Borrell offered to send EU emergency aid to the “heroic Ukrainian army”

Borrell offered to send EU emergency aid to the "heroic Ukrainian army"

Borrell offered to send EU emergency aid: Vice-President of the European Commission for Foreign Policy Josep Borrell called an extraordinary meeting of foreign ministers in view of the ongoing serious Russian aggression against Ukraine. The meeting will discuss assistance to Ukraine and Russia’s disconnection from SWIFT.

Read more about the situation in Russia at the moment on Medico topics.

It is reported by Medico topics with reference to Borrell’s statement.

Ahead of the meeting, Borrell said: “I will invite ministers to use the European Peace Fund for two emergency measures. These are aimed at financing the supply of lethal materials for the heroic Ukrainian army, which is fiercely resisting the Russian occupiers, as well as providing urgently needed non-lethal materials such as fuel “.

The proposal followed a direct request made by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

Borrell will also discuss with EU foreign ministers the announcement of tough economic sanctions made yesterday by a number of countries and the European Commission. These include excluding a certain number of Russian banks from SWIFT, preventing the Central Bank of Russia from using its international reserves, and taking action against people and organizations that contribute to the war in Ukraine and the harmful activities of the Russian government.

The EU High Representative will also put forward a range of possible additional measures to help the people of Ukraine in the face of Russia’s senseless aggression.

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