How did Nguyen Diana die? Vietnamese Miss Universe cause of death Explained

How did Nguyen Diana die? Vietnamese Miss Universe cause of death Explained

Miss Universe Vietnam died: Top 15 Miss Universe Vietnam 2019 Nguyen Diana passed away. Let’s look at what happened to Nguyen Diana and Vietnamese Miss Universe cause of death in detail

How did Nguyen Diana die?

The fan page of Miss Universe Vietnam has just announced the sad news that Nguyen Diana – Miss Sports – Top 15 Miss Universe Vietnam 2019 has passed away.

Nguyen Diana, the beauty who was named a hybrid rose at the final of Miss Universe Vietnam 2019, passed away due to a serious illness, at the age of 28.

 “We are extremely saddened to receive the news of Nguyen Diana – Hoa Miss Sports – Top 15 Miss Universe Vietnam 2019 has passed away.

From the bottom of our hearts, we send our condolences to Diana’s family and close friends. We will always remember the beautiful girl with a bright smile. Goodbye angel Diana, rest in peace.” The news of Nguyen Diana’s death made the public extremely shocked and saddened.


The ill-fated beauty Nguyen Diana has a disease but hides it-2


Who is Nguyen Diana?

Nguyen Diana was born in 1996 and lives in Hanoi. Her mother is a Russian teacher, and her father is a Vietnamese guide. She is fluent in Vietnamese, Russian, and English.

At the final round of Miss Universe Vietnam 2019, Nguyen Diana was impressed by her beautiful hybrid face, warm smile, and good communication skills. She also scored points for her friendly personality throughout the contest’s activities.

However, her height of 1.66 m is a limitation of Diana’s. At this contest, Nguyen Diana stopped in the top 15 and received the subtitle of Sports Beauty. Before that, she competed in Miss Vietnam Ao Dai 2014. In addition, she worked as a model in Ho Chi Minh City. Sometime later, she turned to financial investment.

The Vietnamese Miss Universe cause of death

The Vietnamese Miss Universe cause of death has not been officially reported. Still, information from reliable and trustworthy websites is needed to confirm his cause of death.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Nguyen Diana cause of death will be added soon.

Tributes to Nguyen Diana

The departure of the beauty born in 1996 left friends and fans shocked and saddened.

A few hours before the announcement from the Miss Universe Vietnam organizers, Dang Nhat Minh – Nguyen Diana’s close brother and contestant at Miss Universe Vietnam 2019 – had an emotional letter to her late sister.

Shocked by Nguyen Diana’s departure, Dang Nhat Minh revealed that her seniors had long-standing health problems, but always hid and avoided them for fear of people worrying.

Originally shared by beautiful Dang Nhat Minh: “So it’s our last trip?

2 years ago, I knew you had something abnormal in your health, but there was no way I could take you to the doctor. I try to hide from you and hide from everyone, always worrying about everyone like that.

2 years, I don’t know how many flights from Hanoi – Saigon, I refused to see you and said ‘wait, fine, I will see you first. It was not until this New Year that I took her on a trip to discover how wonderful Vietnam is.

Unexpectedly, it was our last trip. So how many months now, sick alone, are you alone? Why won’t you let me see you every time you come to my house?

More than anyone else, I fully understand the difficulties and unhappiness that you have to face. However, in front of everyone, she is always a brave and cheerful girl. I love Nana so much. Rest in peace Na, wait for me to come in with you.”

Runner-up Thuy Van said she had known the model since the same time as Miss Ao Dai 2014. At that time, she was impressed with the resourcefulness and agility of Diana Nguyen, even though she was one of the youngest contestants in the contest.

They witnessed the growth milestones together in the profession. Later, seeing Diana shine more and more, especially when competing at Miss Universe Vietnam 2019, Thuy Van became more proud of her juniors. “Now I still can’t believe Diana Nguyen has passed away. I pray she is always safe in the other world,” Thuy Van said.


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