How did Roni Peiponen die? Finnish footballer cause of death Explained


How did Roni Peiponen die? Finnish footballer cause of death Explained

Roni Peiponen a Former Veikkausliiga soccer player died at the age of 25. Let’s see what happened to him and Roni Peiponen cause of death in detail.

What happened to Roni Peiponen?

Roni Peiponen has died. He was 25 years old when he died. The sad news is confirmed by Peiposen’s former club HJK.

Peiponen ended his professional career at the age of 23 after years of bad luck. Peiponen is remembered as a highly promising defender. In 2016, he left HJK for the Norwegian club Molde. From there, the player returned to the Helsinki club on loan. In the end, Peiponen played for HJK from 2018 to 2020, until he ended his career.

HS said in 2020 that Peipose fell ill with depression while rescuing in Norway. Morten Åsli , Molde’s spiritual coach, told directly that football would not do Finns any good. Peiponen also told HS that in the last years of the game, coping was a test. The ex-promise took medication for his sleep problems and suffered from injuries.


Roni Peiponen cause of death

This year, Peiponen returned to football. He played for Kolmo in Atletico Malmi. Peiponen played in junior national teams during his career. In HJK, he won the Finnish championship, the Finnish Cup, and the Finnish League Cup. Helsingin Sanomat was the first to report on the matter. Roni Peiponen suffered from persistent injuries during his career.

The mental illness was preceded by a physical injury. Peiponen had to get himself in shape before moving to the Norwegian club Molde, which caused stress. 

“Because of the terrible stress, I couldn’t sleep properly and at the same time, I knew how important sleep is for me to recover from training. It became a squirrel wheel that I couldn’t get out of. I started to burn out,” Peiponen said.

In 2020, Peiponen declared that he had fallen ill with depression and took medication for sleep problems.


Who was Roni Peiponen?

Roni Peiponen (9 April 1997 – November/December 2022) was a Finnish footballer. He retired in July 2020.

Peiponen transferred from HJK Helsinki to Molde FK in Norway in November 2015 under a three-and-a-half-year deal. Peiponen was lent to sane by Molde FK on April 1st, 2016. Also, Peiponen returned to HJK Helsinki on loan in November 2017 after a productive loan stint at sane.

In July 2020, Peiponen, then 23 years old, announced his retirement from professional football due to ongoing injuries. He did, however, pick up playing again in 2022.


“People have helped a lot. I would never have gotten out of that shit on my own.” “I wanted to be such a good football player that no one could criticize me. I had thought so since I was a child. Along the way, to some extent, I fell in love with the sport. Now I don’t miss the football life that defined the rest of my life.”

Peiponen started playing football in Malminkartano’s Peto and moved to HJK at the age of 8. Peiponen debuted in the Veikkausliiga in the 2015 season. He played 44 Veikkausliiga matches in his career and won the Finnish championship in the 2018 season.



When did Roni Peiponen end his playing career?

HJK’s foster and long-time player  Roni Peiponen, 23, ends his playing career.

– I want to thank the entire Club family for my great years at HJK. I have been able to be part of a great community and made good friends and nice memories. Special thanks also to my parents, who have supported me well throughout my playing career, thanks Roni Peiponen.

– On behalf of myself and the club, I would like to thank Ron for all his work for the club and dedication to common goals, so that together we could be better. I’ve had the great opportunity to watch him grow in the club from the youngest Academy age group to the men’s league team. There have been many great moments and memories along this journey. We wish Ron all the best in the future, says HJK’s sports and development director  Miika Takkula

Peiponen, who started playing football in Malminkartano’s Pedi and played in HJK since the age of eight, made his Veikkausliiga debut in May 2015 in a match against IFK Mariehamn. After a successful season, he signed a contract with the Norwegian Molde FK and returned to the club in 2016 first on a loan contract and in 2017 as a contract player for HJK.

In HJK, Roni played in a total of 73 matches, including 50 in the Veikkausliiga and two in the UEFA Champions League qualifiers. Two goals were scored, as well as assists.




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