How did Eric Jones die? Danger Club Co-Creator cause of death


How did Eric Jones die? Danger Club Co-Creator cause of death


Eric Jones, 51, a collaborator and co-creator of the Danger Club and little Gloomy passed away unexpectedly. Let’s see how he died and Eric Jones cause of death in detail


How did Eric Jones die?

Comic book author Landry Q. Walker blogged about the terrible passing of Danger Club co-creator and artistic partner Eric Jones at the age of 51. I will have a lot more to say on this soon, he wrote. But at this moment, I am at a loss for words. Unexpectedly, Eric Jones passed away. He was my buddy, my family member, and a longtime partner on my art projects. The creator of Batman, Supergirl, Star Wars, the Danger Club, Pepper Page, and countless other projects.

Before being hired to illustrate Walker’s stories in 2008, Eric Jones produced limited press copies for companies like Aeon Comics, and Slave Labor Graphics, and before that, their creator-owned a comic book series from Image Comics had just finished drawing their graphic novel from First Second Books, and was already hard at work on additional volumes.

Eric Jones cause of death

The Danger Club and little Gloomy co-creator and 51-year-old colleague Eric Jones went away suddenly. Medico topics have been trying to contact the family and relatives for comment on his death. Yet no responses have been acquired. We will update this page once enough information is available. More information on Eric Jones Cause of Death will be added soon.

Slave Labor Graphics is the publisher of the comic book Little Gloomy. It debuted with the first issue in October 1999. Eric Jones and Landry Walker are the authors of the series. 

  • Disney Adventures Magazine also frequently included Little Gloomy tales until the publication ceased with the issue published in November 2007. In 2005 Walker and Jones published a new “Little Gloomy” series called “The Super Scary Monster Show: Featuring Little Gloomy” which contains short stories separate from the “Little Gloomy” story
  • In 2006, Little Gloomy was optioned by 1492 Pictures.
  • Walker and Jones had another regular Disney Adventures feature titled Kid Gravity. In the universe of Kid Gravity, Little Gloomy is a fictional character and The Super Scary Monster Show is Kid Gravity’s favorite television program.
  • There have been two toys from the comic to date. Carl Cthulhu and Mummy.


Tributes to Eric Jones demise:

Joe field tweeted,
Shocked and very saddened to hear artist Eric Jones passed away. No words. Only some hope for consolation and peace for his family and friends.
Zoë Moss tweeted,

I am so, so sorry, Landry. The world feels suddenly much emptier now. If you need anything or there’s anyway we can donate to his loved ones, please let us know. This one hurts too much.

rikki tweeted,

Oh my God, I’m so sorry, Landry. My time in comics working with the two of you was some of the happiest because you were such a good pairing. Eric was a joyful, smart creator and just a great person. I’m sorry.

Rich Johnston tweeted,

I am so, so sorry, it is so tragic, especially at such an age. Was especially a big fan of your Supergirl and Danger Club comics together.

Hutch tweeted,

Very sad to hear this. Absolutely loved Danger Club as well as Little Gloomy. Condolences to his family and friends.

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