Putin has already used two-thirds of his military force to invade Ukraine – CNN

Putin used military force to invade Ukraine

Putin military force: Vladimir Putin used two-thirds of Russia’s total combat power, which he used to invade Ukraine. The US Department of Defense estimates that more than 320 missiles have been launched into Ukraine.

It is reported by medico topics with reference to CNN  and RBC Ukraine

That “still means he has a third outside of Ukraine, which is a big deal,” a senior US Department of Defense official told reporters Sunday.

The US estimates that “as of this morning” Russian forces “launched more than 320 missiles.”

Most of these missiles are “short-range ballistic missiles,” the official said. So, Putin has already used two-thirds of his military force to invade Ukraine. (Putin military force)



The situation in Kyiv. What’s happening in the city now: online

Putin used military force to invade Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine, security forces, terrorist defense and local residents continue to keep the defense of Kyiv. The night was difficult, the enemy tried to break into the capital. At the moment, the situation in Kyiv is under control, there are no Russian troops in the city.

Read more about the situation in Kyiv at the moment – in the text online RBC-Ukraine.

February 27

18:25 An air raid siren sounds in Kiev.

18:14 Kyiv City State Administration warns that now in the city unknown people are agitating people to leave their houses and shelters. The authorities are urging people to ignore these calls.

“Attention! The curfew continues. The city does not carry out any evacuation measures,” the Kyiv City State Administration said in a statement.

17:07 State Emergency Service will promptly inform Kyivstar subscribers about the current situation.(Putin military force)

“SMS messages will come from the DSNS UKR address. Trust only official sources!”, the message says.

15:57 Adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko warns that in cities and villages near Kiev, the invaders can go door to door and gather women and children for evacuation. In fact, they plan to make them a “live count” in order to break through to Kyiv.

14:55 Troops of the territorial defense of the western regions are coming to Kiev to help defend the capital.

“We would like to pay tribute to the territorial defense of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil and Lvov regions, which came forward on its own initiative to help Kiev,” said Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the Presidential Office.(Putin military force)

14:05 In Kiev, a headquarters for humanitarian aid is being created for those who need it.

“Now we are working on the logistics. And in the near future, contacts for collecting aid and volunteers will be made public. As well as information on where to contact those who need help,” Klitschko said.

14:00 Klitschko recorded a video message. He says that there are no Russian troops in Kyiv. The situation in the city is under control. There are no casualties as a result of a shell hit in Troyeschina.

13:54 Solomenskaya Regional State Administration asks for help with strengthening positions in case of a new assault. We need sandbags and other means for barricades, as well as medicines.

“According to the terrorist defense fighters of the Solomensky district, tough battles were fought with enemy DRGs at night, which used grenade launchers. A new assault is possible,” the KSCA reports.(Putin military force)

11:51 All public transport in Kiev has switched to work for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

11:43 State Emergencies Service reports that information about hitting a nuclear waste disposal site has not been confirmed. An unknown object hit near the branch of the “Association of Radon” and did not hit important objects. The radiation background is normal, there is no surface contamination.

10:21 The KSCA reports that an explosion occurred in the courtyard of a 16-storey building on Lavrukhin Street. 7 private cars caught fire, people are being evacuated from the 1st entrance. Previously without casualties. The blast wave damaged windows, balconies from floors 1-15.

09:59 The KSCA reported that in Kiev, both on the left and on the right bank, the radiation background is normal.

09:14 According to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny, a cruise missile was fired at Kiev from Belarus. The Ukrainian military shot her down.(Putin military force)

Putin used military force to invade Ukraine

08:30 Air raid sirens sound in Kiev.

08:25 At night, Vasilkov near Kiev was fired on by cruise or ballistic missiles. There was a strong explosion and the residents of the capital saw the glow from it.

The rescuers wrote that “near the village of Kryachki, Fastovsky District, as a result of shelling, a storage facility with oil products at the KLO base caught fire.

00:16 Air defense has already shot down two Russian transport aircraft IL-76 near Kiev, according to the People’s Deputy from SN Galina Tretyakova.

February 26

22:55 Air raid sirens sound in Kiev.

About 10 explosions were heard in Poznyaki and Osokorki. Explosions are also heard on Sirtsa and Lukyanovka.

22:26 Lights were turned off at the Central Station in Kiev. Now landing on evacuation flights has resumed.

