Biden: An alternative to sanctions against Russia is the beginning of the Third World War

Biden: An alternative to sanctions against the Russian Federation is the beginning of the Third World War


Sanctions against Russia: After the Russian attack on Ukraine, the United States had two options: either start a direct war with the Russian Federation, which would become World War III or impose extensive sanctions against Moscow.

US President Joe Biden stated this in an interview with American presenter Brian Cohen.

“There are two options: start a third world war, go to a real war with Russia – or ensure that a country that acts so contrary to international law pays its price,” Biden answered a question about the current sanctions against Russia.

According to the US President, the sanctions, in principle, do not have an immediate effect, but he is sure that these economic and political sanctions ( against the Russian Federation – ed. ) are “the most extensive sanctions in history.”

“My goal from the very beginning is to make sure that all NATO and Europe operate in the same way,” Biden said. According to him, one of Putin’s possible goals was a split in NATO, which would allow him to act as he wants. “But this did not happen, we have complete unanimity ( within NATO and the EU – ed. )”, – the US President emphasized.

“And Russia will pay a serious price for this ( attack on Ukraine – ed. ), in the short and especially in the long term,” Biden said, adding that we are talking not only about the European region but also about the Pacific. “South Korea, Japan, Australia – when the democracies of the world stick together, it increases the chances that we will have less, not more chaos,” the US president said.

According to Biden, because of his attack on Ukraine, Putin is getting the opposite effect of what he was striving for – the unity of democratic countries in confrontation with the Russian Federation.

According to Biden, the world is now going through a turning point in its history, occurring every 2-3-4 generations.

“We will see more changes in me in the next 10 years than we have seen in the previous 50,” the US President summed up.



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