Why is Stephen Curry so famous? Unknown Facts that You Need to Know

Why is Stephen Curry so famous

Why is Stephen Curry so famous: Stephen Curry is a “legacy” player in the sense that his father was an NBA player as well. Stephen Curry’s mother is also an athlete, having previously played volleyball and had a successful career. … Curry was unanimously selected as the NBA’s MVP (Most Valuable Player).

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry has been named the 2021 ESPY Award winner for Best NBA Player, as voted on by fans and announced this evening on ABC during the network’s annual Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly award show in New York.

Why is Stephen Curry so famous?

Despite his 6’3″ stature, Stephen Curry is the little guy. He weighs the same as me at 185 pounds (although he is taller and thus leaner). Unlike previous basketball heroes, he does not rely on power and strength to get through the blockers; instead, he works his way around them. He is so skilled at shooting, dribbling, passing, and teamwork that you realize he is a guy who doesn’t have the physical size to help him but who can still rise to the top. Curry can dunk the ball (although there is one funny video of him missing an undefended dunk; after the rebound, he shot a 3-pointer! ), but he usually just lobs the ball in after a layup. And he makes the  majority of his free throws

Why people loves Stephen Curry?

Stephen Curry is well-liked because he is one of those rare athletes who excels both on and off the court. He’s easy to talk to.

His Smile – Who’d have guessed that something as simple as a smile could make the entire world want to be around you?

He’s not a giant (he just plays like one) – despite standing over 6 feet tall, Steph still appears small in comparison to the Marc Gasols of the world. As a result, he is a kid’s favorite.

He’s a throwback – imagine being a father in the 1980s and having a son or daughter who only wants to play “Like Mike.” Layups and jump shots are difficult to sell because of the dunks and athleticism. Steph rekindled interest in something that had been missing for quite some time: the Jump shot.

Comeback -We love Rocky movies because they feature a comeback story. People adore Steph because of the devastating start to his career caused by ankle injuries – and his recovery from them.

Character – who doesn’t defer praise, thank everyone important to him, and bring his daughter to a press conference? Nobody.

NBA career

Curry was chosen seventh overall in the 2009 NBA Draft, but many thought it was a mistake to pick him so high. The argument against him was that he lacked the physicality required to succeed in the NBA. Many expected him to be a solid role player, but no one expected him to rise through the ranks as quickly as he did.

He had a surprising rookie season by media standards, averaging 17.5 points per game and making the NBA All-Rookie team. He improved a little more the following year, but he still wasn’t a star and wasn’t even considered famous. His third season ended abruptly due to a severe ankle injury that kept him out for the majority of the season.

Following an injury-plagued year, he steadily improved his game until the 2014-15 basketball season, when everything fell into place for him and his team, the Golden State Warriors. They ended up going on a tear for the entire season, with Steph averaging 30 points per game and winning his first MVP award. The Warriors went on to win the NBA championship that year, defeating LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers. Following their championship win, they became NBA media darlings due to their fast-paced, high-powered style of play, as well as their new “star” Steph Curry.

Unknown facts about Stephen Curry

1.Wardell Stephen Curry II is his given name.
He says in a Warriors World Q&A that he was named after his father and that even though he is more commonly known as “Stephen” or “Steph,” his close family and friends still refer to him by his birth name.

2.Both of his parents were former athletes.
Dell played in the NBA for five different teams over the course of 16 seasons. Sonya, his mother, was a college volleyball standout. It must run in the family.

3.He holds the NBA and NCAA records for three-pointers made in a season.
That’s correct… According to NBA.com, the NBA’s deadliest shooter was rewriting the record books a long time ago, with 162 makes during his sophomore season at Davidson.

4.His greatest fear is snakes. (From the Warriors’ Facebook Q&A)

5.He is the father of two daughters.
Riley, his older daughter, became an instant celebrity last season when she hijacked his press conferences. Ryan, his second daughter, was born in 2015, and she has big shoes to fill.

6.When he was about five years old, he began playing basketball. (From the Warriors’ Facebook Q&A)

7.His mother fines him every time he makes a certain number of mistakes. (From the San Francisco Chronicle)
Yes, Curry is 28 years old and the reigning NBA MVP, but he has a verbal agreement with his mother. She fines him $100 for each turnover after his third in a game. That is, if he makes four mistakes, he owes her $100. Five turnovers equal $200, six turnovers equal $300, and so on.

8.He is very involved in charitable work.
According to NBA.com 4, in addition to winning the 2013-14 Kia Community Assist Award, he has spent time working in the fight against malaria, including his assistance in distributing 38,000-bed nets to families at the Nyarugusu refugee camp in Tanzania.

9.Sydel, his sister, is a volleyball player at Elon University. Yes, it’s a family trait.

10.He is an excellent golfer.
Curry, in addition to his heroics on the basketball court, is an avid golfer who shot two-under par at Pebble Beach last summer, according to Golf Digest. He also recently played golf with President Barack Obama on Martha’s Vineyard.

11.As a child, he appeared in a Burger King commercial.

12.Growing up, his favourite NBA player was Muggsy Bogues.
He told the Big Lead that as a kid, he admired Bogues, the NBA’s all-time shortest player and his father’s former teammate.

13.”The Princess Diaries” and “A Walk to Remember” are two of his favorite films.
Steph enjoys chick flicks, according to his sister’s interview with ESPNW.

14.He is the Golden State Warriors’ longest-tenured player at the age of 20.
No player on the Warriors roster has been with the team longer than Stephen Curry, who was drafted in 2009.

15.His most worst habit is eating candy. (Source: CBSSports.com)
What is his favourite sugary treat? Maynards is a fuzzy peach candy manufactured in Canada.

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