Russia seizes two more Ukrainian ships in the Black Sea

Russia seizes two more Ukrainian ships in the Black Sea

Russia seizes two more ships: During the war between Russia and Ukraine, two more Ukrainian ships were captured. Both seizures were made in the Black Sea.

Read more about the situation in Russia at the moment in the text online Medico topics.

It is reported by Medico topic with reference to the Facebook of the State Border Service.

It is reported that the day before in the northwestern part of the Black Sea, Russian troops seized two more civilian ships under the flag of Ukraine.

In particular, in the territorial sea of ​​​​Romania, 22 miles from the island of Serpents, the tanker “Athens” received a command to approach the Russian warship for inspection. In addition, the maritime border guards recorded a sharp change in course by the dry-cargo ship Princess Nicole, which was also heading from Romanian waters to Snake Island.

Almost immediately, as soon as both civilian ships approached the warships of the Russian Federation, they stopped communicating. Already this morning, automatic vessel identification systems showed their presence 18 miles from the occupied Crimea.

There are almost 50 civilian crew members on both ships.

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