Bishopsgate attack: What happened? Everything You Need to Know


Bishopsgate attack: What happened? Everything You Need to Know

Three people were stabbed in Bishopsgate, the City of London this morning. According to the witnesses, there have been at least three stabbings in central London in relation to attempted bike theft.

The victim and bystanders were attacked when it tried to stop masked phone thieves riding electric bikes. Let’s see What happened in Bishopgate and more details about the attack.

What happened in Bishopsgate?

Based on the police reports, three individuals were stabbed, one was thrown to the ground, and three were rushed to the hospital, and the incident is not believed to be related to terrorism. The attack happened at 9.46 am, and the City of London police were there by 9.51 am.

Before 10 am, there were reports of multiple injuries at Bishopsgate near Liverpool Street Station, and the emergency services were contacted. The London Ambulance Service (LAS) is on the site, and police have sealed off the area.

What is the reason for the attack?

In the terrific event, three individuals were stabbed today while another was forced to the ground in an attempt to stop a phone robbery. The event is claimed to have occurred only a few miles from a police station. Blood has been seen on the pavement in front of a glass office building.

London Ambulance Service crew said: “We were called at 9:52 am today to reports of a stabbing in Bishopsgate. Three ambulance crews, two advanced paramedics, two incident response police, and our Tactical Response Unit were among the resources. 4 patients were seen by our personnel. 3 were admitted to the hospital, and 1 was discharged. The London Ambulance Service (LAS) is on the site, and police have sealed off the area.

No arrests have been made yet, police are still searching for the thief. A traffic marshall working in that area came to know the news about the stabbing over his walkie-talkie and came to the scene immediately. Common people were terrified due to this incident.

Police Investigation

According to police, it doesn’t seem to be tied to terrorism. Four people are assaulted in the morning for snatching phones on one of the busiest streets in the nation. London Mayor Sadiq Khan says knife crime has gone up across the country as a result of government cuts but says the Capital is bucking the trend.

The mayor said: “The good news is that is not a terror attack.

“It is a reminder of the danger of carrying a knife across our country. We’ve seen across our country an increase in knife crime injuries, not a greater reduction as we have seen in London, and we are not complacent at all.

“I think it is really important to be tough on crime, to invest in policing and tough on the complex causes of crime investing in young people and youth workers. Though there is no complacency, we are seeing in London a reduction in knife crime injuries.”

How did the people react to the incident?

Elizabeth Haigh tweeted,

As this is being widely shared, worth saying there is NO evidence to suggest this person was arrested due to stabbings. He was arrested almost two hours after the Bishopsgate attack and multiple eyewitnesses have reported that two suspects fled the scene on bikes moments after.

Gareth Davies tweeted,

Three taken to hospital after Bishopsgate stabbing not thought to be in life-threatening conditions. Sadiq Khan says “good news is, it’s not a terror attack”. He praises London’s reduction in knife crime injuries and his record on teenage homicide.

Flowerbomb212 tweeted,

Lawless London allows cyclists free reign to attack pedestrians in close proximity to steal mobile phones. Keep creating more cycle lanes to enable this Sadiq. You have blood on your hands.

Mehak Jan tweeted,

Bishopsgate stabbing attack: Four people get injured after passersby try to stop robbers on bikes from stealing phones.

Cyclist Anons tweeted,

Four people were injured with three from a stabbing attack on Bishopsgate, near Liverpool Street Station, City of London Police say with mass emergency response and surrounding streets cordoned off.


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