Why did Michigan and Wisconsin get into an Ugly Fight? Howard vs Greg

Why did Michigan and Wisconsin get into an Ugly Fight?


If you don’t know yet Michigan and Wisconsin get into an Ugly Fight once Juwan Howard punches Greg Gard. Let’s see Why did Michigan and Wisconsin get into a Fight.


Why did Michigan and Wisconsin get into an Ugly Fight?

The outcome had already been decided. Wisconsin was going to come out on top. Michigan was doomed to fail. There were 15 seconds left in a 15-point game, and if Michigan’s players had ceased competing like competitors in comparable circumstances sometimes do on Sunday afternoon, the game would have concluded without incident.

Michigan’s players, on the other hand, did not quite compete.

They were playing Wisconsin at a distance of 94 feet.

So when Wisconsin coach Greg Gard’s backups were on the verge of committing a turnover under duress, he called a timeout to reset the 10-second clock and give his players a better opportunity to succeed. For whatever reason, Michigan coach Juwan Howard was offended by this.

In the postgame handshake line following the Badgers’ 77-63 victory, Howard took his mask off and told Gard, “I’ll remember that crap.” Gard responded by stopping Howard and attempting to explain why he had called the timeout.

An argument ensued.

It was evident that things were heating up. Andrew Catalon of CBS Sports noticed this. As a result, the cameras remained fixed on the action. Then, unsurprisingly, Howard struck Wisconsin assistant Joe Krabbenhoft in the face, resulting in a fight.

It was a crazy situation.

The Big Ten will announce a punishment, which is expected to include a suspension for Howard, at some time shortly. And if you want to say that Gard should be penalized to some extent because he should’ve completely disregarded Howard in the handshake line, never putting his hands on him no matter what he said, and simply kept it moving, that’s OK. I understand. But don’t forget that Howard was enraged at a timeout Gard called just because Michigan’s players were still competing at the moment.

“They called a timeout, which I didn’t like. I didn’t think it was necessary at the time, especially given the enormous lead “Following that, Howard stated.

“It appears he didn’t like the fact that I called a timeout.”

Wisconsin coach Greg Gard describes what led to the postgame fight with Michigan’s Juwan Howard.

What else didn’t seem required at the time? In the waning seconds of a 15-point game, Michigan’s players try to turnover Wisconsin’s reserves. So the pointless nonsense began in Michigan, which is why Howard’s rage was misdirected and just ridiculous. Back up and let the clock run out if you want the game to conclude without any further timeouts being called. But it became legitimate for Gard to do anything he wanted to help his players succeed after Howard urged them to keep competing, and that’s exactly what he did when he called that timeout.

It’s unclear what Krabbenhoft said to aggravate the situation.

That’s something I’d like to know.

On Sunday, though, just one coach became enraged for no apparent reason, and only one coach became aggressive with another. Juwan Howard was the one. That’s why he’ll be the one who gets the harshest punishment, which he deserves.

Wisconsin is ranked No. 10 in the new CBS Sports Top 25 and 1 daily college basketball rankings released Monday morning. The Badgers’ next game is against Minnesota on Wednesday.


This isn’t the First Fight for Howard

Since the Malice at the Palace, I’m not sure I’ve seen something like this burst on the court. Just an ugly situation all around, which appears to have resulted from Wisconsin’s coach calling a timeout with roughly 30 seconds left in a decisive win.

Last night, the Big Ten released a statement chastising Howard for his behavior.

It’s also worth noting that Howard has a history of getting into fights, having gotten into one with Maryland during last year’s Big Ten Tournament game.


Fan reaction on Michigan and Wisconsin Fight

Gapmoeisjustice said,

  • With the game virtually gone, you keep your starters in and press down 15 – and you’re upset when the other coach calls a TO after a tipped ball?

Throwaway_5256 said,

  • Teams playing press in garbage time: we COMPETE til the end. When the other team says something like, “Hey, what the f#ck?”
Ohverychill said,
  • Me sowing: hell yeah these rules. Me reaping what I sow: what the f#ck this s#cks

WIN011 said,

  • Right. I can see getting enraged if you removed your starters, were given up, and they called a timeout. This is illogical.

Crewserbattle said,

  • This is why those who are enraged by the fact that they are losing may f#ck off. They’re the same ones that get enraged if their* team loses in a blowout.


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