Hayden Ross Cause of death: How did Sooner Late Model driver die?

Hayden Ross Cause of death How did Sooner Late Model driver die

A car racer named Hayden Ross apparently passed very suddenly, leaving friends, family, and loved ones in grief. Let’s see what happened and What was Hayden Ross cause of death in detail.


How did Hayden Ross die?

On Thursday, October 6, 2022, NCRA Racing Series published a social media message informing people of Hayden Ross’s passing. On their social media page, the NCRA Racing Series expressed their sorrow at Hayden Ross’s passing and their condolences to his family.


According to Enid Speedway, another racing page also posted a tribute on Facebook.

“The Enid Speedway family and Enid Speedway race fans are all mourning the loss of Hayden Ross. He and his family have become our family.” “We were fortunate to have been able to watch this fierce driver improve and become a force out on the track over the seasons. He will be missed but never forgotten in our hearts.”

“Our love and prayers go out to his friends and family and I ask that everyone keep them in your thoughts over the next several months. If you are personal friends of the family, check in on them and continue to support them.” “They will need us all for days, weeks, months, and even years ahead. Hayden left his mark on racing and Enid Speedway! He will be fiercely missed by many. May God lift up his family and help them to find comfort and peace during this very tough time.”


Who was Hayden Ross?



Driving Race History,


Thunderbird Speedway – Muskogee, OK
Hayden Ross (Sooner Late Model Series)1st2nd


Thunderbird Speedway – Muskogee, OK
Hayden Ross (Sooner Late Model Series)2nd4th


Thunderbird Speedway – Muskogee, OK
Hayden Ross (Sooner Late Model Series)1st1st


Thunderbird Speedway – Muskogee, OK
Hayden Ross (Sooner Late Model Series)1st2nd


Thunderbird Speedway – Muskogee, OK
Hayden Ross (Sooner Late Model Series)1st1st
Hayden Ross (Dirt Late Models)1st1st


Hayden Ross cause of death

NCRA Racing Series sharing missed mentioning Hayden Ross cause of death or the day he died. So far no cause of death has been released officially either by his family or by other pages.

According to reports, Hayden Ross is not known for any chronic disease or deteriorating conditions.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Hayden Ross cause of death will be added soon.


Tributes to Hayden Ross

Kylan Garner (Fellow racer) posted

I honestly am at a loss for words I can’t believe the news.

Just last Saturday I and Hayden Ross had one hell of a heat race come down to the last lap. I sure didn’t want it to be our last rest easy buddy everyone please keep this family in your prayers you will not find a better group of people.


Robbe JoAnn (One of his friends) said,

I didn’t know that these were the last videos or pictures I would take of your win. After so many years of school together and watching you dominate on the track, I was not prepared for that phone call. You were a great person and really good to all the kids that looked up to you. I hope you’re racing on the track in Heaven. We will miss you, Hayden Ross.


Sara Foster (One of his fans) posted this on Facebook

Friday night at Muskogee, I stood with the tiniest of race fans routing for their superhero, Hayden Ross, to win. They were so excited to just shake his hand or get a high five. He drove a heck of a race that night and parked it in victory lane. The energy from the crowd was unbelievable, as it usually is when this boy drives. He had everyone’s hearts for obvious reasons. The kind of drive and natural talent he had, along with having the kindest of hearts, doesn’t come by so often.

Today, we feel the loss of one of the greats. A great driver and an even greater person. Our little dirt track family will never be the same, but one thing will always be certain, Hayden was a champion. At the track and in all aspects of life.

Please keep Hayden’s family and all the people he touched in your thoughts and prayers. This is going to be a tough one for everyone.

I’ll miss catching these winning smiles. I hope you’re still throwing dirt up there, buddy.

May you Rest In Peace and Love, Champ.


Cash Money Family posted,

Thoughts and prayers go out to the Ross Family from the entire Cash Money Family. As far as I know, he picked up his first career Late Model win 4 years ago at the Tri-State Speedway. It was one of his first few times in a Late model if my memory is correct. He drove so straight and smooth and was just dominant that night. Hayden Ross was super talented and a great kid and will be missed by all of us! (The first pic is of him and his dad that night in victory lane)



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