Kalani David died at Costa Rica: What happened? Cause of death Explained


Kalani David died at Costa Rica: What happened? Cause of death Explained

Kalani David, Hawaiian Surf, former Stab High finalist and Skate Prodigy, Dies At 24. Let’s see how he died Kalani David cause of death in detail

What happened to Kalani David?

The former finalist for Stab High tragically away after having a seizure in Costa Rica. Kalani David, a Hawaiian surf and skate phenom, passed away today while surfing in Costa Rica due to a seizure. He was 24.

In Costa Rica, where he’d reconciled with his family, Kalani reportedly died after “a big seizure while surfing,” according to photographer Peter King, a close friend, and longstanding supporter of Kalani.

Kalani’s health problem

Kalani David can now say he has had successful open-heart surgery at only 19 years old. Not many people can claim that.

As talented a skater as he is a surfer, the young Hawaiian-born David suffers from Wolf-Parkinson White Syndrome and required open-heart surgery recently to finally remove the extra muscle that had grown on his heart and was causing him to have life-threatening seizures.

Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome, which causes “an additional electrical route in the heart (that) can contribute to episodes of fast heart rate,” was one among Kalani’s many health problems. Six years prior, he detailed this condition to Stab. While he was skating in Oceanside in 2016, it almost cost him his life.

David’s open heart surgery

David had a severe seizure in August while ice skating in Prince Park in Oceanside, California. David has experienced frequent hospitalizations and ongoing seizures ever since, making for a difficult road. 

However, following a terrifying 6-hour seizure in the middle of the night in his Oahu home just before Christmas, his condition significantly worsened.

A friend eventually discovered David seizing, and he was immediately taken to a nearby hospital. He was then placed into a two-day medically induced coma. 

Doctors concluded that David urgently required open-heart surgery to address the issue following a battery of tests over a previous couple of weeks.

Kalani David cause of death

The youthful, talented athlete from Haleiwa suffered from seizures caused by a disorder called “Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome.” A second electrical route connects the heart’s upper and lower chambers in this state. 

Kalani David cause of death was revealed as prolonged illness of his health issue.

Heartbeat is accelerated as a result.  Following a six-hour episode on Oahu roughly six years ago, Kalani even underwent open heart surgery. Peter King, a close friend and supporter of Kalani, a photographer, broke the news to her. ‘Connected with relatives (in Costa Rica) and was having such a great time,’ said Peter’s Instagram post.

Who was Kalani David? Kalani’s Biography

In Oahu, Hawaii, the United States, Kalani David was born on November 4, 1997. He is an actor best recognized for his roles in Red Bull Signature Series, Six Days in Paradise, and Soul Surfer (2011). (2012). At the age of one and a half, he discovered surfing at Costa Rica’s Jaco Beach. He has a younger brother named Keoni (born November 25, 2005). (born November 25, 2005).

In addition to Cholo’s Mexican Restaurant, he is supported by RVCA, T&C Surfboards, Electric, Famous Wax, Boost Mobile, FCS, S-One Helmets, Ricta Wheel Dynamics, Santa Cruz Surfboards, and Watermans Applied Science.

He received “PROPS” from Cartoon Network in 2007 after being chosen by a large number of online viewers. 

The Cartoon Network combed the country in search of young people from the real world who had excelled in athletics, the arts, or other extracurricular activities. 

He was the subject of an hour-long show that Jonny Moseley, an Olympic gold medalist, hosted.  In the show, Andy Irons, a professional surfer, and famed skateboarder Bob Burnquist surprised him with a visit.

He captured his first NSSA National Surfing Championship in the Mini Grom division in 2008 after earning a perfect 10 in the competition.

He is David and Andrea David’s first child. Elite Element Academy, a school. He prefers to play the drums in his free time. He started skateboarding when he was four years old. Kalani David, at 3 years old, relocated to Hawaii. He is a native speaker of Hawaiian, Spanish, and English.

Tributes paid to Kalani David:

Several well-known surfers, including Nathan Florence, Eli Olson, Kaipo Guerriero, Taylor Steele, Pat O’Connell, and others, expressed their sorrow at Kalani’s passing.

FB Mike Latronic  “RIP Kalani… My deepest sympathies to your friends and family.  Although I am aware that you are now an adult, I will always think of you as a talented and frothingly thrilled young man.  #RIP #gonetoosoon @kalanidavid We send our love and prayers to Kalani’s family and friends. 

Groms posted,

That’s really sad. It was an ongoing issue for him for a number of years. The story below is from five years ago. Kalani was one of the top young talents from the youth surfing scene in that age group along with Griffin Colopinto and Kanoa Igarashi. Same age as my oldest. Prayers for his parents. :(

Darian posted,

Rest in Paradise Kalani❤️

jeanan posted,

Love him so much.. he loved you & looked up to you PK

keen fish posted,

I just saw this on insta. What a shame. RIP young lad.

Bonzer posted,

he was a ripper. skated better than he surfed, too. damn, what a shame. rip kalani, you leave a very high bar. such a good kid and respectful, kind, just a damn good human, taken way too young.


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