How did Heikki Hedman Die? What happened? Cause of death

How did Heikki Hedman Die

How did Heikki Hedman Die: Heikki “Goofy” Hedman, one of the biggest influences in Finnish tennis, has died at the age of 81. He would have turned 82 on April 25th.


Who was Heikki Hedman?

Heikki Hedman created a long career in tennis, from a national team player to a top coach, commentator, founder of a tennis school, tennis teacher and captain of the Davis Cup team.

For many generations of Finnish tennis enthusiasts, Hedman became familiar as a teacher and, at the latest, as a narrator, when his soft voice filled the living rooms during the Wimbledon tennis tournament from the late 1960s until the 21st century.

Hedman ‘s active playing career was barely over when he set up a tennis school in Kuortaneen, Santa Claus, in 1969.

Before the Kuortane stage, Hedman ran tennis courses in Vuokatti. From Kuortane, the summer activities moved to Lohjansaari, then to Hanko, Helsinki Fisherman’s Camp and Tali.

Hedman worked as the head coach of the Finnish Tennis Association from the late 1970s to the early 1980s and as the Davis Cup captain, until he began to focus more and more on developing his tennis school, his own creation.

Hedman was a gymnastics teacher by training and he also did those jobs and was based on sports coaching.

As a tennis teacher, Hedman was a pioneer in building teams for group coaching.

Although Hedman was a tennis teacher with great passion, he also qualified as a ski instructor, which allowed him to take ski groups to the Alps for several winters.

In his last years as a commentator, Hedman worked for Eurosport, making the broadcasts much broader than Wimbledon alone.


Cause of death

Heikki “Goofy” Hedman , one of the biggest influences in Finnish tennis, has died at the age of 81. He would have turned 82 on April 25th.

Hedman’s oldest child, Jari Hedman , confirmed his father’s death to HS.

How did Heikki Hedman Die: In recent years, Hedman suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. A week before his death, he suffered a cerebral infarction that permanently took away his strength.



“When Goofy started in Santa Brush, there was one tennis court, but when we left, there were 15 courts left,” Jari Hedman told HS and confirmed his father had slept off on Sunday at 6 p.m.

Jari Hedman said “I think one of his biggest merits has been to develop the entire Finnish tennis coaching system with A-, B- and C-levels,”.

“Tennis was like one extra child for Hess,” Jari Hedman described his father’s love of the sport.

“The grand old man of Finnish tennis, one of the largest, moved to play on the grass fields of the sky today,
Have a good trip, Dad, We all miss you already”, jari wrote on Facebook.


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