Who is Dhante Jackson? Suspect of Sophia Jackson murder arrested

Dhante Jackson

After a nearly six-month-long manhunt, Dhante Jackson, 33, was captured in the East Bay city and then arrested on suspicion of murder and child abuse and held at the Merced County Jail. Let’s see who is Dhante Jackson.

Dhante Jackson

A guy has been taken into custody on suspicion of killing Sophia Mason, 8, in Merced earlier this year.

Dhante Jackson, according to the Merced Police, has been complicating capture ever since.

His capture in Newark, California, was eventually reported by the office of California Attorney General Rob Bonta on Saturday. The Merced Police Department, with cooperation from the Merced Area Gang and Narcotic Enforcement Team (MAGNET), the DOJ’s Special Operations Unit, the Newark Police Department, and the Merced County Sheriff’s Office, conducted a months-long search and investigation that resulted in the arrest.


Who is Sophia?

Early in March, Sophia Mason’s body was discovered in a bathtub.

The 30-year-old Samantha Johnson, who was detained then, is now accused of first-degree murder and criminal child abuse. She entered a not-guilty plea.


What did Johnson state?

Johnson stated in documents from the Merced Police Department’s investigation that she hadn’t seen her child for weeks before to the murder.

Additionally, according to the affidavits, Sophia was subjected to Jackson’s physical and sexual abuse while being made to live in a metal shed in the home’s backyard.


What did the Merced Police Department say?

Jackson will be sent back to the Merced County Jail to face murder charges, according to the Merced Police Department.

“We have been praying and hoping he will be apprehended. Knowing that they have him and that he has been taken into prison is amazing news; we are so, so thrilled and grateful. We haven’t heard anything; the case kind of went cold. We hear that people are looking, but we haven’t had any leads or heard anything.”

On Sunday morning, Merced Police say they’ll conduct a news conference to address the case.


Are any others involved in this murder?

Officers also filed charges against four additional defendants, one in Merced and three in the Bay Area, who they believe helped Jackson avoid capture.

Action News on Saturday spoke with Melanie Verlatti, Sophia Mason’s cousin. She claimed that the news of Jackson’s arrest had pleased her family.



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