Who is Ji Min Sha? Why did he murder Varun Manish Chheda? Covered

Who is Ji Min Sha Why did he murder Varun Manish Chheda Covered (2)

The coroner said that the Purdue University student who died in his dorm room suffered “several sharp force traumatic injuries.” Let’s see detail about the suspect (Ji Min Sha), the victim (Varun Manish Chheda), and what happened between them.


Victim: Varun Manish Chheda

Who is Ji Min Sha Why did he murder Varun Manish Chheda Covered (1)

The Tippecanoe County Coroner Office reports that Varun Manish Chheda, 20, was discovered dead in McCutcheon Hall on Wednesday morning.

Chheda completed his education at Park Tudor. He was a finalist for the 2020 National Merit Scholarship, according to the school’s website. The interim principal of the school, Dennis Bisgaard, made the following statement:

The entire Park Tudor community is incredibly saddened by the tragic loss of Varun Chheda, Park Tudor class of 2020. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time.


Who was Varun Manish Chheda?

According to the university’s campus directory, Chheda was enrolled in the college’s science program. He was a data science senior who will turn 21 in a little over a month. Chheda earned his diploma from Park Tudor School in Indianapolis in 2020.

According to a school post on Facebook, Chheda was a semi-finalist for the National Merit Scholarship Program the year he graduated.

Chheda ran for the 2020 U.S. Presidential Scholars Program as well.

By executive order of the President, the program was started in 1964 to recognize and honor some of the most accomplished high school seniors who were graduating.

One of his teachers Aaron Dean said to Medicotopics that “He was a state team chess champion and a really nice kid, I never have forgotten teaching him”.

“He was unbelievably good at everything he did,” an Exponent staff member who knew Varun Manish Chheda said about him.

From kindergarten through the eighth grade, Varun Chheda attended Sycamore School. He was a top student who was humorous and well-liked by his classmates. He had amazing qualities that came from his supportive family.

When the National Science Bowl competition was placed in Washington, DC, Varun was a member of the Sycamore Science Bowl team that placed second nationally in 2016 and eighth nationally in 2015.

Who is Varun Manish Chheda Covered

Varun won first place for his presentation in the Environmental Chemistry category at the Indiana University State Science Olympiad in 2015. In the division for the Solar System, he was also second in the state. He spent four years on the Sycamore MATHCOUNTS team and won first place in both the 2015 and 2016 state Concurso Academico Spanish competitions.

One on Facebook said, what an absolute adorable cutie pie and smart too I mean he looks like a baby this is just breaking my heart this whole thing. I mean what the hell was his motive I mean what was the deal there I don’t know I don’t know

Chheda’s educational history is all that is known about him, as he preferred to avoid the spotlight and social media.



Who was Varun Manish Chheda? Complete Analysis of the Purdue student


Suspect: Ji Min Sha

Who is Ji Min Sha Why did he murder Varun Manish Chheda Covered

During a press conference, Purdue Police Chief Lesley Wiete named Ji Min Sha, 22, as the suspect.

Sha gets charged with murder in its early stages.

Who is Ji Min Sha?

According to the university’s campus directory, Sha attended the Polytechnic Institute at Purdue University.

According to local media, Sha was born in Seoul, South Korea and immigrated to the United States when he was 1.5 years old, and the English adult ‘Sha’ means ‘sand lion’ in Chinese, so it is presumed that he is of Korean descent.

Ji Min Sha’s educational history is all that is known about him, as he preferred to avoid the spotlight and social media.

Purdue student Ji Min Sha is walked into the Tippecanoe County Jail after police say he stabbed his roommate to death early this morning.

When questioned about why he did it, he said “I love my family.”

The suspect is currently held without bail at Tipperkanoo County Jail.


What happened between Ji Min Sha and Varun Manish Chheda?

What happened between Varun Manish Chheda and Ji Min Sha is not known for sure. However, students at the school report on Facebook that a domestic dispute escalated into a large brawl that resulted in murder. There are currently no further details available.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and friends of Varun Chheda for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on what causes the fight will be added soon.


Another McCutcheon Hall resident’s response

Ian Conley, another McCutcheon Hall resident, told Fox News Digital that he’s still processing the incident.

“It was very bizarre. And I believe it’s still taking some time to register. I mean, when I woke up, my friends were messaging me news headlines and asking how I was, “Conley declared. “And it’s just one of those things that you really don’t expect happening this close to you. And I don’t think it’s fully set in yet for me.”


Investigation status

It was reported to 911 at 12:44 a.m. on Wednesday, according to a university official, who also said there was no danger to the public. President of Purdue Mitch Daniels claimed that the victim’s roommate dialed 911.

According to Carrie Costello, the coroner for Tippecanoe County, preliminary autopsy results indicate that Chheda died from “multiple sharp force traumatic injuries,” with homicide being the most likely cause of death.

According to Costello, the final autopsy results are awaiting toxicology.

Wiete described the event as “unprovoked and senseless” during a press conference.

Wiete stated, “This is extremely sad and unfortunate for us today, and I can’t even imagine what his family’s going through at this time,”


Purdue University President’s message

According to Daniels, there is no crime on campus and only a “small fraction” of crime overall.

“As Purdue’s president, but even more so as a parent myself, I assure you that the safety and security of our students is the single highest priority on our campus,” Daniels said. “Purdue is an extraordinarily safe place on any given day, and compared with cities of Purdue’s population (approximately 60,000 in all), we experience a tiny fraction of violent and property crime that occurs elsewhere.”

“Such statistics are of no consolation on a day like this,” Daniels added. “A death on our campus and among our Purdue family affects each of us deeply.”


Not the first time

Since student Cody Cousins fatally shot and stabbed teaching assistant Andrew Boldt inside the Electrical Engineering Building during a class in January 2014, this has been the first homicide on the Purdue campus. Cousins claimed he had lied to doctors and killed Boldt because he “wanted to” when he was convicted in September 2014. In October 2014, Cousins committed suicide a few days after entering a state prison in Michigan City.

“I’m genuinely surprised, and certainly not by someone as close to you as your roommate. I didn’t even know my roommate before I came here. Fortunately, he is Latino too, so we get along, said Purdue University student JJ Bueso.

“Something very sad and tragic that you never really expect to see happen on a campus like this,” Ethan Metzelaar, a student at Purdue University, said.



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