Why is Matt Barnes against transgender women playing in WNBA? Explained


Why is Matt Barnes against transgender women playing in WNBA? Explained

Matt Barnes, a former NBA player, will face a lot of backlash for his objections to trans women participating in the WNBA. Let’s see why Matt Barnes is against transgender women playing in WNBA.

Matt Barnes’s opinion on transgender women playing in WNBA:

Matt Barnes recently declared his opposition to trans athletes in professional sports, which has to be one of the most contentious topics out there.

He was specifically asked what he thinks of trans women participating in the WNBA in a recent interview provided to Vlad TV.

It is a potential that is the subject of intense debate across the nation and may or may not occur in the future.

Only athletes like Megan Rapinoe are on the side of this idea that Matt Barnes has chosen to endorse.

Matt Barnes used the example of Lia Thomas, the NCAA swimming champion who has been harshly criticized for her accomplishments, in response to a query about it.

Thomas, a guy who was born, started hormone therapy in 2019. She has utterly conquered every competition she has entered throughout her career. According to Barnes, trans women might play in the WNBA: “I believe that you need to play in that area no matter how you were born.

I object to that. You should participate in women’s sports if you were born a woman. Men’s sports should be your priority if you were born a male. The sports topic is a little unique, in my opinion.”



What did Matt Barnes exactly say in an interview?

In an interview with VladTV, where he was questioned about “trans players potentially playing for the WNBA,” former Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes expressed his thoughts on trans athletics.

Barnes said he normally adheres to the principle of “to each their own,” but not when discussing sports. Barnes answered immediately, “I don’t like that. “You want to be anything you want to be… I support freedom of choice. You carry out this action, but sports are different, you understand? Sports are a unique animal.

The first openly transgender athlete to win an NCAA Division I national championship was collegiate swimmer Lia Thomas. He then discussed a trans-professional fighter. Both of those people, according to Barnes, 42, had an unfair advantage in their sports.

He said, “I don’t like that.” “I believe that if you are a woman, you should participate in women’s sports. And you should do guy sports if you were born a man. However, I respect you if you choose to be or do whatever you choose with your life. That is not my concern. However, I only believe that the sporting aspect is slightly different.

It would alter the entire dynamic of the game, he continued. To each his or her own, in my opinion. However, I believe that line should not be crossed when it comes to sports.

Then DJ Vlad brought up an earlier interview with Gilbert Arenas, who claimed that although his teenage daughters had played against trans athletes, they simply weren’t on the same level as his children.

“They were awful… Regarding the trans athletes, the former Grizzlies great claimed that none of them were even decent. Barnes, who asserted that gender identity isn’t always indicative of athleticism, seems to understand where Arenas was coming from.

Barnes remarked, “You might simply not be crap, period, in athletics. What is, is what is.

Back in June, Megan Rapinoe expressed a different opinion on this:

Megan Rapinoe, the star of the United States Women’s National Team, expressed a different viewpoint back in June of this year.

She stated the following at the time in an interview with TIME:

“I believe it’s crucial for people to realize that athletics are not the most significant aspect of life. The most crucial aspect of existence is life itself.

And a significant portion of this debate around trans inclusion has been viewed through the incredibly narrow prism of professional athletics. Like, that’s not how we should be phrasing this inquiry.

We’re discussing children. We are discussing the lives of individuals. In other states, one child or three children could be subject to the full wrath of the state government. They are killing themselves.

Rapinoe added although she didn’t speak particularly about professional sports “Show me the proof that trans women are claiming all of the scholarships, dominating in every sport, and bringing home every championship. Sorry, but it’s just not going to happen.

Therefore, we must always begin with inclusivity. And I’m confident that we can work it out if problems occur. However, we cannot begin from the contrary. The is vicious. And it’s really disgusting, to be honest.”


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