competition owing to many COVID-19 cases. The final was only 35 minutes long.

Sindhu, a former world champion, won her second Syed Modi trophy in 2017, after winning the BWF World Tour Super 300 tournament.

Ishaan Bhatnagar and Tanisha Crasto, the seventh-seeded Indians, won the mixed doubles title with a straight-game victory against compatriots T Hema Nagendra Babu and Srivedya Gurazada.

In a summit match that lasted 29 minutes, Bhatnagar and Crasto defeated the unseeded Indian combination 21-16 21-12.

After one of the finalists tested positive for COVID-19, the men’s singles final between Arnaud Merkle and Lucas Claerbout was deemed a ‘No Match.’


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Sindhu vs Malvika Bansod HIGHLIGHTS

P V Sindhu2121
Malvika Bhansod1316


Game 2 (PV Sindhu won Syed Modi International Title)

21-16, 21-13, 21-13 The Syed Modi International 2022 has been won by Sindhu!! Malvika has been completely wrecked by her.

20-15, 21-13 Sindhu succeeds in her challenge. It’s a tie. This might be the final rally.

Bhansod pulls two back, 21-13, 19-15.

19-13, 21-13 Sindhu is within a few strokes away from winning the tournament. Will try to maintain the momentum.

18-12, 21-13 With a failed challenge from Malvika. Sindhu is closing close on the championship.

17-12, 21-13 Malvika is not about to give up without a fight. For the fourth time in a row, the team has scored four points in a row

17-10, 21-13 Malvika earned two well-deserved points, the most recent of which came from a well-placed smash.

17-8, 21-13 Sindhu scores a point with a powerful cross-court smash.

14-8, 21-13 A protracted rally has come to a close. Sindhu with a thunderous thud

13-7, 21-13 Bhansod is back in action. Sindhu misses the shuttle due to a well-controlled drop.

13-5, 21-13 Malvika is compelled to make a broad choice. Sindhu is the best player in the game.

12-5, 21-13 Malvika hits a good return shot. Selects a point

12-4, 21-13 Sindhu with a spectacular cross-court smash

21-13, 11-4 Interval. Sindhu is adamant about winning the crown. Bhansod didn’t stand a chance.

10-4, 21-13 Sindhu gains the upper hand with back-to-back drops.

9-3, 21-13 Sindhu is a force to be reckoned with. To get the idea through, a smash is required.

21-13, 8-3 Sindhu with two tender drops for a total of eight points.

6-3, 21-13 This is shaping up to be a tremendous hit. Sindhu understands the situation.

5-3, 21-13 Sindhu returns with a backhand, but Malvika smashes it. Malvika gets a point.

4-2, 21-13 Sindhu has a hit on her hands. Malvika couldn’t keep her grip on the smash.

3-1, 21-13 Malvika’s shot isn’t very good. Point to Sindhu as he nets the shuttle.

1-1, 21-13 Malvika is returning to work. A well-deserved point was earned with a beautiful cross-court shot.

1-0, 21-13 Sindhu does not appear to be slowing down. Malvika takes a risk and throws one wide.


Game 1 (PV Sindhu won Syed Modi International Title)

21-13 Sindhu is victorious in the first game. Malvika was no match for Sindhu’s incredible performance. Malvika’s chances of making a return are slim.

20-13 Malvika retaliates. Will it be enough if he collects two?

20-11 Sindhu is on a roll right now. It’s a game point.

18-11 Sindhu capitalizes on Bhansod’s lofted shuttle with a stunning smash.

17-10 Malvika wins by a score. The most recent, with a nice cross-court stroke

17-8 Bhansod drew one back, but Sindhu was back in the top.

16-7 Sindhu delivers a stunning cross-court drop. It appears to be simple.

15-7 Sindhu scores a point with a smash.

14-7 Bhansod now has four wins in a row.

14-6 Bhansod seemed to have regained her form during the mid-game break. For the third time in a row, I’ve scored three points in a row.

14-4 What a brilliant move by Bhansod. A well-earned point

14-3 Bansod misses the shuttle by a considerable margin. Sindhu gets yet another point.

12-3 Sindhu is back at it. Bansod has no chance because the shuttle is out of his reach.

11-3 Bansod scoops up another one.

11-2 Malvika drops one to Sindhu, bringing the rally to a close.

11-1 It appears that the top-seed is making it look simple. If Malvika wants to make a return, she’ll have to step up her game.

 9-1 Malvika isn’t even close to the shuttle.

7-1 Finally, Bansod snatches one back. Sindhu misses the one he throws to her.

7-0 Sindhu has absolute dominance in this game. Malvika misses the mark on this one.

5-0 Malvika was unable to contact the shuttle due to Sindhu’s smash.

3-0 Sindhu is on a roll. Malvika loses her opportunity to touch the shuttle.

1-0 Sindhu gets off to a good start.

Sindhu will open the proceedings.


2:45 p.m.: The game is set to start. Sindhu and Bansod are preparing for their ultimate confrontation. This is the first time they’ve met.


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