Situation in Kharkiv right now: What is happening in the city?

Situation in Kharkiv right now: What is happening in the city?

The situation in Kharkiv: Putin sent troops to Ukraine and launched an operation in the Donbas on February 24, 2022. Many of our cities were subject to rocket attacks, Ukrainian border guards were attacked near the border with Belarus.

Read about what is happening in Kharkiv now, how people here react to the situation in the country, what about transport, infrastructure facilities, read in the text online Medico topics.


10:41 The Russian invaders launched a missile attack on Kharkov using a Tu-22M3 strategic bomber. The plane, without entering the airspace of Ukraine, fired about 16 missiles at the sleeping city.

It is reported by Medico topics with reference to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

“Yesterday, February 28, the Tu-22M3 strategic bomber-missile carrier, as if in an exercise, without crossing the state border line, attacked the residential areas of Kharkov,” the report says.

It is noted that the plane did not enter the airspace of Ukraine. The bomber made four visits at the rate of the settlement of Besedino (Kursk region) – Belgorod and fired about 16 air-to-surface missiles at the city.

According to preliminary data, dozens of Kharkiv residents, including children, were killed as a result of this airstrike. This crime was recorded by the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The missile attack was delivered on February 28 in the period from 19:07 to 19:51.

18:50 On Tuesday, March 1, former biathlete Yevgeny Malyshev died in a battle near Kharkov. The exporter was defending his hometown.

18:42 An air alert was announced in Kharkov. Everyone go to cover immediately. Residents of the city report that they heard two powerful explosions in the Saltovka residential area.


16:15 Russian troops launched a new missile attack on Kharkov. This time, the targets of the aggressor were a city hospital, a factory, and a five-story building.

8 people died and 6 people were injured , 38 people were rescued (of which 2 people were released from the rubble).

16:00 The curfew time has not changed: from 16:00 to 6:00.

15:55 An enemy plane that bombed Kharkov was shot down in Kharkiv. He fell in the market area “Losk”.

Previously, this is the plane from which the bomb flew to a residential building on Novobavarsky Avenue, where they continue to clear the rubble. In the house and nearby, 8 people died, 8 were injured.

13:30 An airstrike again in Kharkiv . A five-story residential building was destroyed, a fire started.

13:20 Residents of Kupyansk, after the mayor Gennady Matsegora surrendered to the invaders, began to rush at the invaders and their equipment with their bare hands. They sing the anthem of Ukraine and prevent the enemies from moving around the city.

13:13 The State Emergency Service reported that as a result of an attack on the city center on March 1, at least 10 people died, more than 20 were injured, about 10 people were rescued from the rubble by rescuers and volunteers. Work continues to clear the rubble. Completely destroyed staircase and partially corridors on all floors.

10:00 The State Emergency Service showed the consequences of the destruction after the explosions in the center and reported on the victims.

“As a result of the shelling of the building of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, 6 people were injured, including 1 child. The death toll is being specified. The fire on the roof of the Opera House has been eliminated,” the report says.

09:30 March 1, the invaders launched rocket attacks on the center of Kharkov. According to preliminary data, one of the missiles hit Freedom Square. The building of the regional state administration was destroyed.

22:23 In Kharkiv, on February 28, during shelling , the upper floors of 2 residential 16-storey buildings on the street were destroyed. Annular.

35 people were evacuated from two houses. 8 people were injured. Eight units of fire and rescue equipment and 40 personnel of the State Emergency Service were involved in the evacuation work.

20:40 University graduate Karazin Artem Komar died in the battles for Kharkov. It is noted that he was in the terrorist defense.

20:16 In Kharkiv, 87 residential buildings were destroyed as a result of shelling.

19:27 As a result of shelling by Russian troops of residential areas of Kharkiv , at least 11 people were killed.

18:53 In the Kharkiv region, after daily shelling of civilians in residential areas, on roads, in houses, there are many explosive shells, bombs, mines and rockets.

Therefore, the State Emergency Service notes that in no case should you touch such objects and exert any influence on them.

18:44 In the Kharkiv region, the police destroyed two Russian tanks.

17:06 Criminal proceedings have been launched on the fact of the shelling of a residential building on February 28, the Office of the Prosecutor General said .

16:40 The Security Service of Ukraine reported suspicion to the mayor of Kupyansk Gennady Matsegora for the intention to surrender the city to Russian troops.

