Arthur Lamb, Whitehaven Cricket Club ‘cornerstone’ dies at 31, Cause of death Explained


Arthur Lamb, Whitehaven Cricket Club ‘cornerstone’ dies at 31, Cause of death Explained

We regret to inform the devastating news that Arthur Lamb such a good man, fierce competitor, brilliant coach, ambassador for cricket, and always a true gentleman had passed away recently. He loved cricket and did everything he could to help improve cricket in Cumbria and for Whitehaven. Let’s find out what happened to him and Arthur Lamb cause of death in detail.


What happened to Arthur Lamb?

Whitehaven Cricket Club announced the demise news of Arthur Lamb on their official FaceBook page, the statement reads,

We can scarcely believe we are writing this, over the weekend the club received some devastating news. Arthur Lamb, a cornerstone of our Club, Cumbrian Cricket, and his local community, passed away in his sleep on Friday night.

All our thoughts are with Arthur’s parents, his friends in and out of our club, and everyone else who Arthur has helped. He has had a massive impact on so many people, in so many ways, and developed a generation of young people at our club. It’s a huge loss for us, and It’s not really sinking in.

On Friday evening Arthur was doing what he did best, helping others, and coaching our Junior teams with his usual patience, perseverance, and fun. Love to all.


Arthur Lamb cause of death

The passing of a beloved cricketing community member has again shocked Cumbria Cricket. Over the weekend, Arthur Lamb, 31, who served as the Whitehaven club’s cricket secretary, passed away at his Distington residence.

The Whitehaven club and the county’s larger cricket community are in disbelief. It comes after county stalwarts Iain Denny and Ken Reid passed away just before Christmas.

“He was just an all-around lovely man who enjoyed his cricket and the local community,” Whitehaven cricket teammate Arthur Brown said. The club posted the following on Whitehaven’s Facebook page: “We can hardly believe we are writing this. The club has learned some heartbreaking news during the past weekend.

“On Friday night, Arthur Lamb, a pillar of our club, Cumbrian cricket, and his hometown, died in his sleep. “All of our thoughts are with Arthur’s family, his friends from our club and outside of it, as well as everyone else he has supported.

Who was Arthur Lamb?

He served as a Conservative councilor for a brief period of time on Cumbria County Council before resigning prior to the most recent election. He served as the secretary of the Umpires Federation and a member of the Cumbria Cricket League committee.

Arthur has recently accepted a new position at the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle. Arthur formerly worked at the West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven.”He has nurtured a generation of young people at our club and has had a significant impact on so many individuals in so many ways.

We have suffered a great loss, but it hasn’t fully sunk in yet. Arthur was helping others and coaching our young teams in his customary manner of patience, perseverance, and fun.”

A Whitehaven member wrote on Facebook: “The entire club is astonished. He made a lot of contributions as a young man through his political ideas to the Whitehaven Cricket Club, his colleagues’ umpires, the Cumbria Cricket League, County age group teams, and the local community. So sad.” Numerous Cumbria Cricket League clubs as well as other umpires have sent condolence messages.


Condolences and memories shared by loved ones for Arthur Lamb

Gary Hall

Heartbreaking news. A proper club man, a proper gentleman both on and off the field. My thoughts are with everyone at the club, his family and friends. Sleep tight, Arthur 

Philip McCormick

An absolute tragedy, Arthur was a gentleman and a thoroughly decent human being. He loved nothing more than playing, watching, coaching, or umpiring cricket. He had the respect of everyone in the game and his loss will be felt not just at Whitehaven CC but across the game as a whole. RIP Lambo, one of the best.

Mike Hawkins

Devastating news to know Arthur through being on the same council. Although we are from different political parties I found him to be a very pleasant, polite knowledgeable, and hard-working young man working hard for his community’s thoughts and prayers for his family at this difficult time 

Susan Thompson

Heartbreaking news can’t believe we met him on Thursday in the WCH busy as always. Will be greatly missed never a match where you didn’t hear where is Arthur or their phone Arthur always there to help everyone love and condolences to his family and friends 

Fiona Lofthouse

Heartbreaking to hear this sad sad newsKnown Arthur since he was a wee lad. Sending my heartfelt condolences to Barbara and Christopher and their family and friends RIP Arthur xx.

Walter Cloete

Devastating news. Such a good man, fierce competitor, brilliant coach, ambassador for cricket, and always a true gentleman. He always had time for everyone. Passionate counselor always looking to help or resolve a problem. He lived his life to make a difference for others. Condolences to his family.

Jack Singleton

Heartbreaking news. Arthur was one of the good guys. Loved cricket and did everything he could to help improve cricket in Cumbria and for Whitehaven. People like Arthur don’t come along often that give there heart and soul to the sport we all love. All at barrow cc send their condolences to Arthur’s friends family and everyone associated with Whitehaven CC.



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