In the Odessa region, Russian saboteurs opened fire: Ukrainian defenders were wounded


In the Odessa region, Russian saboteurs opened fire: Ukrainian defenders were wounded

Russian saboteurs opened fire: In the Odessa region, Russian saboteurs opened fire on Ukrainian defenders. Several of them were wounded.

It is reported by Medico topics with reference to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Read more about the situation in Russia at the moment in the text online Medico topics.

A sabotage and reconnaissance group in a Volkswagen minibus was discovered by border guards, police and territorial defense in the city of Rozdilna, Odessa region. During an attempt to check the unknown, they opened fire from another car Mitsubishi L-200. The fighters of the general group opened fire on the saboteurs, after which those present in the SUV began to run away.

“Weapons (including machine guns, grenade launchers), ammunition, mines, explosives were found in the detained minibus. One of the saboteurs was also detained, whose identity is being established,” the report says.

Now the search for the rest of the saboteurs continues. However, there are wounded among the defenders of Ukraine.


Canada cancels the visa fee for Ukrainians

Canada cancels the visa fee for Ukrainians

Canada has canceled fees for obtaining most migration and travel documents for citizens of Ukraine against the backdrop of Russian military aggression and war.

It is reported by Medico topics  with reference to the press service of the Canadian Ministry of Immigration

We are talking about the abolition of fees for obtaining such documents: Canadian passports, travel documents for permanent residence, proof of citizenship, visas for visitors, as well as work and study permits.

“Following details will be available in the coming weeks when these events are launched,” the agency said.

In addition, the country will issue open work permits to Ukrainian visitors, workers and students who are now in Canada and “are unable to return home so they can stay longer if they wish.”

It is also reported that all migration applications from Ukrainians will be considered as a priority, a separate telephone line will be launched (613-321-4243) for issues related to Ukraine, they will issue one-time entry documents for immediate family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents who do not have proper passports.

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