16:39 Air raid alert in the city !

16:10 Oleg Sinegubov said that 11 people were killed during the shelling on February 28.

16:00 The State Emergency Service said that after the last shelling of the city, 31 people were admitted to hospitals with injuries of varying severity. One woman died.

Since the shelling has recently ended, the number of wounded may change, and the number of dead will be reported later.

In just the last day in the Kharkiv City Clinical Hospital of Emergency and Emergency Medical Care named after. prof. A. I. Meshchaninov and the city clinical multidisciplinary hospital No. 25 delivered 44 wounded. Of all those delivered, 7 people died.


14:45 The curfew will start even earlier : from 15:00 on February 28 and end at 06:00 on March 1.

14:00 The head of the ODA, Oleg Sinegubov , said that on February 28, a special operation of the military took place.

“The mayor of Yuzhny, Mr. Bryukhanov, his deputy, the head of the local police department and the district inspector were detained under the article “treason,” he said.

13:00 Kharkov was massively shelled with “Grads”. Photos and videos at the link here.

10:30 The city council announced a change in the curfew schedule in the city.

It will start on February 28 at 16:00 – will end tomorrow at 6:00 in the morning.

“Residents are required to have documents with them, it is forbidden to move in groups. Go to shops or pharmacies with a maximum of 2 people.

Do not provoke if you are stopped by Teroborona or the Police – behave calmly, show documents and calmly explain where you are going or driving.

Respond promptly to alarms, immediately hide in a shelter. There is a high probability of shelling, the appearance of sabotage groups and attempts to attack the defensive positions of the Armed Forces.

08:40 Oleg Sinegubov reported on the situation as of the morning of February 28:

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the enemy at night even before they had time to take their positions. The Russian enemy is demoralized! While our army is receiving new weapons. There are a large number of sabotage groups.”

07:55 In the Kharkiv region, a woman was injured as a result of night shelling, said Alexander Moroz, head of the Vysochansky settlement society. Also in this community, two houses caught fire, and the fires have already been extinguished.

01:25 Kharkiv residents on the network report powerful explosions, previously sounding in the airport area. It was later clarified that these were airstrikes in Izyum. There is currently no information on possible casualties.

23:50 February 27 In the Kharkiv region, Russian saboteurs fired on civilians in the village of Popovka, Krasnograd district, four people were injured. This was reported in the press service of the regional prosecutor’s office. They are 37-year-old, 49-year-old and 62-year-old men and a 31-year-old woman. Two two wounded men are fighters of territorial defense.

18:10 In the Kharkiv region , the curfew has been extended . Therefore, until tomorrow, until 06.00 am, do not leave your homes and shelters.

17:19 Air raid alert issued. Everyone in hiding!

17:13 The utility company “Kharkovvodokanal” reported that due to a power sag, there was an emergency stop of pumping units at pumping stations that provide water supply to part of the residents of the KhTZ district and residential districts of the Saltovsky residential area.

16:00 Air alert announced!

14:55 The alarm signal of the local dioceses will be duplicated by church bells.

If you suddenly did not hear a siren, but you hear an uninterrupted church bell, you should immediately hide in protective structures.

12:51 The Regional State Administration announced that control over Kharkiv was fully restored and reported on the districts.

12:22 The police announced a cleansing from enemy DRGs. People are asked to stay at home.

12:08 The Chairman of the Regional State Administration asked the residents of the Kharkiv region to stay at home and not travel by transport. (The situation in Kharkiv)

“All noticed persons will be immediately detained and checked for involvement in the participation of sabotage groups! Stay at home and in shelters during the complete destruction of the Russian enemy in the city of Kharkiv. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are actively fighting!” – wrote Oleg Sinegubov.

12:00 A video with captured invaders appeared.

10:55 Some metro stations were closed to the entrance

“The Alekseevskaya metro line and the stations of Sportivnaya, Kholodnaya Gora, and Industrialnaya Kholodgorirsko-Zavodskaya line are closed to the entrance. Everyone who was there in shelter remains at the stations,” the city council said in a statement.

Other metro stations operate as shelters in open mode.

10:50 “All public transport in the city stopped due to fighting. Don’t wait at the stops!” – reported the city council.

08:15 The head of the Regional State Administration Oleg Sinegubov warned about a fake from the Russian media, allegedly about the detention of the 302nd anti-aircraft regiment in the region.

