Why Anthony Martial leaving Manchester United? How important was Anthony Martial to man United?

Why Anthony Martial leaving Manchester United? How important was Anthony Martial to man United?


Why Anthony Martial leaving Manchester United: Manchester United and Sevilla have agreed to loan Anthony Martial to each other.

After the United club turned down a loan request from the Liga side earlier this month, Martial will have a physical in Spain.

According to GOAL, the concerns have been resolved, and Martial will begin practising with the Liga club on Sunday.


Why Anthony Martial leaving Manchester United?

Despite Juventus’ interest in the France international, Sevilla was his preferred destination.

The club gave Martial permission to explore a move this month after a chat with Ralf Rangnick in December in which he stated his desire to depart due to a lack of playing time.

The event that led to the player rejecting to be included in the matchday squad against Aston Villa a few weeks ago was portrayed by Rangnick as a misunderstanding between the two.

This season, Martial has only started two Premier League games.

Sevilla suggested a borrowing price of less than £5 million in their initial loan request. The request was denied by United. At the time, the Spanish side had only offered him half of his wage.

United conducted conversations with Sevilla over the weekend about signing Anthony Martial, however it is thought the player preferred Spain over Juventus.

Martial was prepared to take a pay reduction in order for the agreement to go through.


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How important was Anthony Martial to Man United?

Anthony Martial is a difficult player to assess. You never know which Martial will be on the field.


1. The assault mode is always active

The assault mode is always active

If you ask most United supporters what sort of player they believe Martial is, they’ll undoubtedly describe him as a left-winger who is constantly racing at defenders.

This mode, while entertaining to watch, may not be the most productive for Martial because it indicates that United has adopted a “left flank overloading” offensive strategy, which has a high likelihood of being lockdown with space containment and nullification of Lukaku’s aerial threat, rendering two major components of Martial’s offensive arsenal, his pace and dribbling, ineffective due to a lack of options.

This is why, despite his evident brilliance, Martial has yet to reach the pinnacle of his profession.

2. Martial, the “Mourinho-victim”

Martial, the "Mourinho-victim"

For the previous seasons, this Martial has been the most active. With his typical pouting expression, he occasionally leaves his guy free to overlap his fullback, lacks confidence in his dribbles, and is eventually substituted off with little to no end product.

Frequently observed hovering on the left side of the field, waiting for the ball to enter his attack mode. I believe he was frustrated because he wasn’t making efficient runs to worry opposition fullbacks, rendering United’s on-the-ground counter-offensive game plans ineffective. (Keep in mind that United like to play conservatively most of the time.)


3. The decisive Martial

Why Anthony Martial leaving Manchester United?

This season, we’ve seen a side of Martial that has pleasantly surprised us. After going on a goal streak, Martial has stepped up to be United’s most match determining player, with Lukaku no longer a regular provider of goals and no other player able to take on the offensive load.

With his finishing talent, Martial has the potential to be one of the league’s most clinical players. Instead of his more well-known solo cut in goals, Martial’s goals this season have been one/two touch finishes (2 against Chelsea, Bournemouth, Everton, and Newcastle).

Because United has been poor defensively and has a habit of conceding early goals, Mourinho has used a more attacking strategy to compensate and gain a victory.

Despite the lack of an effective attacking structure and system, United is physically dominating and has the individual skill to generate a breakthrough, and Martial is one of those players.


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