How did Florin Hidișan die? Former Romanian footballer cause of death

How did Florin Hidișan die? Former Romanian footballer cause of death

Florin Hidisan, a former football player who competed in more than 100 games in Romania’s top division, passed away at the age of barely 40. Let’s see how he died and Florin Hidișan cause of death in detail

How did Florin Hidișan die?

At the age of 40, Florin Hidişan, a former football player for Cluj University, FC Argeş, UTA, or Pandurii Târgu Jiu, passed away on Sunday. He had stomach cancer and had battled it for a full year. In September 2021, Gazeta Sporturilor covered Hidişan’s condition. At the time, the former player had high hopes that he would be able to fight the illness, but since, it has gotten worse.

Gazeta Sporturilor wrote about the death of the former footballer, Florin Hidișan, at only 40 years old. The newspaper also published a year ago, a painful report about how Hidișan, a midfielder was fighting stomach cancer.

Unfortunately, although 20,000 euros were collected from donations, Hidișan could not be taken to the United States for treatment. The necessary costs were much higher. Gazeta Sporturilor noted that the former footballer had reached only 43 kilograms due to the chemotherapy sessions. And today, he passed away, after this cruel battle with the disease.

Florin Hidișan cause of death

A year ago, Florin Hidișan found out that he was suffering from stomach cancer. After learning about the difficult situation he is going through, his former colleagues, as well as many athletes from Romania, decided to make donations so that Florin Hidișan could reach the United States for treatment, according to GSP.

Unfortunately, however, this did not happen again. Following the treatment, Florin Hidișan had lost a lot of weight, and his body could no longer fight the disease.

Today, Florin Hidișan left for the world beyond, leaving a huge void in the soul of the family, but also in the hearts of former colleagues and fans.

Florin Hidișan shares his cancer journey

Florin Hidișan tells where he found the incredible resources of positivism and how he leads this unequal battle with cancer.
My whole life revolved around sports, all my childhood, adolescence and then adulthood meant sports. I ended up playing at League 1 level because of the talent I received from God and because I was a serious, hardworking man. I never gave in to difficult situations, and there were not a few, from my childhood, when I was staying at the dormitory and maybe I didn’t have food, until now. Playing soccer looks easy from the outside, but it’s not like that at all. The sacrifices are high, from injuries to more tense situations with coaches or managers. But all the time God helped me and strengthened me to get over those moments. With struggle and sacrifice.

One more thing I want to say. My last important club was U Cluj. I got there when the team was down, minus 14 to the “truth”. I didn’t leave very well from there, but I forgave everyone. I talked to God and I have no problem with anyone, in my heart everyone is forgive me and I’m glad to see them. I’m at peace with everyone, I wish everyone health. We live in a hectic world, change for the better depends on everyone. I wish everyone the best, I want to send a positive message. I get a lot strength from the Good God, I have no other source of strength. As a human, I am weak and powerless, but through the mercy of the Good God I believe I can be more responsible, myself and everyone around me. The relationship with my neighbor must be more kind. What I’m going through now has changed me.

Who is Florin Hidișan?

Florin Hidișan (b. June 24, 1982 , Râmnicu Vâlcea , Romania – d. September 11, 2022 , Cluj-Napoca , Romania ) was a Romanian footballer who played as an attacking midfielder at the FC UTA Arad club. He made his debut for FC Argeș Pitești in League I on 23 August 2003 in a match that ended in a draw against FC Timișoara .

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