Celebrities Reaction to Deji’s loss for the third time in a row – KSI, Harry

Celebrities Reaction to Deji's loss in third fight in a row - KSI, Niko, KEEM


Celebrities Reaction to Deji’s loss for the third time in a row: Deji was defeated by rookie Alex Wassabi and he lost his boxing fight for the third time in a row.

KSI’s brother had vowed to retire if he scored an unwanted hat-trick.

And it appeared as though he could be controversially spared by the judges, but Wassabi was granted the green signal by a 50-50 vote.

After a hesitant start, Deji, in the southpaw position, was the first to push forward.

Wassabi, on the other hand, responded brilliantly, pushing his more experienced opponent to clinch and causing the Londoner to miss at the finish of the round.

When a spectator climbed into the ring in the second round, forcing the fight to be stopped, the battle devolved into farce.

The match was able to proceed once security dealt with the invader, and it eventually ran the full five rounds.

The bout was controversially scored for Deji by one judge, while the other two judges correctly gave it to Wassabi.

Result: Deji was defeated by rookie Alex Wassabi


Deji boxing record

No.ResultRecordOpponentTypeRound, timeDateLocationNotes
1Loss0–1United States Jake PaulTKO5 (6), 1:5025 Aug 2018United Kingdom Manchester Arena, Manchester, EnglandFirst white-collar boxing match
2Loss0–2United States Vinnie HackerTKO3rd round, 1:1613 June 2021United Kingdom Manchester Arena, Manchester, EnglandDeji had no stamina
3Loss0–3United States Jake PaulSplit Decision5 full rounds5 Mar 2022United Kingdom SSE Arena, Wembley in LondonUnfortunately, even 3rd fight didn’t work for him


Celebrities Reaction to Deji’s loss

Deji reacts to his loss

Thank you guys for supporting me and I’m sorry, but nothing will keep me down

KSI reacts to Deji’s loss

KSI with Deji preparing his brother’s third fight against Alex Wassabi

KSI with Deji preparing, is he going to walk him out

KSI was realising and transforming behind Deji

KSI was transforming behind Deji

Keep you’re head up @Deji we’re still proud of you and how far you’ve come

Keep you’re head up @Deji we’re still proud of you and how far you’ve come



Harry reacts to Deji’s loss

Mate that event was carnage


Niko Omilano reacts to Deji’s loss

my brother keep your head held high, the progress you have showed since last time is incredible, regardless of the result you did yourself proud ❤️

Keemstar reacts to Deji’s loss

Since this event is 100% Rigged

Congrats @Deji on ya 1st win.

you probably didn’t actually win though.


Calfreezy reacts to Deji’s loss

Fair play deji actually looked in good shape and actually trained properly. He should be proud. GG wasabi though, way better than I thought he would be 👏


Fousey reacts to Deji’s loss



Kavos reacts to Deji’s loss

Deji didn’t get his redemption. Maybe no more boxing for him now


Callux reacts to Deji’s loss

i cannot believe what im watching lmao


Bryce Hall reacts to Deji’s loss

Im at a lost for words… nothing negative to say, happy to see the improvement and I don’t think he should quit for THAT loss


AnEsonGib reacts to Deji’s loss

Let me wig wassabi


Fans Reaction to Deji’s loss

JohnSepticEye123 reacts to Deji’s loss

The British scene is toxic; King Kenny battled valiantly but ultimately lost. Jj I understand that these are your pals, but Faze Tempe easily won the battle; not a single analyst, including Viddal, predicted him to win, and Gib concurs that Faze Tempe was cheated. You guys were furious when Gib was robbed, and we all did everything we could to make it right, but now you guys say nothing when it happens to someone else, uk fans are terrible, the way they act with their messed up teeth is cringe, worst YouTube boxing event by far, between head butts people almost ruining the main event and fighters who clearly didn’t try, terrible and disgraceful.

Shawarmaandlettuce reacts to Deji’s loss

Just wait a moment. If deji’s trainers say JJ had some trouble sparring with him, then deji loses to Wassabi of all people, doesn’t it suggest JJ will be in serious trouble if he fights again?

InfinityQuartz reacts to Deji’s loss

I believe Deji was genuinely trained, but I don’t believe boxing is his thing, which is OK. Some people are simply born with it. He put up a good fight, but it’s time to put the gloves away, Dej.

DeadricAxarreacts to Deji’s loss

I’m not sure why everyone is so happy of Deji because “he trained” for his own battle, as if it’s a feat. Dude has lost all of his bouts and should be met with criticism rather than cheers.

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