Will Peter Kay do Top Secret comedy tour again? Schedules & Tickets Updates


Will Peter Kay do Top Secret comedy tour again? Schedules & Tickets Updates

Fans are stunned as Peter Kay delivers a “top secret” comedy show with “new material. Let’s look out “Will Peter Kay does the Top Secret comedy tour again in detail

Will Peter Kay do the Top Secret comedy tour again?

In 2017, the comedian stunned his followers by tweeting that he was postponing all of his planned engagements due to “unforeseen family problems.”

This week, Peter Kay allegedly performed ‘top secret’ comedy events for a restricted group of people.

According to reports, the 49-year-old comic performed earlier this week in a theater in Salford and treated the lucky audience members to some “new material.”

For supporters, it was a major event because Peter has been noticeably stepping away from the spotlight in recent years.

During the concert, a fan who attended the event tweeted about her experiences.

Paula, a fan, tweeted about the intriguing show and claimed that because it was so private, she initially thought it was a fraud.

“OMG just attended a private gig with Peter Kay at The Lowry,” she posted. That guy is a legend; the best night of my life.

“Locked phones, hidden ticket collection, the whole nine yards. Still vibrating.

Others who were interested in her tweet questioned her for further information, but she remained evasive.

She said, “It was the craziest but best experience ever. “He is simply such a sensible guy. The performance was so unpolished and raw, which is what made it feel so intimate.”

The admirer also mentioned that Peter had performed the night before and that the audience had “feeling incredibly lucky.”

Since declaring his break in 2017, Peter has stayed largely out of the spotlight.

The celebrity has made a few appearances, including at Big Night In and the Ivor Novello Awards.

He also performed two sold-out shows at the Manchester O2 Apollo in 2021 and performed for charity events.

Earlier this year, a source claimed he has been planning a huge comeback tour in 2023.

Peter is said to be planning to perform across the UK next year and is raring to be back on stage again in what will be his first tour since 2011.

A source told The Sun: “He has lined up huge venues across the country including in Manchester, London, and Birmingham, and is hoping to announce it in September.”

“Peter has not performed a live stand-up set on a big stage in well over a decade now, but he could not be more ready to get back out there.”


Will Peter Kay do Top Secret comedy tour again? Schedules & Tickets Updates

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