The Enemy suffered huge losses in three days: operational figures


The Enemy suffered huge losses in three days: operational figures


The enemy suffered in huge: Over the past three days, the Russian military has suffered huge losses. Both in technology and in personnel. Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar reported operational data for February 24, 25, and 26.

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It is reported by Medico topic with reference to its Facebook.

The total estimated losses of the enemy over the previous three days (24, 25, 26) of the aggressive war of the Russian Federation in Ukraine

Aircraft 27

Helicopters 26

Tanks 146

Armored fighting vehicles 706

Guns 49


Grad 4

Automotive 30

Tankers 60


Ships/boats 2

Air defense systems

Personnel approximately 4300 (to be confirmed)

The information is indicative and can be refined since it is extremely difficult to obtain it after the battle because the commanders are primarily focused on the conduct of the battle.

In addition, we can get information only at the end of the battle, and battles can be extremely long in time. Data can arrive the next day, or sometimes the next day.

In addition, if the battle continued at night, and began on one calendar date, and ended on another, then it is rather difficult to separate on which day certain losses occurred.

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