Bus hijacked in NYC: What happened? Who is the gunmen? Explained

MTA bus hijacked

MTA bus got hijacked, and crashes into a utility pole, a source says. Let’s see about the MTA bus hijacked in NYC, and who is the gunman in detail.

MTA bus hijacked in NYC: What happened?

According to authorities, a guy armed with a fake gun hijacked an MTA bus in Queens and smashed the bus into a power pole after the driver jumped out a window a few yards later.

The man with the gun approached the MTA bus in St. Albans at the junction of 199th Street and Linden Boulevard around 7.00 a.m. MTA bus hijacked in NYC by an armed man.

The armed man yelled for the driver to unlock the door. The driver somehow opened the back door to allow passengers to escape.

The gunman pointed his gun at the driver and gave the command for him to start the engine and drive for more than 30 blocks. The driver reportedly panicked and leaped out the window while the bus was traveling east on Linden Boulevard near 232nd Street, and it continued to drive along Linden Boulevard.

Around 7:30 a.m., the Q4 bus struck a utility pole close to 233rd Street and Linden Boulevard. The bus stopped when it struck a utility pole between 233rd and 224th Streets in Cambria Heights at about 7:30 a.m.
It’s unknown how many people rode the bus.

The bus driver was sent to Franklin Hospital for treatment after suffering minor wounds. Sources say that the driver is 55 years old and has been with the MTA for 21 years.

The state of the driver was not disclosed by the authorities. No one was hurt at the scene, according to the FDNY.

Who is the gunman?

MTA bus in Queens was hijacked by an unknown gunman. According to authorities, the suspect, who has a history of mental illness, was apprehended and a gun was found. The police said the suspect is under custody now. However, the suspect’s identity is not revealed by the police yet. It is not known, whether the suspect suffers any injuries.

Con Edison acknowledged that the incident involved a collision with a power pole and the destruction of a transformer, which resulted in a service interruption for some locals.

Con Edison said 855 customers were left without power as a result of this incident, and the utility couldn’t say when it would be restored. The utility anticipated everyone to have service restored by Thursday morning.

How did the NY people react to this incident?

Eddie Tarazona tweeted,

A #NYC @MTA bus was hijacked in Queens Thursday morning by a gunman. What would @KathyHochul say? “I don’t know why that’s so important to you,” That state of New York needs @leezeldin at a time like this. #Midterms2022

Nicole Malliotakis tweeted,

A man with a fake gun hijacked an MTA bus in Queens during rush hour & crashed it into a pole. NY is out of control. Are New Yorkers tired of reading crazy stories day after day? When is it ENOUGH? Will they give a Governor who REFUSES to address crime & chaos 4 more years?

Darrell Starfleet Taylor tweeted,

We really are in Gotham City. Armed man allegedly hijacked MTA bus in Queens: NYPD.

BklynBryan tweeted,

Replying to @NYCMayor and@FDNY. Still, think that NYers just “feel unsafe” on buses & trains? Tell the truth! #NYC subways & buses are NOT safe!!


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