Who is Victor Aleman? suspect arrested for killing 18 year-old Paul Ortiz in Meadow Leaf Drive, San Antonio

Victor Aleman
Victor Aleman

A San Antonio teen was detained after it was claimed that he shot and killed Paul Ortiz in Meadow Leaf Drive, San Antonio on Sunday during a West Side meetup. Let’s see, who is Victor Aleman in detail.

What happened?

Paul Ortiz, 18, was shot and killed while he was seated in the backseat of a car, according to police, who have accused Victor Aleman, 19, of murder.

The tragic incident took place close to Loop 410 in a parking lot off Meadow Leaf Drive.

Ortiz and two of his buddies allegedly traveled to a car club meetup on Sunday night close to the 8000 block of Meadow Leaf Drive, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

During the meeting, cops arrived and dispersed the crowd. However, the vehicles moved to a nearby parking area.

Meadow Leaf Drive- Shooting:

Aleman approached the car Ortiz and his buddies were sitting in while they were at the second location, according to the affidavit. About Ortiz, who was occupying the back seat, Aleman inquired.

Ortiz dropped his window and called Aleman by name, but Aleman “suddenly” shot Ortiz in the head, according to the affidavit.

Friends of Ortiz transmitted Ortiz to an emergency room, but he was pronounced dead by the staff.

Just before midnight, Ortiz was rushed with a gunshot wound to the head to the Prestige Emergency Room off West Loop 1604 North close to Military Drive West.

He later passed away from his wounds. The arrest report states that Ortiz and two other individuals drove to the automobile meetup off Meadow Leaf Drive.

Police eventually arrived and dispersed the car meetup, but many people—including Ortiz and the other two—simply drove to a nearby parking lot.

Who is Victor Aleman?

Victor Aleman is the suspect who is accused of killing Paul Ortiz. Victor approached the two people seated in the front seats while they were in the new place and struck up a conversation.

Aleman then focused on Ortiz, who was seated in the rear seat. Aleman inquired about Ortiz’s name.

Ortiz lowers the window and introduces himself to Aleman. According to the arrest report, Aleman then shoots Ortiz once in the head.

The two witnesses, whose names are being withheld, recognized Aleman from a lineup of photos.

On a $150,000 bond, Aleman is being held at the Bexar County Jail. In June 2022, Aleman was charged with carrying a gun without a permit.

On Wednesday, there was supposed to be a pre-trial conference.


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