Why did Iker Casillas delete his tweet on coming out as gay? What happened? Covered

Iker Cassilas

Iker Casillas, a legendary goalkeeper for Real Madrid and Spain, claimed that his account had been hacked after he tweeted he was a guy. On Sunday afternoon, he tweeted and after a few hours, he deleted the tweet, that says he was gay.

What did Casillas posted on Twitter?

Iker Casillas posted in Spanish on Twitter, “I hope you respect me: I’m gay.” For that, Carles Puyol, replied to him, saying “It’s time to tell our stories, Iker.” Puyol was his teammate for the national team and played for bitter rivals Barcelona. After receiving a lot of positive feedback and support for his social media post, news spread that Casillas was joking.

Now both tweets have been removed. Soon after, Casillas clarified the situation and offered his condolences to the LGBT community.

Casillas tweeted, “Hacked account. Luckily everything was in order. Apologies to all my followers. And of course, more apologies to the LGBT community”.

Why did Iker Casillas delete his tweet?

News spreads that Alejandra Onieva and Iker Casillas were dating and so he tweeted saying that he was a guy. Alejandra Onievais a Spanish actor and the former sister-in-law of Spanish TV host Tamara Falco was believed to have dated, Iker Casillas.

Iker casillas tweet

According to a Diezminutos source, the actor and Iker Casillas have been dating for several days. Tamara Falco, a Spanish TV host who was her former sister-in-law, however, had an impact on their relationship. Alejandra is now being followed by the media as well, which makes it harder for her to meet Iker privately, the source reported.

It is asserted that Casillas’ tweet was reaction to rumors that he is currently dating Alejandra Onieva. Soon after news spread that he was joking and a few hours after posting, he deleted his post, saying that he is a guy. The Real Madrid icon subsequently faced a torrent of criticism, with players, fans, and analysts all upset that he appeared to make fun of such a sensitive topic for so many people both inside and outside of football.

Casillas personal life

Iker Casillas dated beauty pageant winner Eva González from 2004 to 2008. Soon, he married Sara Carbonero after dating her since 2009.

Casillas’ love life has drawn a lot of attention from the Spanish tabloid press since he divorced his wife in March 2021. The five-year marriage of Casillas to sports journalist Sara Carbonero had two children and it ended in divorce last year. He denied dating Shakira, the former partner of Gerard Pique, last month.

Casillas had a heart attack during Porto’s morning training session and was taken to the hospital when his condition had stabilized. It was revealed that his wife had cancer later that month. The Spanish team that won the 2010 World Cup relied heavily on him. He announced his retirement soon after a year on the sidelines following a heart attack.

People’s reaction to Casillas tweet

Josh Cavallo tweeted,

@IkerCasillas and @Carles5puyol joking and making fun out of coming out in football is disappointing. It’s a difficult journey that any LGBTQ+ ppl have to go through. To see my role models and legends of the game make fun out of coming out and my community is beyond disrespectful.

Josh Bunting tweeted,

Iker Casillas and Carlos Puyol joking about being gay really isn’t funny, no idea what they are thinking. Casillas is 41 years of age, now male footballers who actually are gay and feeling like coming out will be even more put off with it seeing the amount of hatred under it.

Zach Lowy tweeted,

Iker Casillas managed to alienate millions of homophobes, millions of LGBT people, and millions of people who think that coming out shouldn’t be “banter,” and probably discouraged a lot of pro footballers from coming out as well.

Ben Jacobs tweeted,

Iker Casillas & Carles Puyol should be ashamed. Making a joke about coming out is not only pathetic & sickening but it fuels homophobia. It achieves exactly the opposite of what we want football to be: a safe, inclusive & respectful space. Lost all respect for both players.

Jonny Sharples tweeted,

Iker Casillas and Carles Puyol’s tweets were pathetic and all they’ve achieved is to embolden the homophobic attitudes that are already rife within football and within football fandom. Slow progress is being made, things like this simply make it even slower.


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