After the captaincy change India lacks energy, one Indian Ex-bowler believes the squad is’missing the spark.’

After the captaincy change India lacks energy, one Indian bowler believes the squad is'missing the spark.'

India lacks energy, that came under Kohli: After the captaincy change, one ex-India bowler believes the squad is missing the spark.’

Team India had a mixed performance in the two One-Day Internationals against South Africa, losing both games at Paarl to lose the series. While the bowlers failed to defend a 288-run goal in the second game, the KL Rahul-led side fell short by 31 runs in the first. (India lacks energy)

Former Indian spinner Sarandeep Singh claimed after the series defeat that the squad is missing the “spark” that came with Virat Kohli’s captaincy. India’s first participation in the format since Kohli was sacked as captain was the ODI series.

India was a clear favorite from the start, not just in Test matches but also in one-day internationals. The manner in which they were defeated in Test matches. India lost miserably in the second Test, but it is not the fault of the players. It’s also about captaincy; we expected KL Rahul to be extremely cool and composed, but Virat Kohli’s captaincy was quite enthusiastic and fired up. Similarly, the squad used to play with all of the players hyped up, but I get the impression from the outside that the Indian team has lost that spark. Sarandeep told ANI, “They don’t have that spark, and that energy isn’t there.”(India lacks energy)

“They scored a lot of runs since 287 is a lot of runs. The South African squad performed admirably. They played disciplined cricket with a victory in mind. When it comes to Venkatesh Iyer, he isn’t very swift, but he is an opener. He is a powerful batter and played well in the T20s. He’s now at number six in the batting order. Because the field isn’t open, he can’t hit. He’s struggling with the bat and hasn’t taken any wickets over there “Added he.

Team India was doing very well under Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli’s guidance, according to the former selector, since they injected aggressiveness into the game.

You can observe how Ravi Shastri handled the team. Ravi Shastri’s approach of motivating the squad. This squad had been performing so well over the past seven years under Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli, and they were both aggressive, which is exactly what contemporary cricket requires. They must be combative. Take a look at how SA performed. “They were proactive, and look how they won,” the former selector added.


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