How did Piero Sonaglia Die? assistant of Maria De Filippi Cause of death

How did Piero Sonaglia Die

How did Piero Sonaglia Die: Piero Sonaglia, a studio assistant who for years worked in the programs produced by Maria De Filippi ‘s Fascino, has died.

Who was Piero Sonaglia?

Piero Sonaglia had started his career very young, just 21 years old. The first appearance as a TV assistant dates back to the times of “La Corrida” ; later he worked in numerous television programs , becoming over time a permanent presence, a point of reference for Maria De Filippi and for the protagonists of her broadcasts.

Even Betti Soldati , communications manager for Maria De Filippi and for the Fascino group, of which the presenter is the owner, recalled Somaglia with an affectionate post on Instagram, “We miss you”, commented by celebrities such as Sabrina Ferilli (“I’m desperate” ) and Lorella Cuccarini (“What a pain”).

Piero Sonaglia Cause of death

How did Piero Sonaglia Die: The director Roberto Cenci made a social announcement and Maria De Filippi delivered a moving message about studio assistant Piero Sonaglia’s death. Piero Sonaglia, the historical study assistant of the Canale 5 dating show Men and Women hosted by Maria De Filippi, died last night. The cause of death is not revealed yet.

Death declaration

The director Roberto Cenci announced his death on social media . “Forever with us, hello Piero,” he wrote on Instagram. Many celebrities from the world of TV who worked with him and wanted to remember him, including Gerry Scotti.

The farewell message from Maria De Filippi could not be missing, posted on the social networks of his Friends program. “It really hurts. Your voice, your face, your attentive gaze, your way of being there, the ability to listen. Always striving to try to do the right thing ». I started with you, writes the presenter, “I have always lived my work with you, with your smile and your strong shoulders, ready to bring your team and me first, always safe and sound in port”.

De Filippi then concludes his memory with a thought about the future work that will now be without him: “Every time I am in the studio I will not stop looking for your gaze in the certainty that I will find you, that you will understand me in a second as always, in the certain that you will raise your thumb to tell me that everything is fine. I loved you, I love you and I will always love you », reads the post signed simply« Maria ».


gerryscotti tweeted

Cari amici, a TSQV non potrò più chiamare “Pierooooooooo” perché Piero non c’è più. Perdiamo il più bravo di tutti, un professionista cortese sempre con il sorriso sulle labbra. Già ci manca

(the conductor wanted to pay homage to Sonaglia, with whom he worked during the experience at “Tu si que vales” , where his cry “Pieroooo” had almost become a catchphrase. “Dear friends, at TSQV I will no longer be able to call” Pierooooooooo “because Piero is no longer there ,” wrote the conductor. And he then added: «We lose the best of all, a courteous professional always with a smile on his face. We already miss it ».)

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