How did Rab Wardell die? Brit bike champion Cause of death

How did Rab Wardell die? Brit bike champion Cause of death

Mountain biker Rab Wardell passes in sleep days after championship victory. Let’s see how he died and Rab Wardell Cause of death in detail.


UPDATE on Rab Wardell Cause of death

  • At their Glasgow home, Rab Wardell had a cardiac arrest next to his partner Katie Archibald.
  • On August 23, two days after he had won the Scottish Cross Country Championship, his death was officially announced.
  • At the Dunfermline Crematorium, where mourners gathered today, a sizable group of bikes followed the cortege
  • Outside the crematorium, friends could be seen consoling one another among lycra-clad cyclists who were paying their respects.

The cycling community has paid its condolences to Scottish mountain biking champion Rab Wardell, who passed away following a cardiac arrest while being urgently rescued by his Olympian partner Katie Archibald.

At their Glasgow home last month, Team GB star was lying close to Mr. Wardell, 37, when he had a cardiac arrest.

On August 23, just two days after he had won the Scottish Cross Country Championship in Kirroughtree Forest near Newton Stewart, Wigtownshire, his demise was officially announced. On The Nine on BBC Scotland, he had also discussed his victory the evening before he died.

This afternoon, mourners gathered at Dunfermline Crematorium for a funeral, and a large faction of bikes gathered nearby to accompany the cortege there.

Outside the cremation, friends could be seen comforting one another while cycling past men and women dressed in all black and wearing lycra.

Outside today’s funeral, tributes to the cycling champion were also written on cards and arranged with flowers.

Ms. Archibald, who earned gold medals at the 2016 and 2020 Olympics, described at the time of his terrible death how she ‘tried and tried’ to save him and that her heart’stopped’ with his.


How did Rab Wardell die?

Just two days after winning the Scottish Championship, a well-known mountain biker passed away unexpectedly.

48 hours after taking home the elite men’s gold at the Scottish MTB XC Championships in Dumfries and Galloway over the weekend, Rab Wardell, 37, passed away in his sleep from what is believed to have been a heart attack.

On Monday night’s episode of BBC Scotland’s The Nine program, the rider from Dunfermline discussed how he overcame three flat tires to win.

The biker conveyed how he managed to win the event regardless of sharing three flat tires on the episode of the 9 that aired on BBC Scotland on Monday night time.

Within the 12 months of 2020, a bike owner who had beforehand competed within the Commonwealth Video games set a brand new record for finishing the West Highland Approach.

Rab Wardell Cause of death

A statement has revealed that Scottish mountain biker Rab Wardell, 37, went unexpectedly in his sleep just days after winning the Scottish championship. Tributes are flooding in for the man who won the championship.

Tragically, Rab Wardell, a Scottish mountain cyclist who had recently won the Scottish championship after overcoming a puncture, passed away two days later.

The 37-year-old Glasgow resident passed away while sleeping, according to a statement.

At the Scottish MTB XC Championships, Wardell won the elite men’s title. He celebrated by making an appearance on television on Monday night.

He jokingly referred to the race as “a bit of a disaster” and acknowledged that he had overcome two punctures to win. Only a few hours later, he tragically died while sleeping.

What did Rab Wardell express about his championship?

After earning gold on Sunday, Wardell posted on Twitter to express his joy at adding a championship to the junior one he had already won earlier in his career.

Scottish Champion, he wrote.

I can now add the Senior Cross Country championship to the Junior and U23 ones I won almost 20 years ago, but it took a few years.

On Monday night, Wardell appeared on BBC Scotland’s “The Nine” to discuss his weekend victory at the Dumfries and Galloway track despite suffering three flat tires.

He laughed: “Unfortunately, I believe I have a little too much experience fixing punctures!

It was somewhat of a disaster, but I had to keep trucking and racing anyhow.

I assume I still believed I could overtake the leaders and prevail, so I simply gave it my all – what else can you do?”


Learn More About the Fatal Accident That Befell Cyclist Rab Wardell

Rab left this world on the evening of August 22, 2018, as he was resting peacefully in his sleep. His family and friends have chosen not to provide any further details on his demise.

Yesterday, Rab was featured in an interview with BBC Scotland, where he discussed his achievements, most notably his victory in the senior category of the Scottish MTB XC Championships that took place over the weekend. In the same series, Rab had already won in both the Junior and the U23 divisions.

On Monday, Rab Wardell will be discussing his championship win on the show The Nine, which is broadcast on BBC Scotland.

In 1999, Rab Wardell made his first asset of a mountain bike, which marked the beginning of what would become a long career in competition and, eventually, coaching.

He has been successful in a variety of disciplines, including cross-country and enduro riding, among others. His focus has recently switched to long-distance running, specifically marathons.

When asked on Monday night’s episode of BBC Scotland’s The Nine how he tended to win the race despite having three flat tires, the driver shared his story about how he overcome the obstacles.

The former cyclist who vied in the Commonwealth Games in 2020 was successful in beating his previous record for completing the West Highland Road.

The riding journey of Rab

When I was maybe 14 or 15, I tried it out for the first time while on a family holiday in Aviemore, Scotland, and decided to pursue mountain riding.

I hired a mountain bike from a nearby shop even though my brother David already had one so that I could go riding with him over the weekend.

After a while, David joined Sandy Wallace Cycles, our neighborhood cycling club, and not long after that, I did the same.

There have been many victories and tragedies along the journey that has brought us to the present.

I’ve participated in sports and worked as a coach in many different countries.

I’ve had my share of success, but I’ve also had my share of setbacks.

Over so many years, my zeal and devotion for the game have ebbed and flowed.

Despite this, I am currently more driven and enthusiastic than I have ever been, and my love of riding continues to deepen with each passing year.


Tributes to Rab Wardell

A statement from the Scottish Cross Country Association read: “Our deepest sympathy to his friends, family and loved ones. “He will be truly missed by our community and his determination, talent and friendship will live on in all our hearts and memories.

“I’m sure more eloquent words will be written by many but RIP Rab. Our Champion, Our Inspiration, Our Friend.”

A further statement from British Cycling read: “Everybody at British Cycling is deeply saddened to learn of the death of Rab Wardell.


Fans flocked to pay tribute to Wardell following the shocking news of his passing.

One wrote: “Rab taught my kids to ride many moons ago. He was always fantastic with them.

second tweeted in tribute: “This is unbelievable, a truly honest guy that loved riding and those many others who did. Your name and achievements will never be forgotten. Ride easy.”

A third added: “Heartbreaking. I’m so sorry for all those that knew & loved him. Too young, too soon.”

Scottish former cyclist David Millar tweeted: “So very sad to learn of @RabWardell leaving us. Properly hard to comprehend.”

Wardell won the Scottish MTB XC Championships last weekend despite having to overcome three punctures during the race – such was his skill.

His victory at Kirroughtree Forest was described as a “show of incredible resilience by British Cycling.

Updates on Rab Wardell Cause of death will be updated soon.




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