“Not a single soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has laid down their arms. All Ukrainian soldiers are at their combat positions, defending their native Kharkiv region and destroying the enemy. Russia is actively spreading a fake that the 302nd anti-aircraft regiment was detained in the Kharkiv region. This is a fake!” he wrote.

07:40 In Kharkiv, they noticed enemy equipment that moves around the city, they inform the regional Department of Civil Protection. So, therefore, transport in the Alekseevka area has been canceled. Ukrainian defenders are hunting for the invaders. Women and children should stay in shelters. (The situation in Kharkiv)

05:30 In Kharkiv, one of the captured saboteurs was “anti-Maidan” Ignat Kromskoy, nicknamed “Topaz”. He was previously tried in the case of encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, participation in mass riots and theft of a car, and was accused of protecting a person.

The situation in Kharkov right now: what is happening in the city
“Topaz” joined the Russian invaders, becoming a saboteur, and was caught in Kharkiv (photo:


04:10 The State Emergency Service informed that an elderly woman, a resident of an apartment on the 5th floor, died as a result of the enemy shelling of a 9-story building at 40A Buchman Street and the destruction of the building’s entrance. About 20 people were evacuated. Building structures of apartments on the 4th, 5th and 6th floors were damaged in the building.

02:25 In Kharkiv, the aggressor’s troops blew up a gas pipeline, according to the State Service for Communications. The department warns against fakes: THIS IS NOT A NUCLEAR IMPACT, although visually it looks a little like it. (The situation in Kharkiv)

01:05 Sunday, February 27 In Kharkiv, all attacks of the Russian invaders were repelled, and the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a lot of enemy equipment (tanks, armored vehicles, etc.). As a result of the attack, there is damage to residential buildings and victims.

Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova on Facebook published a photo of a damaged high-rise building in Kharkiv (Saltovka, Buchmy street, 40a). An elderly resident of the house died. About 60 people were hiding from the shelling in the basement, they were not injured. (The situation in Kharkiv)

The situation in Kharkov right now: what is happening in the city
A damaged house in Kharkiv as a result of a Russian attack (photo:


16:25 On the Izium-Kharkiv highway near the village of Volokhov Yar, a passenger bus with people was fired upon. This was announced by Vladimir Matsokin, deputy mayor of Izyum.

As a result of the shelling of the bus, 14 were wounded, 1 was killed, said Stepan Maselsky, chairman of the Izyum Regional State Administration.

12:55 “Powerful explosions in Kharkiv. Everyone, take cover!” – Suspіlne.

12:37 The curfew has been extended in the city. Now it will operate from 18:00 to 06:00.

“During the curfew, for security reasons, the movement of civilians, including in cars, is prohibited. We detect sabotage groups, we must strengthen security measures. Please be understanding!” – the message says. (The situation in Kharkiv)

12:30 “All traffic lights in the city are switched to flashing mode in order to ensure safety. Please observe traffic rules and pay attention to priority signs,” the city council said.

12:20 The city council warned everyone who is in the subway for the purpose of shelter to have identification documents (passports) with them.

10:17 The head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration turned to the residents of the city and the region for help in providing cars. (The situation in Kharkiv)

“Dear residents of the Kharkiv region, to protect our people and territories for official purposes, we need a pickup truck. Whoever is ready to help, we are waiting for your call by phone: +380 (50) 325 84 08,” the message says.

7:35 A military alarm was announced due to artillery shelling, the approximate area of ​​​​damage is the airport, Gagarin Avenue.

7:00 In Kharkiv, the curfew is over, however, it is dangerous to move around the city!

This was stated by the head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Oleg Sinegubov in his Telegram channel.

According to him, sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the enemy worked at night. Their goal is to recruit the civilian population, determine targets and lay electronic tags for enemy artillery.

The occupiers work in groups of two to five people. Report all cases of suspicious persons to the police or the military!

It is also dangerous to come out of hiding places! Since a massive shelling of our positions from enemy artillery and aircraft is expected. (The situation in Kharkiv)

05:20 An air raid alert has been declared in Kharkiv.

This was reported by the official Telegram channel of the State Service for Special Communications and Protection of Ukraine.

00:15 During the fighting and shelling in Kharkiv, the building of the educational building of the University of Physics and Technology Faculty (Kurchatov Ave., 31) of Vasily Karazin Kharkiv National University was damaged.

This is stated on the Facebook page of the educational institution.

