How did Tea Wright-Finger die? TikToker Cause of death Explained


How did Tea Wright-Finger die? TikToker Cause of death Explained

The body is thought to be that of missing teenager Tea Wright-Finger, 19, who has been missing since October 16. Let’s see what happened to Tea Wright-Finger and her cause of death in detail.

Case Overview

  • Finding a deserted blue Toyota Prado in remote bushland while looking for a Queensland teen
  • Tea Wright-Finger was last seen on October 16 in rural north Queensland, close to Richmond.
  • Wednesday saw the discovery of her abandoned vehicle in Richmond.
  • The following morning, search teams located Tea’s body 600 meters from the car.


How did Tea Wright-Finger die?

Tea Wright-Finger, a missing youngster who had posted unsettling TikTok videos, was found dead six weeks after her disappearance, ending the desperate hunt for her.

On October 16, the 19-year-old went missing after being left off by a friend at Richmond, 500 kilometers to the west of Townsville, Queensland.

Following, a large air and land search covering many miles was called off when nothing was discovered after nine days.

On Thursday morning, a mustering helicopter made a significant discovery when it discovered the stolen blue Toyota Prado that she was last seen driving.

A body thought to be Ms. Wright-Finger was discovered hours later by search teams in deep vegetation 600 meters from the car.


Tea Wright-Finger missing

The body of Tea Wright-Finger has been found, six weeks after she vanished without a trace.

What happened to Tea Wright-Finger?

RICHMOND, QUEENSLAND: Several unsettling recordings that Tea Wright-Finger, a missing teenage girl, put on her social media account, have surfaced. One of them is a terrifying video clip that shows pictures of her face being battered and wounded.

Close-up selfies of the teen’s bloody and battered face can be seen in a video she uploaded on TikTok last year. She may be seen crying in a few of the pictures, and her hand and nose are covered in blood.

Tea Wright-Finger Posted TikTok Video Before She Vanished

Other shots from the video clip show her bruises disappearing and her wounds mending over time. When it’s toxic, it’s toxic, according to the video’s caption. The audio that has been added to the clip is a man’s manufactured voice saying, “That much harm was done. Woah.”

Tea Wright's life lessons (TikTok/wright260000)


Several comments on the video, which was published in November of last year, inquire as to her well-being. One user’s message says, “hope you OK my girl xx,” while another wonders, “Who am I stabbing for doing that to u?”

“Get out of there if it will get worse,” someone else said. According to reports from the Daily Mail, authorities searched on land and in the air for several hundred kilometers without success.

Wright released a video in celebration of her birthday in September. The video has another selfie montage and is captioned “#lifelessions.” The first image’s caption reads, “What 19 years of life have taught me.” The teenager then takes another selfie while driving. The image’s wording is horrifying. It states, “Always take a chance. It’s unpredictable when it will finish.”

The 19-year-old also imparted the following life lessons: “For what you desire, you must put in a lot of effort. Nobody is going to provide it to you, and then they will create time for you if they want you in their lives.” The final image is somewhat ominous.
“It’s okay to feel lost occasionally,” it says.

The series of eerily frightening descriptions and pictures deepen our understanding of the teen’s experience. One of her earlier movies, which includes images of a young man and footage of his memorial service, laments the loss of a loved one. “Been a year since you gained your wings and left us #mentalhealthawareness,” she wrote as the caption for the video.

Ms. Wright-Finger’s death is not suspicious.

According to preliminary data, Ms. Wright-death Finger’s was not suspicious. According to a statement, “Police have communicated with Tea’s family and we send our sincere condolences to her family and loved ones.”

“Investigators would like to thank the SES local property owners and the community for their support and information supplied during the hunt for Tea,” said a statement from the police department.

Dramatic bodycam video of the moment officers located the automobile was released by Queensland Police.

The video shows police approaching the car after a chopper has landed. The front door on the passenger side was then opened by a gloved hand, revealing an open glove box with a pink container inside.

On October 14, two days before Ms. Wright vanished, a 700 km away Toyota Prado was reported stolen.


