How did Jamaal Brown die? Former Ohio basketball player cause of death Explained


How did Jamaal Brown die? Former Ohio basketball player cause of death Explained

Basketball player Jamaal Brown of Ohio State, who led the Buckeyes to win back-to-back Big Ten championships, passed away at the age of 52. Check out the article below to learn more about Jamaal Brown cause of death and his death at such a young age.

What happened to Jamaal Brown?

According to a news statement from The Ohio State University Department of Athletics, Brown, a Texas native, passed away over the weekend at his home in Texas. He was 52.

Between 1988 and 1992, Brown had 127 appearances and started all but one of them. In his career, he scored 1,139 points at a clip of nine points per game.

In 1991 and 1992, Brown’s senior year, when he served as team captain, the squad won the Big Ten championship. According to the press release, the highlight of his career was a career-high 29-point performance that helped Ohio State defeat No. 3 Indiana 93-85 in Assembly Hall in January 1991.


Jamaal Brown cause of death

Brown, 52, died on Sunday at his Texas home following what appears to have been a heart attack. The tough, dependable point guard left a trail of emotional memories and former coaches and teammates who voiced their regret and anguish at losing someone so cherished so quickly. Therefore, heart attack was revealed as Jamaal Brown cause of death

Treg Lee, an Ohio State letter winner from 1989–1991:

“Everyone that knows Jamaal Brown, he has undoubtedly influenced their lives in some shape or form or fashion just by who he is as a person.” You will never meet another real person who is merely a decent guy and an amazing person, according to an individual.

Jerry Francis Jr. hosted Brown during his official visit to Ohio State, and the prospect quickly earned a reputation as a personable athlete after arriving. The Texas native asked for two things that Lee, his prospective roommate, still recalls, despite all the potential rewards that could accompany a taste of college independence.

Lee remarked, “All he wanted was orange juice and Skittles. “He was simply unique in comparison to everyone else. He was only a good-natured, down-to-earth child from Texas.

Fraschilla’s visit gave him the chance to see Brown in person (as well as his fiancée Meg, who has been his wife for 34 years now), so the assistant took Williams to an AAU-style competition so he could see the guard for himself.

Brown immediately fouled out after 10 minutes, which caused Williams some uncertainty. Williams’ feeling of urgency increased further when Kansas offered him a scholarship following their 1988 NCAA championship victory.



Knowing Brown was most likely to commit, Fraschilla claimed he instructed Williams to call Brown and extend a scholarship offer.

Williams, Brown, and the Buckeyes all contributed, providing the final piece. For every Jimmy Jackson, Chris Jent, Lawrence Funderburke, Mark Baker, and other highly recruited high school athletes, Jamaal was the only one who, according to Fraschilla, would not have received any stars in the old star system.

That demonstrates how discreet he was. Since we already had four excellent candidates lined up, I only needed to visit my girlfriend and assumed Gary wouldn’t mind. When I go down to see him, he turns out to be a two-time Big Ten champion and a four-year starter.


Jamaal Brown left his imprint on Ohio State basketball

Brown didn’t wait long after arriving on campus to make an impression on his new teammates, both on and off the floor.

The first team was inside during a shell exercise, Francis recalled. When the shot is taken, you must run to grab the rebound after boxing out.

Jamaal was able to put the ball in after one of our teammates may have botched an assignment. He took off from the spot and tip-slammed the ball while approximately 12 to 13 feet in the air.

When Brown was a freshman, Francis, a Columbus native who lettered for the Buckeyes from 1986 to 1989, was a senior. Francis remembered a special trip to a nearby business during their season together.

We once entered a place while acting like college boys on campus while doing what we do on High Street, and (Brown) asked the guys, “You got milk?” Francis uttered. “At that point, I remarked, “This guy’s exceptional. Gentlemen, what are we doing tonight? I’m sipping milk, Jamaal says. Oh my goodness, I exclaimed. This individual right here

Jamaal Brown “fit like a little brother” in Ohio State basketball

Lee cited that as only one illustration of how well Brown blended in with the community. He “fit like that little corny brother,” he added, “but he had some talent and nobody knew about it until he got on the court.” He was that kind of kid, and from a personality standpoint, he just fit in with us like we had known each other forever.

Then there were the nicknames that Lee and Brown named each other in Lee’s senior year that defy standard spelling and have their origins in the television program “In Living Color.”

Lee recalled, “We would make up these long names.” His song was entitled “Moss Ski Easkey Bone On The Raheem-Abdul-Kamala-Tip Love.

The title of mine was “T-Bone on The Raheem-Abdul-Ishmael-Tip Love.” To have some fun, we’d swap the terms around. Simply said, he was a great guy.

Jamaal Brown, a consistent performer for the Buckeyes

Six time zones away, Ohio State opened the 1988–89 campaign against the current national runners-up. The No. 16 Buckeyes were drawn to play No. 5 Oklahoma in the opening round of what was then called the Maui Classic. Oklahoma lost to the same Jayhawks who had attempted to sign Brown.

Brown started for both teams in the regular-season opener. Brown was referred to as “Mr. Dependable” by Fraschilla, who said, “Think about what he did.” “He arrived without fanfare.

Here’s a young player who was not given the opportunity to be recruited, and in the second game of his career, he starts in Maui against a top-five club in Oklahoma.

It was Brown’s first of 126 career starts, tying Francis for the most in program history for 20 years till William Buford broke it with 137 starts from 2009 to 2012. Brown was a consistent performer, scoring 12.0 points per game on average as a junior and finishing with 1,139 career points. That number remains 43rd all-time in school history. Senior Brown received the position of team captain.

He did it while clinging to the position of point guard, which was not his natural position. Francis stated, “He was just an ironman.

“Just very athletic and could do many things on the floor. You need someone to act as the team’s glue—someone who will forego their own success or recognition in favor of the good of the group. Jamaal, who was that?

Along with the spectacular Big Ten championships and postseason triumphs, those were the qualities Ohio State fans witnessed and remember. Brown’s passing shocks his colleagues’ sense of the close-knit family that the Buckeyes had and serves as a sobering warning that time is running out.

Lee mentioned that Brown had been preparing a retreat for his former teammates to reunite next summer and that he had loved seeing Brown when Ohio State honored the 20th anniversary of that 1991–1992 season during a game last year. They concluded their discussion by exchanging “I love you” declarations, which is how everyone in that Ohio State community does it.

He described him as soft-spoken, down to earth, and in love with teamwork. “He was simply a genuine guy, and he just fit like a glove. He didn’t have an air about him. He wasn’t making up a persona that he wasn’t. He accepted and owned who he was.

Tributes to Jamaal Brown 

Web tweeted,

He was fun to watch on some great Buckeye teams back then. He, JJ, Jent, Baker, and Funderburke to name just a few. So sad. RIP JB.

Ann Shank  said,

Oh, this breaks my heart. That team – Jamaal, Jent, Funderburke, Jimmy Jackson – was my favorite and he was my favorite player on it. I’ve always wondered what he’s been up to since then. Sending so much love to his family and friends as they grieve.

Bob Davis said,

Sorry to hear this. Jamaal was a key member of a very special team in Ohio State basketball history.

Pericles said,

That is terrible news. An all-time favorite of mine. RIP.

Tom Gibeaut said,

 Jamaal Brown cause of death How full circle: the first time I saw him play was in the 1988 Maui Invitational I’m fortunate enough to be attending next week. R.I.P.

Michael H. Wander said,

Genuinely. Great. Guy. I’m not guessing about this. May his memory be a blessing. Go, Bucks.


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