The external facade was damaged, several offices burned down. Fortunately, teachers, students and employees were not in the building, as they were at home due to the suspension of the educational process. Therefore, no one was hurt. (The situation in Kharkiv)

The situation in Kharkov right now: what is happening in the city
The building of the Karazin Kharkiv National University was damaged (photo:


Residents of the city are asked to be vigilant, and do not go out without unnecessary need!

22:00 Russian military was detained in Kharkiv. Now they are interrogating.

21:00 Oleg Sinegubov, chairman of the Kharkiv VGA, said that the enemy is advancing along its entire border, from the Dergachev, Lipetsk direction and the city of Volchansk.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine neutralized about 150 armored vehicles. There were also cases when the enemy fled.

20:23 A Red Cross Rapid Response Unit is operating in Kharkiv, including search and rescue dogs.

19:57 Sirens are heard in Kharkiv. Local residents are asked to immediately go to the shelter.

19:43 City Council information as of 14:00. 4 people were taken to the emergency hospital (1 military, the rest – civilians). Doctors diagnosed bruises, a gunshot wound, bruises with a rifle butt on the head.

The factory kitchen also delivered baby food for 300 children to the metro.

The regional pharmacy warehouse handed over first-aid kits to the Historical Museum and the Botanical Garden metro station, and the 911 pharmacy chain collected first-aid kits for the remaining 10 stations.

19:15 Russian invaders fired at the runway of an aviation plant in Kharkiv. Enemy troops used cluster rockets

16:55 As a result of the shelling of the Kupyansk railway station, two conductors were injured, UZ reported. One railway worker was wounded in the stomach, the second – in the leg. Now they are in the hospital of the city, the condition is stable.

16:21 Air raid alert! People were urged to hide in bomb shelters.

13:00 UZ sends an Intercity+ evacuation flight from Kharkiv.

It is planned after 13:00, after which the running of high-speed trains will be temporarily limited, the export will continue with long-distance carriages and regional express trains. (The situation in Kharkiv)

12:06 Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov called on all residents of the city to go down to the subway, bomb shelters and basements.

11:44 According to the adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko, a rocket was fired at the Horse Market area.

“Horse Market Area. Hit by a Hurricane or Tornado in a residential area. The rocket did not explode,” he wrote.

04:57 Soldiers of the Armed Forces and Terodefense repel the offensive of Russian troops in Dergachi and Pechenegs, – Sinegubov.

An air raid alert was announced in Pesochin, people are asked to wait in storage.

01:40 The head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Oleg Sinegubov said that the region is being attacked from the Sumy direction, Dergachev, Volchanskaya, Kupyanskaya.

“The military did not give way even a meter, the enemy is suffering significant losses,” he said.

Sinegubov also said that our military had taken prisoners and was now being interrogated. In addition, various emergencies with water supply, heat and gas supply are eliminated in the city.

He also stressed that in Kharkiv the enemy did not seize a single administrative building and residential building. (The situation in Kharkiv)

22:30 On the first day of the war, people spend the night in the Kharkiv metro.

Kharkov right now: what is happening in the cityIn Kharkiv, people sleep in the metro (

21:03 In Kharkiv , the military-civil administration regime will now operate . Also, the head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Oleg Sinegubov said that drivers are needed, not for military equipment.

He noted that people with a driver’s classification should contact the addresses: Poltava Way 13/15, Shevchenkovsky RTCK, and Novobavarsky RTCK.
In addition, all strategically and socially important facilities are provided with food and drinking water.

There are also reports of interruptions in gas supply as a result of damage to the gas pipeline in the Dvorichanskaya, Veliko Burlutskaya communities and in Kazachya Lopan. Services are currently working on a fix.

20:11 An air alert was announced in Kharkiv. The siren went off in the city.

18:28 A curfew is being introduced in the Kharkiv region.

18:20 Some residents of the village of Pechenegy, Kharkiv region, are being evacuated due to possible explosions. Enemy troops are planning to blow up the dam of the reservoir.

17:46 Oleg Sinegubov, Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, reported on fierce battles and also announced the likelihood of curfews in the city.

“Now active hostilities are being carried out virtually along the entire line of the Kharkiv region’s border with the Russian Federation. All our forces are aimed at defending your peace of mind. The enemy is suffering heavy losses. Soon a decision will be made to impose a curfew on the territory of our region – from 22:00 to 06:00: 00,” the official said.