Why did Tea Wright-Finger commit suicide All about the TikToker's death Explained


Tea Wright-Finger missing case: Explained

On October 16, Tea Wright-Finger (pictured) disappeared without a trace. After her body was discovered on Thursday, six weeks into the hunt, tragedy struck.

On Thursday, grieving friends paid tribute to Ms. Wright-Fingers on TikTok. I prayed that you would resurface and let someone know you were okay every day. One woman penned, “Rest In Peace Tea.”

The search’s devastating conclusion has shattered the small town of Richmond, which has 600 residents. The recovery of Ms. Wright-Finger took place on the third anniversary of the disappearance of Richmond’s last resident.

Trent Grose, 25, vanished in 2019 after borrowing a car. Later, his body was discovered in a lonely bushland 17 kilometers away from the abandoned car with the dead battery.

After nine days, detectives reduced their hunt for Ms. Wright-Finger. She had previously worked as a farmhand in the Northern Territory, where police had previously looked into the possibility that she had traveled there from another state.

Tea Wright-Finger missing (1)

CCTV Footage 

Police have stepped up the probe again by releasing new surveillance footage of the teenager exploring a Richmond gas station on October 16.

Before purchasing a bottle of juice at the counter, the adolescent was seen on CCTV wearing a bright pink and purple outfit and a pair of Birkenstock sandals.

Before leaving the gas station and disappearing from view, Ms. Wright-Finger was seen on the CCTV footage at numerous points appearing to be gazing over her shoulder.


Tea’s mother’s statement

At the time, her mother Traci Wright made a frantic appeal for details. Please phone the police or me if you have seen Téa or know anything, she wrote in her message.

A few days ago, Ms. Wright thanked her family and friends for staying in touch with her and helping to spread the news about the search for Téa.

According to Mr. Wright, “This has helped me so much to cope, as I don’t feel alone, and everyone is helping carry the pain.”

I genuinely don’t think I could have survived without the love, support, prayers, and good vibes from my family, friends, and complete strangers.

Last message!

The cattle station employee recorded an eerie TikTok video with the message, “I don’t feel so good, I want to go home,” less than a fortnight before she vanished.

The video, which includes images of Ms. Wright-Finger and landscapes from the outback, has now received a deluge of comments from worried friends.

Concerned friends expressed their grief and concern in large numbers in response to the post. On her 19th birthday, she shared one of her last TikTok videos in which she discussed the lessons she had learned up to that point.

That had the alarming caution, “It’s alright to feel lost occasionally,” among other things. You never know when something in life is going to end, so always take chances, she advises.

Nobody will ever give you what you desire; you always have to work hard for it. People will make time for you if they want you in their lives.

Before Tea disappeared, a poignant tribute video on TikTok showed her sadness and agony at the loss of a loved one.

She juxtaposed footage of the young man laughing with pals and what appeared to be a memorial event where people released balloons in his honor. According to her mother, Ms. Wright-Finger adored her employment at Richmond Downs Station.

Contact Lifeline at (13 11 14), BeyondBlue at (13 11 14), or Kids Helpline at (800) 551 800 if you require assistance.


TikTok star’s tragic timeline:

On October 4, Tea Wright-Finger published her heartbreaking farewell TikTok video, which included footage of the cattle station she described as her “home.”

On October 16th, 500 kilometers west of Townsville, a friend left tea outside of Richmond beside a 2013 blue Toyota Prado.
She wouldn’t be seen alive again after that.

October 18–22: Police located her mobile phone and found that on Tuesday, October 18, early in the morning, it had been briefly turned on near the Richmond settlement in the Flinders River area.

On October 22, Queensland Police begin an extensive ground and helicopter search covering thousands of kilometers in search of Ms. Wright-Finger. Police said the Toyota Prado was stolen from Prosperine, 700 kilometers distant, two days before the teen vanished.

30 October: The extensive ground and aerial search for Tea and the vehicle is curtailed.

On November 16, police intensify their hunt after releasing new surveillance footage showing Tea exploring a Richmond Service Station and purchasing a bottle of juice hours before she vanished.

On November 30, a mustering chopper near Richmond finds an abandoned Toyota Prado in a wilderness area.

On December 1, search teams locate Tea’s body 600 meters from the car.





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