“There was shooting in the area of ​​the depot, so they turned off the lights at the station and went to the shelter. The enemy was pushed back, the station was fenced, they came out of the shelter and started landing,” Oleksandr Shevchenko, head of passenger communications at Ukrzaliznytsia, said in a commentary to RBC-Ukraine.

21:59 Klitschko announced that since the beginning of Russia’s war against Ukraine in Kiev, 6 civilians have been killed or died, including 1 child; 14 military and terrobona fighters. 71 people were injured, including 25 civilians, including 3 children.

21:15 Presidential adviser Aleksey Arestovich announced that the Russian troops were forced to take a break because of their losses and would not go to Kiev.

“The enemy has an operational pause, but it was not taken voluntarily, but because of heavy losses … The enemy continues to accumulate to the west of Kyiv, but we are inflicting artillery strikes on him. We slowed down their pace, and now they are not going to Kyiv,” Arestovich said. .

20:59 In Kiev, the air raid siren is again. KSCA announced an air alert. In Goloseevo, too, sirens and a fleeting shooting battle was heard. An explosion was heard at Kharkovsky.

20:03 Highway Kiev-Borispol

19:47 In Kiev, in the area of ​​​​Solomenskaya Square, in Goloseevo, on Podil, on Antonovich and Pechersk, air raid sirens sound. Explosions are heard on Lesnaya.

17:08 The curfew in Kiev began to operate.

The Kyiv City State Administration, in a commentary to RBC-Ukraine, named the only condition under which curfews can be violated – when an air raid signal is given, you can go out to go to a bomb shelter .

16:27 Kyiv City State Administration updated information on the curfew in Kyiv. It will start at 17:00 today and will run until 08:00 on Monday, February 28th .

15:43 State Emergency Service warns that rescuers do not check shelters, basements, parking lots. People represented by employees of the State Emergency Service may be saboteurs.

13:25 According to Klitschko, for security purposes and for more effective defense, a curfew in Kiev will operate from 17:00 to 08:00 .

“This curfew time is introduced until the morning of February 28.
All civilians who are on the street during the curfew will be considered members of the enemy’s sabotage and reconnaissance groups.”

13:18 The people of Kiev filmed how they mark gas pipes on residential buildings.

13:05 Klitschko asked business to help the people of Kiev.

“I also appeal to business. The city is doing everything it can today. Help the people of Kiev too. They are trying to destroy Kyiv and our country. We must stand!” – stressed the mayor.

12:45 “We withstood and successfully repulsed enemy attacks. The fighting continues. In many cities and regions of our state. But we know what we are defending – the country, the land, the future of children. It is our army that controls Kyiv and key cities around the capital” , Zelensky said in his video message.

12:40 A fire broke out in a warehouse in Kiev down Volynskaya Street after a shell hit. 2 people died.

12:30 As a result of the shelling of Zhuliany airport, a shell hit a residential building.

“The house was destroyed from the 17th to the 21st floors. 21,22,23 were checked and 24 were not injured. Rescuers are evacuating the entire house, the exit from the apartments is complicated. Firefighters were extinguishing individual fires,” the State Emergency Service said in a statement.

There were no casualties, 6 people were injured, 80 were evacuated.

12:20 Kiev residents are asked not to cross the bridges across the Dnieper. According to the Interior Ministry, enemy saboteurs are constantly trying to land on the left bank. All bridges of the capital are taken under protection. They will open fire on targets that will try to cross the bridges from the left to the right bank.

12:10 Klitschko also said that public transport operates in the city. Its quantity is sufficient to transport critical infrastructure workers. The red line of the metro does not work, but the stations can be used as shelter from shelling.

“The military, the police, the National Guard, Troops, volunteer battalions are protecting our city. We are equipping checkpoints in the capital, so movement around the city will be limited and difficult,” Klitschko said.

12:08 According to the mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, there are no Russian troops in Kiev. But there are saboteurs.

“The night was difficult, but there are no Russian troops in the capital. The enemy is trying to break into the city, in particular, from the direction of Gostomel, Zhytomyr. The aggressors have been neutralized there. Now, unfortunately, sabotage groups are operating in Kyiv,” Klitschko said.

12:00 “The main thing I want to say is that the situation is completely under control throughout the territory of Ukraine. Attacks by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are going in all directions in almost all major cities of Ukraine. But, this did not happen before, but there is now – no one from the leadership of the regions , local authorities have not left their places. They work, despite the work of the DRG and constant clashes with the aggressor troops,” he said.

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