Why did Sam Hunt Pregnant Wife Hannah Lee Fowler file for divorce?

Why did Sam Hunts Pregnant Wife Hannah Lee Fowler file for divorce?


Sam Hunt’s wife has filed for divorce, alleging adultery as the cause for their 5-year marriage. Let’s see why did Sam Hunt Pregnant Wife Hannah Lee Fowler file for divorce?


Why did Sam Hunt Pregnant Wife Hannah Lee Fowler file for divorce?

In legal documents acquired by TMZ, Hannah Lee Fowler says that Sam is “guilty of improper marital conduct” and “guilty of infidelity.”

“The husband is guilty of such cruel and inhuman behavior or behavior against the spouse as renders cohabitation unsafe or inappropriate,” according to the boilerplate code clause Hannah references.

Hannah has not mentioned her pregnancy to Sam, but according to the doctors, she is due in May.

The paperwork was filed in Tennessee, which does not have a no-fault divorce law. She’s demanding alimony. She also wants primary custody of their upcoming baby. She also asks for child support.

It’s unclear if they have a prenup, but she asks that “the parties be granted their respective distinct property,” which suggests they do.

Hannah wants “transitional alimony, rehabilitative alimony, and alimony in the future” in terms of alimony.

What’s more, the documents state that they were divorced at the time she filed with the court, which was last Friday.

In 2017, the pair tied the knot. “Montevallo,” Sam’s CD, is about his love for Hannah. When he was a quarterback for the University of Alabama, Birmingham, they met in the same Alabama town.

How did sam hunt meet Hannah lee fowler: Hunt, who had previously tried out for the Kansas City Chiefs after a successful college football career, met the couple in 2008, around the time he began pursuing music. Hunt and Fowler dated for several years before calling it to quit when Hunt relocated to Nashville to pursue a career as a singer.


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Who Did Sam Hunt Cheat With:

However, Who Did Sam Hunt Cheat With That Led To Divorce From His Wife Hannah Lee Fowler is unknown.


Fans reaction to Hannah’s decision on Divorce

Whodatzshhhitt said,

You’ve got to be joking. This is a disaster. How long has he known her – since high school? After he cheated on her so many times, I know she eventually had the courage to leave him and move to Hawaii before they married. She was actually happy and self-sufficient. But he kept flying to Hawaii to attempt to persuade her to return to him, promising that he wouldn’t cheat on her again. He’s a good-looking man who’s obviously talented and used to be a football star, blah blah blah – but that gives him absolutely no reason to be unfaithful.  Especially when she’s expecting a child. I’ve had enough of him!!!

AdelaideLane said,

He virtually dedicated Montevallo to her when he gained her back. I’m so sorry for her; I can’t believe he’d do such a thing.

Fistcityusa said,

I mean, how many songs did Garth devote to his ex-wife while he was Trisha’s low friend?

Only a handful of these guys are loyal.

Dr24242 said,

To me, he is no longer alive. I sincerely hope that becoming a mother brings her healing and a new sense of purpose. He is a jerk.

Foosheee said,

That’s awful, but I’m happy for her that she’s expecting a child (if that’s what she wanted). Hopefully, he will be able to receive the counseling and self-development that he so clearly requires. Like dude get it together.

Heyhey707 said,

Whoa. I had no idea she was pregnant (maybe no one did, given how secretive she is, which I like.) I’m really sorry for her. I wish her good luck in her search for happiness. Isn’t it true that he’s been seen without his ring recently?

Fistcityusa said,

Is Sam Hunt a cheater? Who’d have guessed it, eh?

It’s a terrible situation for her, but no one should be shocked.


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