16:00 Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov, after blocking the subway at the Universitet station, turned to the people who took refuge there. He asked to stay in the subway and help each other.

“The situation that exists today is armored vehicles, tanks are standing in the area of ​​​​the Ring Road. There are losses in the Ukrainian army, there are losses among the Russians. I had information that a missile strike would be launched at 15:00. Therefore, I decided to stop at all metro stations and asked you all to come down. At 15:00 it did not happen. This is the safest place. Now I will ask that all public utilities arrange for the delivery of water here, some food, some pills. You yourself understand that today the zone defense is holding,” the mayor said.

16:00 Five shells hit the Kharkiv Ecopark ( Feldman Ecopark ). It is reported that there are dead and injured animals.

Kharkov right now: what is happening in the city

14:32 Oleg Sinegubov, Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration appealed to the residents of the Kharkiv region with a request to listen to the warning signals

“Attention! Residents of the Kharkiv region, be especially careful! Listen carefully to the warning signals. In case of danger, find a place of shelter near you, if possible – bomb shelters, underground parking lots, the subway and others,” he wrote.

The official posted a photo of the bomb shelters:

Kharkov right now: what is happening in the city

14:05 Activist Sergei Sternenko showed a photo of an unexploded shell in the center of Kharkiv.

” Kharkiv. Karazin University is ahead. Student dormitories are behind,” he wrote.

Kharkov right now: what is happening in the city

14:00 Speaker of the Kharkiv City Council Yuriy Sidorenko urged city residents to remain calm.

“There are no blackouts in Kharkiv, the water pressure is reduced, the subway works,” he said.

12:25 Anton Gerashchenko published a photo of the victims in Chuguev

11:20 According to an adviser to the Office of President Oleksiy Arestovich during a briefing, battles are going on near Kharkiv, 4-5 km from the city limits on the north side.

“Conscripts of the National Guard of Ukraine, soldiers who have not studied the conduct of combined arms combat, and are 18-year-old guys, knocked out four tanks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Which is actually a feat by military standards,” he said.

10:55 It became known from the information of the State Emergency Service that a fire broke out in an apartment building in Chuguev as a result of enemy shelling. A child died.

“On February 24, at 08:23, the number 101 received a message about a fire in a residential 5-story building at the address: Chuguev, Aviator microdistrict, house No. 157. It arose as a result of enemy shelling,” the message says.

The explosion killed a minor boy. There are wounded. Rescuers evacuated 15 residents from the burning house. At 09:50, the localization of the fire took place, and now the liquidation continues. (The situation in Kharkiv)



10:50 as a result of a military bombardment by the aggressor country of the peaceful Ukrainian city of Chuguev, Svetlana Pikalo, the dispatcher of the emergency dispatch service of Kharkivgaz JSC, died while on duty. This was reported to the department.

Three employees of the gas company were taken to the hospital in moderate condition.

10:35 Mortar fire began near the air force “Dergachi”, Kharkiv region, the National Police reported.

10:19 According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 4 tanks of Russian invaders were burned on the bypass road of the city of Kharkiv.

10:08 An adviser to the Office of President Alexei Arestovich said that the enemy had wedged in two directions at a distance of up to 5 km. This is observed in the north of the Kharkiv and Chernihiv regions.

9:27 According to the adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko, the suburbs of Kharkiv were attacked by Smerch unguided missiles.

Now information about the dead and wounded is being specified.

09:10 UZ reported about the stop of train traffic in Kharkiv.

“For safety reasons, changes have been made to the movement of trains:
No. 10 Kyiv – Mariupol follows at a reduced speed on Volnovakha, No. 11 Kyiv – Novoalekseevka, No. 86/88 Lviv, Kovel – Novoalekseevka follow Fedorovka station
No. 44 Ivano-Frankivsk – Kyiv stopped at station Irsha
No. 112 Kyiv-Avdiivka was stopped at the station Pokrovsk.Trains to Kharkiv were temporarily stopped. (The situation in Kharkiv)

09:00 According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the offensive of Russian troops across the state border is preceded by artillery shelling, then military equipment moves.

The equipment of the Russian Federation passed the Ukrainian border in Kharkiv, as well as Chernihiv, Sumy, Lugansk regions.

06:03 According to the adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko, Russia launched missile strikes on military control centers, airfields, military depots in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipro.

We will periodically update The situation in Kharkiv here.


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