How did Suzanne Hale die? Cause of death Explained

Suzanne Hale cause of death

The Roxy’s owner, Suzanne Hale died on November 8, 2022. Let’s see how did Suzanne Hale die and Suzanne Cause of death in detail.

How did Suzanne Hale die?

Suzanne Hale, a business owner of The Roxy, from Portland died on November 8, 2022. Suzanne is from OR, United States, Oregon. Suzanne Hale’s demise was confirmed by her daughter April in a Facebook post. Suzanne’s daughter shared a condolence message on social media. Suzanne cause of death was natural.


Scandals Pdx also shared the tribute on their page, and the message reads, “We are heartbroken to hear of the passing of the lovely Miss Suzanne.” Suzanne and The Roxy were our neighbors for many years and were such a huge support to us and the community. This is a post from her daughter, April. “Our hearts go out to her and the family.”

Suzanne Hale cause of death:

Suzanne was a single mom and she was a waitress. Then she became a business owner, and later she became a pillar of the community and a fierce ally. Suzanne cause of death was natural and her daughter said she passed away in her sleep.

The young daughter of Suzanne, April shared her condolences and the message reads,

“This is Miss April, and I am The Lovely Suzanne’s daughter. I am brokenhearted to announce that my beloved mother passed away peacefully in her sleep on November 8, 2022. She was always very clear with me about her last wishes, so it’s comforting that she made sure I knew exactly what she wanted.”



Suzanne Hale’s Parade:

April said that her mother Suzanne’s final wish was to have a big parade after her death. So her family is planning the last walk for saying the final goodbye. She requested everyone in North America to join the parade and the message reads,

“I intend to honor that. She wanted to be cremated, and she told me many times, “After my funeral, I want a damn parade!”, This is SO in keeping with who she was: bold, sharp-witted, strong, generous of spirit, unafraid to ask for what she wanted, and above all else, she was a true public servant to her core. I am smiling through tears thinking about it, but I am determined to make her parade happen. Her funeral will also be open to the public because that’s just the kind of person she was. I think it makes sense to take my time planning Her Imperial Majesty’s “Last Walk.” She would have wanted it done right. She would have wanted the many people that she loved from all over North America who would like to come and say goodbye to have the opportunity to make travel preparations and be able to arrange for time off from work. In light of this, I expect that her last walk will take perhaps a month or two to plan.”

“I will keep everyone posted here, on The Roxy’s FB page, and on my page when I have more information. I must express my immense gratitude to everyone who has already enveloped the family with immeasurable love and support, from the very depths of my heart. We are devastated, but your kind words and your unshakable solidarity cushion the blow. It means everything. We love you all. Rest in power, Mom. I cherish the time we had together and the invaluable lessons, you gave us all. You will be dearly missed, forever in our hearts. We always think we have more time, but your memory will be kept alive by the numerous people on whom you left an indelible mark. Sweet dreams, my beautiful Empress, and 143”

Tributes to Suzanne Hale:

Harley Reed Sinwich commented,

My heart is broken, I’m so sorry. What a hard year for you guys. Wrapping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. She was and is an amazing woman. Her legacy will live on. Roxy was a huge part of my life, just like so many of us. I have been going there since I was younger. I remember going to Club Z/Escape, then going to The Roxy for coffee and cheese fries and a club sandwich. Everyone was accepted there. Your mom made that happen. Again, my deepest condolences, and much love.

Aay Downing commented,

Thinking of you are your family at this time. What a great loss to Portland and all that the Roxy provided to the community over the years. The Roxy was my first job in Portland and I was lucky at the time to get that job in like a day. And when I was in my youth I went to the Roxy and City nightclub to hang out and will always have a special place in my heart. I appreciate Suzanne’s wonderful work parties she put on and more. I was lucky to get to be a part of that when I was 20. What a great place that the youth and others could go to for a cheap cup of coffee and a bite to eat. RIP Suzanne.

Beth Clow commented,

Broken hearted for this absolute powerhouse’s family, friends, and the community that loved her. I have so many wonderful memories of her from my nights haunting the Roxy. Rest in power The one and only, Lovely Suzanne.

Mindy K. Jordan commented,

I’m so sorry for your loss she was an amazing woman. She always brought so much joy to the club kids, especially this 90’s club kid

Rest in Power

Liz Herrick posted,

I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. She made a home for people who felt had none and a safe place for people to gather and be able to breathe. It will always be a place I hold dear in my heart. When she walked into the room it brought a presence and a feeling of genuineness. Rest in power Lovely Suzanne.

Chrissy Swords commented,

This makes me so sad to hear! I remember Suzanne as a warm, funny, kind person! I am glad I got to visit with her recently and share Roxy’s memories and a hug.

Brandon Herrick commented,

This news truly breaks my heart. She will forever be missed. But also I am happy I got to see her at the Roxy last month and tell her how much she and the Roxy had a huge impact on my life since 98. Thank you miss Suzanne for everything rest in peace you amazing lady.

Shelly Riesgaard commented,

I’m so sorry for your loss. She was a wonderful person. RIP to The Lovely Suzanne. We won’t forget this iconic woman and her iconic restaurant.


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